Using the Car Fire Extinguisher Safely

Nowadays, Fire extinguishers are common to see everywhere, from your home to car. But this life saving tool requires some special knowledge to deal with.

Whether it is in your home or vehicle, you need to know some techniques and rules for using it. To ensure the utmost safety, you should the proper using of a car fire extinguish.

Imagine you are on the highway and suddenly smell something burning. You stop by and notice a fire in your car. You grab the fire extinguisher and you are facing problem to use it properly. You try to read the print on the exterior, but it is not helping much. Meanwhile, the fire is going beyond your control.

Scroll down and read, If you do not want to be stuck in this type of scenario.

Anatomy of the Car Fire Extinguisher

Anatomy of the Car Fire Extinguisher

Fortunately, you to do not have to be an expert to use a fire extinguisher, but you do need to be aware of how the fire extinguisher works. Truly speaking, maximum of the car fire extinguishers have a compact design and the basic components of them are similar. There are two parts: the cylinder – comprising of the extinguishing agent and the handle on top – for carrying.

The handle is attached to the discharge lever, looks like a spring lapel, that you squeeze. A safety pin locks the handle to keep it more secure. You have a discharge nozzle on the front and some have a pressure gauge for indicating the pressure. Now there are many fire extinguishers available for the car, which have compact & handy design and look like sprayer.

So,this is pretty much the basic structure of a car fire extinguisher. However, this is not all, you also keep it well maintained to prevent malfunctioning. For this you can follow these following tips:

  • Do periodic checks to avoid the car fire extinguisher from malfunctioning.
  • Check if there any signs of damage such as cracks on the discharge nozzle and hose.
  • Make sure the base of the units are not cracked.
  • Ensure the pressure gauge is in the green zone (if it has one). If not pressurized, head over to the company and refill it.
  • Note: The fire extinguisher which is with a metallic valve can be refilled. If you have one with a plastic valve, you need to dispose it, and you cannot reuse it.

How to Use the Car Fire Extinguisher Safely

How to Use the Car Fire Extinguisher Safely

Here comes the most crucial thing. Remember this following PASS procedure. By doing this, you can make sure you use it comfortably and efficiently when a fire breaks out. Just follow this PASS acronym and you don’t have to fiddle around during the fire.


As mentioned, the safety pin keeps the discharge handle in place to prevent it from discharging in the car. When using the safety pin, it needs to come off without being stuck and keep the EDC fixed blade on hand just in case.


Never, aim the car fire extinguisher directly at the fire this is a big mistake. Try to point towards the origin of the flames or at the base of the blaze. Do you have one with a hose, and then aim it in the direction of the bottom of the fire. Make sure you are at least eight feet away as most models have a 10-foot discharge range.


Now that you have taken care of the problematic parts, it is time to press that handle. By doing this, the fire extinguisher will discharge the agent and help to get the fire under control.


To spray the agent evenly this next steps essential. You need to sweep the fire extinguisher from side-to-side to allow the agent to spread evenly on the fire.

With these simple steps, you should be able to use the car fire extinguisher safely. With some training, you will be ready to take care of any car fire.

What Is the Best Place to Put the Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

What Is the Best Place to Put the Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

There are many reasons why you need a car fire extinguisher in your car. The main purpose of keeping the fire under control is to saves lives and next to it comes saving assets. So where should you place your fire extinguisher in the car to fulfill these purposes?

The best answer is – where you can access it anytime within a while.Take it and sit in the driver seat while holding the extinguisher in different locations. By doing this, you can determine what works best for you.

You should also make sure your passengers can reach it easily as well. Do not mount it in the region of the airbag. You do not want the device knocking you out when the airbag comes out and injures you severely.

In most cases, you get the necessary hardware with your fire extinguisher to secure it safely in place. The bracket will have two holes to use screws. Find a convenient place to mount the device and drill two small holes and screw the bracket in place.

Install the Fire Extinguisher in such a way that the, latch releases quickly in case of emergency. Alternatively, you can use double-sided foam tape, other adhesives or epoxy, if you not prefer drilling. By the way, you can use Velcro straps if your product does not include a mounting bracket.

Final Thoughts

It is no wonder that you spend loads of time in your vehicle. Unexpected fires can break out and having a car fire extinguisher on hand can be great saver. Car fires spread quickly, and you cannot expect the fire department be there for you before anything bad happens. So, you need to know how to use a car fire extinguisher safely and ensure that you can reach it whenever needed.

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