Spray in vs. Drop-in Bedliner [With Pros and Cons]

Do you want to make sure your truck beds protected against wear & tear?

You do! then we are glad to see you here! We know how hard it is to make a decision which bed liner to choose. You may be questioning what are the differences between a spray in liner and drop in bedliner. We have the answers here for you. You can see the spray-in vs. drop in bedliner pros and cons set out here to assist you to make a sage decision before choosing one.

Spray in vs. Drop-in Bedliner

The two most used truck bed liners are the spray in and drop in bedliner range. Are you unsure which one to choose? Just continue reading-

The Drop-in Bedliner

If you are operating on a budget and the cost of the bedliner gets priority, then drop-in bedliners are here to save your wallet. As, Drop-in bedliner is cheaper than the spray-on bed liner. The coverage has a polyethylene composite structure and feels like a plastic sheet. The constructions customarily designed according to the model of your truck. You attach it inside the truck bed. These liners are contoured to protect the whole truck bed. You can also decide what style you prefer by choosing one that goes under or over the rail.

Drop-in Bedliner has loads of benefits, as it allows you to slide cargo across the truck bed. If you work with a forklift, the coverage will help to make loading and unloading easier. Another added advantage is it prevents the dents, dings, and scratches on the truck bed by sitting over it and keeps it in a good shape.

When it comes to its replacement, the process is simple and needs no preparation. Even the replacement cost is wallet-friendly enough. The most prominent downside with the drop-in bedliner is it is not as rugged as a spray-in one. The other disadvantage is it tends to let water through underneath and leads to rust issues. Eventually, it looses over the time and breaks.

It is easy to load some heavier items on the drop in bedliners and still, they can move around during transport. It is best to keep them secure with some heavy-duty straps.


  • Drop-in bed liners are more affordable than spray-in covers, but they are not as permanent as the spray-on.
  • The drop-in cover is easier to install than the spray-in one and once installed you are ready to go.
  • The drop-in liner you can be transferred to another vehicle, compared to the spray-on that is more permanent.


  • The drop-in bed liner traps water underneath leading to corrosion compared to the spray-on bed liner, that has a stable structure.
  • If you fail to buy a drop-in bed liner that is specially made for your vehicle, or you will end up with a product that does not work.
  • If the drop-in liner does not have a perfect fit, it can become loose and start to buffet around.

Spray-in Bed Liner

The spray-in bed liner has a polyurethane elastomer construction. You can do it yourself or have it sprayed on the truck bed by a professional. This type of bedliner is are more permanent and come with a higher price tag. The durability of the spray-on liners is higher compared to the drop-in bedliner.

The method of spraying the urethane onto the bodywork keeps it resistant to rust, but it also has some disadvantages. The biggest problem is that before you can spray the solution on you need to remove the paintwork and can void the factory paint warranty on the vehicle. Hauling around heavy loads is expected to be smooth with the coverage, as objects stay in place. You can pick your favorite color and texture which perfectly suits your needs.

The substance does not take a long time to dry, and you will wait for up to 24-hours before using the vehicle. Furthermore, you can install the cover on the tailgate to keep it protected. Another fantastic benefit is it can increase the value of your truck. But, a significant negative aspect is it will fade over time, and if you want it ‘UV protected’ you need to pay a sheer price.


  • The spray-in liners are more durable and long lasting compared to the drop-in bed liner.
  • The spray-on cover keeps your goods in place when driving compared to the drop-in that is easier to use if you work alone.
  • The spray-on truck bed liner protects your vehicle’s bed from dings, scratches, and more, while the drop-in protects the truck bed but can still allow water to seep in underneath leading to corrosion over time.
  • A spray-in liner looks more aesthetically pleasing compared to the drop-in.


  • The spray-on coating fades over time, and you cannot remove it easily. Plus, removing it is a tiring process.
  • The paint guarantee on your vehicle becomes void when using the spray-on method. Whereas, using the drop-in liner doesn’t cause any threat to the paint guarantee.

Here is a cool video to crystalize your view on spray-in vs drop in bedliner-

Final Thoughts – Alternative Bed Liners

If you still feel uncertain and do not want to use the spray-on or drop-in bed liners, you always can get a bed rug or mat. They are not as resilient as these two but can still protect the truck bed and prevent loads from slinging around. If you are concerned about the liner cracking, letting water through and more, the best option is the spray-on solution. This is more permanent and does not come cheap.

On the other hand, Drop-in bed liner offers you low-cost protection on the vehicle, and not permanent. Overall, when it comes to spray-in vs. drop-in bed liners, the decision remains up to you.

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