How to use Car Drying Towels Perfectly?

You know how important it is to keep your vehicle maintained inside and out. You take your time for giving it a good wash, but have you ever thought about how to use the car drying towels perfectly?

There are many car owners who take the drying process lightly. No matter what type of transport you own never take the drying part lightly. Give the ride a thorough dry, it prevents water spots and leaves streaks on the paint. Moreover, if you want to learn the proper way to wash and dry your car, continue reading.

Importance of Washing Your Car Regularly

Washing & drying is one of the most crucial activities to improve the appearance of your automobile. In the process, you can remove dirt and road film from the car body. Here are some great tips to wash your car:

  • Work with a two bucket system one to hold soapy water and the second to rinse the exterior. Through this technique, the dirt is kept out of the soapy bucket and this will cause less damage. Furthermore, the foam lasts longer as you are washing with car shampoo.
  • After washing, rinsing and drying your car in the shade, park it on a slight incline. With the incline, the water runs off and forms a light spray removing loose grip on the surface.
  • Always start with washing the wheels first and never use the same water on your car’s exterior.
  • Have some microfiber bug scrubber sponges on hand to treat bug, sap, bird, and tar spots.
  • Rinse frequently if the vehicle is very dirty and wash on a warm day as it helps to prevent building up spots. You can buy a free-flowing nozzle for rinsing as the water sheets off the car and makes the drying process easier.

For a comfortable car wash, we recommend you get yourself a top-quality wash mitt as it holds a lot of soapy water. This helps to lubricate the surface and prevents dirt from scratching the exterior of the car. The microfiber wash mitt has fine filaments that draw dirt away from any surface.

How To Dry Your Car Properly

Drying the car is as important as washing it. Most importantly, first of all, the vehicle must be rinsed thoroughly to get rid of dirt, oil and grease. Now do not just go and grab any drying towel. Maybe you were going to grab the old bath towel, which your mom or wife threw away.

This is not a good idea at all. As the bath towels are made of heavy polyester thread and the edges stitch with polyester thread. Polyester is much sturdy than steel and not good for the vehicle’s paint. The best option is to have a microfiber car drying towel. There are different microfiber towels manufactured with a waffle-weave texture and absorbs plenty of water. Not only they absorb more water but also last longer compared to terry cloth.

Drying Tips to Give Your Car the Sparkle Look –

  1. Start with drying the mirror and windows first. Use a large 20 x 40-inch microfiber towel to remove most of the water from the exterior of the car. Throw it over the flat surface and slowly pull it towards you and Shake & Turn it frequently. To prevent streaks from forming you can fold it into a square for wiping.
  2. Take a smaller microfiber towel to catch up the water the larger one has missed.
  3. Meanwhile the outside of the cars dry and now you can dry the interior of the doors to clean up spills.
  4. Do not forget about the hood and trunk.

Proper Towel Drying Techniques

The best is for you to let the towel do all the hard work. The microfiber towel is made for absorbing liquid, not for rubbing and scrubbing. Never rub the towel hard over the exterior to avoid streaks.

There are two drying techniques:

1. The Swipe and Drag Method

Do you want to dry your car quickly? Then, this method is the best one to apply. You will either pull or swipe the microfiber towel over the surface. The downside of this technique is this method can create miniature swirls.

2. The Drop and Soak Method

This is the less popular technique, nevertheless, this one is strongly recommended by different users. You lay the towel gently down on the exterior and allow it to soak up the water. Once the water is absorbed, pick up the towel and lay it down on another part to suck up the water. This process prevents marring and swirls.

The washing and drying are done now, you can give it a quick detailer spray to renew the waxed shine, extend the wax life, and keep it protected.

Pros and Cons Using an MF Towel


  • The microfiber towel is one of the best options to dry a car as it absorbs a lot of water.
  • It minimizes the risk of marring, swirls, and has no effect on soft surfaces or soft paint.
  • You can use it for drying, buffing, and polishing.


  • MF Towels are not cheap and buying the best one is more expensive.
  • They do need a little care for maintaining.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you need to go through a systematic way to use a car-drying towel perfectly. However, when using a microfiber towel, if it drops on the floor it will be wise to put it aside until it gets a wash. Because reusing it before washing will place small dirt particles over the paint causing scratches to the surface.

Prevent washing the MF Towel with a softener, as it will clog the fibers leaving a negative impact. You can place it in a dryer to make sure the lint is removed. The best is to buy one made with quality material.

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