How to Remove Bed Liner from a Truck Bed

Usually, there is no need of removing a truck bed liner from your vehicle. However, when it breaks or fades it may be the time to replace it. Most of the bed liners are durable, but as with anything in life, it does go through wear & tear. Now you might be wondering, “How to remove the bed liner from a truck bed?”. We have the solution here for you to use with different types of bed liners in the truck.

In trouble with bed liner?

In trouble with bed liner

No matter what type of truck bed liner you own from the spray-on, drop-in, to roll-in brands there, comes a time you need to remove it. The coating exposed to the sun fades over time. And extensive use of your truck bed can stain it. We know you have kept it well maintained, but one cannot keep the rips and tears maintained. Another reason making you consider replacing it is the noticeable bubbles forming on the covering. Therefore, to avoid more damages to the truck bedliner, it is best to remove it and have it replaced. Here we have illustrated detailed steps you can follow to remove different bed liners from your truck.

Removing a Spray-in or Roll-On Bedliner

Removing a Spray-in or Roll-On Bedline

The removal of a spray-in bed liner is one of the harshest methods and takes aggressive work.

  1. Start by assessing the problem

Make sure to review the condition of the spray-in bed liner to give you an idea of the work that is lying ahead for you. Look for cracks, flakes, bubbles present in the material, and if you note any of these, it may be easier than you think. If the bed liners tattered, then you will need to consider using the next step.

  1. The Chemical Bath

Now it is time to get your hands safe as you will work with a harsh chemical known as Aircraft Remover. These ingredients are perfect for stripping paint and remove rust from vehicles. You need to be cautious with this chemical and melts away anything – so be very careful not to expose the substance to your skin.

You need to get the right eye protection, protective clothing, and gloves. Following the instructions on the product, all you need to do is paint the chemical onto the truck bedliner and soak it for up to 15-minutes. Once the process is complete, you scrape whatever loosens up away.

This process is time-consuming and you may need to reapply several coats but will eventually strip away the old coating. The chemical does not damage the metal bed when used properly.

  1. Time to Put in Some Grinding Elbow Grease

If you prefer not working with chemicals, you can remove the thick sections with an angle grinder fitted with a wire wheel. An alternative is using a heat gun and chisel. You heat up pieces of the liner and start chiseling away. You can use a hand tool or a more aggressive air chisel. The important thing is to angle the chisel perfectly to prevent making a dent in the truck bed.

  1. Start Sanding Away

Now that you have followed either of the steps mentioned it is time to sand the rest away. You can use heavy-duty grit paper depending on the debris left on the bodywork. The best solution to keep both of them with you as you might even use both of them.

If you are not sure about the process, you can view the video on how to remove the spray-on bedliner here:

Removing a Plastic Truck Bed Liner

Removing a Plastic Truck Bed Liner

If you are one of the doomed ones to have received your truck with a fitted plastic bed liner you can follow the next steps:

  • Depending on your vehicle model, all types of bed liners have some form of plastic tabs and brackets underneath, keep those in place – you will need to locate the brackets to lift the liner out.
  • If the brackets placed under the rail, you need to slide your hand under it (in the middle) and pop them out before lifting the truck bed liner out.
  • By chance, if the liner is over the rail, you need to unscrew the caps and lift it out.

Removing the plastic bedliner is simple compared to removing the drop-in or spray-on liners. However, be prepared for a shock when removing it, as it may have trapped water beneath if not taken out regularly. You can luckily resolve this by using a grinder, some simple green, and Rustoleum.

Important Safety Tips to Remember

Luckily removing a drop-in bedliner made of plastic is easy to remove, however, when removing a spray-on bed liner there are the safety concerns. Here we have all the safety aspects when removing a bedliner from the truck bed:

  • When using chemicals always wear protective clothing, eye cover, gloves, and a mask.
  • The process of removing the coverage is messy and so it is best to work in an area you can wash easily and remove the vehicle from the greasy spot.
  • Do your research, especially if you are doing this for the first time.
  • Always wear your goggles when working with a grinder. You do not want the sparks going into the eyes – believe us it is not a pleasant experience.
  • Always be prepared for the unexpected situations in repairing the den or trimming the damaged pieces and have your paint available for those accidental scrapes and touch-ups.

Final Thoughts – Is it worth removing the bed liner?

The answer is yes and no! Remove a truck bed liner is if you want to repair it or you want to restore the paint job. Another reason could be that you want to replace your href="">drop-in liner with a spray-on liner.

On the other hand, you need to remove a truck bed rug, mat, and plastic one to keep the bodywork of the truck bed in tip-top shape on a regular basis. The easy to remove liners can accumulate water and debris underneath, that damages the truck bed with time. Furthermore, a bed rug and bed mat also need removal and cleaning to keep it looking great.

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