Problems with Spray-on Bed Liners [Have a Look]

Do you own a truck?

Do you want to prevent wear & tear on the truck bed?

You must agree the spray-on bed liners in style to use. The good news is you can buy DIY spray-on bed liner kits or have it done by a certified installer.

Maybe you have thought of using a spray on bed liner for your truck. However, did you know there are some problems with spray-on bed liners?  Halt and read before you finalize the application and become aware of the problems associated with it.

In our post, we will help you see the complications you could face when using a spray on bed liner.

Problems Associated with Spray-in Bed Liners

Spray-in Bed Liners

All that a truck bed liner does is protect the truck bed from damage caused by heavy loads. When using a spray-on bed liner for your truck, it helps to keep the vehicle value high when the time comes to sell it. However, as with any product whether you use a spray on bed liner paint as undercoating, it still causes problems. Let us see what these problems are:

Discolors over time:


No matter what spray on bed liner you plan to use as an undercoating for temporary or permanent use, discoloring takes place within a year. There is no reassurance that it will not discolor. Your vehicle works in the sun and rain depending on what you use it for and starts to display fading and marks. They do perform as a protector on a short-term basis. Many users will tell you it is difficult to clean the bed liner as it leaves behind residue.

Ineffective Installation

Spray-on Bed Liners Ineffective Installation

In general when using a certified spray-on bed liner the applications used is a scuff sanding method. What it means is that they sand the truck beds paint to make it rough enabling them to add the compound to the metal base preventing damage to it. In this process, it could void your truck’s factory paint warranty.  The spray is permanent and could become a significant downfall.

If it starts to crack, peel, or become faded from the sun, you need to go back to the dealer. By doing this, it may need another expensive coat. Another problem you can face –  if the spray on bed liner installer sprays it on quickly ( without paying attention the fitting to make quick money). You end up with scruffy work and the quality suffers.

DIY Spray-on Bed Liner Kits

Spray-on Bed Liner Kits

You may decide to do the bed liner spray-on yourself and buy a kit to do it at home. If you do poor prep work, it will start peeling, bubbling, or have thin spots. You need to take proper care of covering the plugs on the rear window outside, or it may cause problems for you in the end.

Another problem you might face, it is permanent and does create a mess when hauling filthy material and cleaning it is not a breeze. Eventually, this may lead to discomfort for you.

The most significant problem you face is when you want to sell your vehicle, as the resale value will be a bit lower for using a spray-on bed liner for your truck.

Expensive With Disappointing Results

Spray-on Bed Liner Expensive With Disappointing Results

Having your vehicles truck bed sprayed with a bed liner is not cheap. You can find different qualified spray-on bed liner specialist offering you various charges. The most prominent concern is that, the quicker the installer can spray on the solution, the quicker they can get to their next job to make a profit. This leads to them skipping the most important steps or skip the entire process and which leads to dissatisfaction eventually.

Furthermore, it can also lead to poor customer service. You need to use someone you can trust and not someone who can mislead you. Once a dealer installs the product poorly, they may not take the responsibility of the post service.

Other Common Problems:

Spray-on Bed Liner Common Problems

  • Void in Coverage
  • Difficult to clean
  • Peeling
  • Flaking
  • Bubbling
  • Thin Sports
  • Cargo slides all over the place
  • Incorrect masking-off process with overspray on rear window

What is the solution?


We know how important it is to protect your truck, especially, if you are in the construction business. You want to keep it safe and look great for years. Furthermore, you want your vehicle looking its best when it comes to buying a new one.

Using a spray-on bed liner does not necessarily give you negative results. When you are going to use a bed liner spray, follow these instructions to avoid the aforementioned problems-

What to do:

  1. Give the truck bed a thorough clean – the best clean is done by removing all accessories and debris. Clean the back with a grease remover, and you need to do this before you do the masking.
  2. Masking – here you can use the WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape as it requires no knife trimming and for extra protection use masking paper or plastic masking film to cover up windows and holes.
  3. Sanding – you do this to give the truck bed a longer life. With a sander, you carefully hand sand the truck bed ±2-inches inside the masking and finish it off using a 5-inch cup brush attached to the sander. After completion, use an air gun or dry rag to remove the dust from the truck bed. You can give it a final clean with a bonding agent as it is an adhesion promoter.
  4. Prepare the solution and use a low-pressure spray gun – apply a low-pressure coating with multiple passes as it allows the protective layer to create a promising layer.
  5. Remove the trimming – remove the cutting tape and the rest of the masking. Now you can finish the edging and use a black paint market to do touch-ups.

An important thing to remember, always follow the instructions of the spray-on bed liner brands you are using and preferably do it in a closed up area with ventilation for safety. On the other hand, if you do not want to go through the whole process, there are other options available i.e drop-in, bed rug, and bed mat.

Final Thoughts

When using a spray-on bed liner, you might face some negative results, as they are not 100% awesome. The beautiful thing is you can change the spray-on bed liner color to fit in with your ride. For the contractor working with chemicals using a truck bed liner helps, as you can wash the spillage off without it damaging your truck. No matter if you do it yourself or use a professional, always make sure to follow the proper steps.

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