How To Maintain A Motorcycle For Long Lasting Performance?

Even though the size of a motorcycle doesn’t come any near compared to a sedan or hatchback, it doesn’t mean you take less care of it. With proper maintenance, you can comfortably expand your motorbike’s lifespan, that also assuring mint condition when it comes to performance.

In this piece, we will tell you what exactly you should keep in mind in maintaining your bike to make sure it serves you for a long time. Most of these are easily done and need to be repeated regularly.

If you are looking for hacks to get better performance from your bike for a long time, let’s get started!

1. Replace Engine Oil Regularly

This is probably one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you need to work on. Even if you forget to wash your bike once in a while, never forget to change the engine oil within the due time. However, there’s a debate as to when you need to change the engine oil of your motorbike.

Usually, you can check your bike’s manual to find out the required period. But if you need a rule of thumb, it should be after every 2000 miles of the ride. Never let the existing oil inside change its color to entirely dark. If it turns dark, it’s not going to be good news for the engine.

Moreover, make sure you are using the right grade of oil for your engine. Check it with your bike’s manual for the proper grade of engine oil.

2. Follow the Break-in Period

2. Follow the Break-in Period

Unfortunately, most new bikers don’t tend to follow the recommended break-in period for their bikes. The manufacturers suggest a break-in period for the bike you have purchased, and you need to follow some specific instructions while riding within the period.

Typical instructions cover around 300 miles of riding without accelerating the speed over 40 mph and changing of engine oil within this time. Other than these, there may be some other instructions that you may find in the bike’s manual. So, you should check what you need to follow within the break-in period and must follow them.

3. Check and Lube the Chain

Check and Lube the Chain

Although it seems like a ‘no big deal’, checking and lubing your bike’s chain regularly is a must. You need to tighten the chain once in a while when you can feel that the acceleration isn’t working properly.

Then again, you should use proper lube oil to lube the chain every now and then. The more frequently you will take care of the chain and lube it, the better service you will get while riding the bike.

It’s a good practice to lube the chain every time you wash your vehicle.

4. Wash Your Bike

Wash Your Bike

Did we mention washing your motorbike regularly? Well, it comes as a no-brainer that you need to wash the bike properly in regular intervals. You need to wash the bike more often if it’s the monsoon season. Try to wash it every time you come back home and also before you start your journey the next day.

Use proper cleaning agent and fabric while washing the bike and leave no space untouched. If you are not an expert in cleaning, you may choose to visit a bike washing shop nearby.

5. Clean the Air Filter

Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

The air filter is one of your bike engine’s simplest yet most effective parts. It may look like a simple fluffy part, but it works magically to keep your bike engine well-performing. If you are riding your bike having a clogged air filter, you are definitely going to mess with the engine in the long run.

So, open the engine box up and take the air filter out to clean it regularly. If the filter is not in a state to clean up, you may need to think about replacing it with a new one.

6. Park it Under Shade

Park it Under Shade

Being a very convenient transport medium, we tend to park our bikes everywhere. While this seems convenient, we often end up parking it directly under sunlight. The sun’s harmful UV rays can leave permanent damage on the paint and other sensitive parts of your bike, like the gaskets, grips, etc.

So, it’s best to park the bike under a shade every time you are parking in a busy street. Look for a tree or other erections that you can find around you. This will lengthen its life pretty much significantly.

7. Work on Tire Maintenance

Work on Tire Maintenance

Check the tire air pressure regularly. According to the bike manual, ensure that the tires have the correct and accurate PSI. It’s best to visit a repair and maintenance shop and run a complete diagnosis of your bike’s tires.

Check the air pressure, look for any cracks and other damages on the surface of the tire, check if there’s any other injury that needs to be repaired. Make sure you have all the required tools as like- compressor, pressure gauge, screwdrivers, torque wrenches suitable for motorcycle work, motorcycle stand, hex keys in your collection in case you’re doing the maintenance by yourself. Do this every week to get the best result.

8. Maintain the Bike Battery

Maintain the Motorcycle Battery

Every two weeks, make sure you take the battery out and fill it up with the proper amount of distilled water. If it needs recharging, do recharge it when you will not ride for a few hours.

9. Check the Brakes

Check the Brakes

Check the brake pads every month and change them if needed. Without a properly maintained set of brake pads, you won’t be getting the best braking performance that the bike can offer.

10. Check the Fork

Motorcycle Check the Fork

And finally, check the forks weekly and oil them if needed. This will smoothen the bumping on the road and give you a proper stress-free riding experience.

Final Words

Apart from all the maintenance tasks mentioned above, you need to be a careful rider when it comes to riding your bike. Do not Overspeed, don’t tend to go for sudden brakes, and don’t ride for a long time without giving your engine a proper rest. If you are following all these, you are definitely going to get a long-lasting service from your motorcycle.

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