RedTop or YellowTop : Battery for Car Audio?

RedTop or YellowTop Battery – Which kind of battery is perfect for your car audio system?

An excellent question as in general the colors do not give an indication to which one might work best for you. The answer is easier than you think. The truth is, in general, the REDTOP works well as it is a starting, lighting, and ignition battery to get your vehicle started. However, there are times you need the YELLOWTOP one that we will discuss here. Therefore, if you want to find out if you need a deep cycle car audio battery stay a while and read on.

The Battle of the RedTop vs the YellowTop Battery

Undoubtedly, The Optima brand is the key player in the Car Battery arena. They have three options available REDTOP, YELLOWTOP, and BLUETOP. Today we will be comparing the RedTop and YellowTop batteries to make it clear to you which one is perfect for your car. Choosing the right one depends on your needs and we are here to assist you.


The REDTOP is an SLI (starting/lighting/ignition) battery made for engine starting, where the alternator monitors the charge providing and the needed energy to the battery. You can use this battery in your automobile or RV. The RedTop is ideal for starting heavy machinery and diesel-powered vehicles that have no electronics in them. When you buy the REDTOP, you get an AGM battery that provides a strong burst of power to the ignition. In return, you get a reliable start-up every time.


  • Provides ultra starting power with faster recharging.
  • The RedTop comes with around three times longer life.
  • The battery is vibration-resistant and mounts in any position.
  • You get a maintenance-free product that is quite spill proof.
  • The battery is recommended for automobiles, SUVs, motorcycles, and RVs.
  • You can depend on this battery to start at any temperature and it has a longer storage time without discharge.


  • Not suitable to use in a vehicle with significant electrical loads, that exceeds the alternator output.


Have you modified your vehicle by adding a car audio system with massive amps and speakers? If you do such upgrades adding such stuff like CB radio, GPS, DVD, and more. The YellowTop AGM battery will be the right car audio battery for the money you can buy. This deep-cycle battery offers you a dual-purpose for excellent cranking power, impressive cycling, and these are suitable for any modern accessorized vehicle.


  • Provides optimal starting power with fast recharging.
  • Longer expected a lifespan of the battery.
  • Offers you deep-cycle and cranking power.
  • You can mount it in any position.
  • Has a superb vibration-resistant design and almost maintenance-free one.
  • Suitable for vehicles with higher electrical loads.
  • Can use it in racing or drag-racing vehicles.
  • Helps to crank the motor of diesel-powered cars that have aftermarket electronics.
  • Highly recommended for the automobile’s needs audio and video power more than 250 watts.
  • This spill-proof battery works perfectly in the heavy equipment atmosphere.


  • Only has an SAE terminal and not suitable for marine vehicles.
  • Comparatively expensive.

Watch this video on the Difference between Red Top and Yellow Top Batteries-

Which Battery Should You Choose?

In fact, both of these batteries are excellent and the buying decision depends on your automotive’s demand. If you need turbo starting power, the RedTop is an excellent choice. However, if you look for a fewer cranking amp with more reserve capacity, the YellowTop is what you need. Let us explain:

You have a minivan that stands parked at a sports field and your kids watch videos on the entertainment system while the others are practicing – you need a YellowTop battery. Because for this streaming the battery is using the deep-cycle power. It is consuming energy from the charging system, thus taking power directly from the battery.

Alternatively, you might have a newer model you do not use on a daily basis and it have tracking/satellite-based navigation & more. Maybe you use it on the weekends for fun. While standing it can consume a great amount of energy and needs a quality battery such as the RedTop. Having this, you can ensure your vehicle starts every time after standing parked for a while.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our ‘RedTop or YellowTop battery for car audio system?’ helps you to make a brainy decision. Both of these batteries are excellent serving separate purposes. The general rule is if you need more than one battery to power your audio system, we recommend the YellowTop. On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your car kicks off a smooth start the yellow top is recommended.

You do not need two RedTop batteries when using the yellow one. Furthermore, never mix the red and yellow top batteries unless you can connect them separately.

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