Different Types of Bed Liners : Which one is Worthy

Do you want to extend the lifespan of your truck?

Then, The bed liner is what you need.

But, you are faced with different bed liner applications you can choose. You need to make the right decision. You do not want to end up with an unproductive bed liner not protecting your vehicle or looking shabby. Here we have significant factors you need to consider before using any of the available methods.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Installing a Bed Liner

Installing a Bed Liner

If you are in the marketplace to buy a bed liner, consider the following crucial factors first:

  • Material – you can purchase different bed liner applications, and need to think about the substance. You need to take ‘the work you do’ into consideration when picking a liner. Depending on your needs such as preventing corrosion may only need a spray-on coating, while heavy-duty work needs a sturdier one, which can be made of rubber or wood. Depending on your needs, you even can find a plastic or carpet one.
  • Do you need a permanent or temporary bed liner? Spray liner and brush-on bed liners are permanent. If you want to keep the original truck bed and want to remove the coating, the best options are bed rug, mat, or a drop-in liner.
  • Texture – if you have the right surface on the exterior of your truck, it makes your work easier. Do you work by yourself? Using plastic or mat liners are ideal as it helps you to slide the load in place? If you want the items to stay in place and not move around, a hard texture works better.
  • Installation – you can do the spray-on bed liner yourself or have a professional take care of it. We do recommend using a specialized bed liner service as you receive a guarantee on the work if something happens to go wrong. If you prefer going the DIY spray-on bed liner way make sure to follow the instructions and steps well – you do not want to end up with an ugly truck bed.
  • Truck bed form – the bed liner adds protection to the truck bed and if it shows any sign of corrosion, the best option is to choose a plastic liner as it offers structural support and keeps it protected from further corrosion.
  • Keeping the truck bed liner maintained – as with any product you use you need to consider the maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. With spray-on or brushed liners, you might have to have it re-done in a year’s time as it can fade. With drop-in liners or mats, you need to remove it for cleaning. Take the wear & tear of the product you choose into consideration and the work you do.

Types of Bed Liners

Types of Bed Liners

As mentioned, you can find various types of bed liner accessories to keep the truck bed in the prestige condition. You may want to buy aftermarket rubber mats at an affordable price, but they could be ineffective. Go through the following variations and get a good fit and fantastic protection.

Drop-In Liners

Drop-In bed Liners

The two-truck bed liner applications mentioned are the most prominent ones used by many manufacturers. Both offer you benefits and drawbacks. A drop-in liner is excellent if you need a less permanent solution at an affordable price. You do not need any special preparation, and you can remove it if needed. The drop-in liner has a plastic structure and is dropped into place on the bed and bolted to keep it in place. You can buy the lining in different sizes.


  • Affordable compared to other truck bed liners.
  • The hard plastic enables you to load huge objects.
  • You can replace them if needed.
  • The coating hides current damage to the vehicle.


  • Water can seep through underneath the liner leading to corrosion of the truck bed.
  • With prolonged use, it wears and tears.

Spray-in Liners

Spray-in Bedliner

Now the spray-on bed liners are more permanent and give more protection. Using a spray-on bed liner needs preparation beforehand, and you can have it done by a professional or use a spray-on bed liner kit. The materials Polyurethane Elastomer and is applied directly to the truck bed. Before applying the spray-on solution, the truck bed needs a lot of preparation and can take up to a day for the entire process to be done correctly.


  • Does not trap water between the truck bed and liner.
  • The liner does not break or fall out.
  • Durable with excellent overall performance.
  • Has a gritty texture preventing loads from sliding around.
  • Can select your spray-on bed liner color to fit in with your truck.


  • Environmental conditions can affect the spray-in bed liner over time.
  • Would be expensive if you need to have it re-done.

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Truck Bed Rugs

Truck Bed Rugs

The truck bed rugs made from polypropylene and covered with polyester fiber. You can lay the rug flat on the truck bed or have it custom-fitted to stretch onto the tailgate and sides. The bed rug offers versatility. Compared to the spray-on bed liner it is more affordable and needs no preparation time.


  • Looks nice.
  • Comfortable to take the dogs with you on a hunting trip.
  • Does not scratch the finish of the bed.
  • The rugs molded onto the bed and nothing gets underneath it.
  • You can power wash it.
  • Affordable.


  • Might not be as durable as using the drop-in or spray-on liners for heavy loads.

Bed Mats


The bed mat is the most affordable option and made of recycled rubber. The bed liners are indispensable and you can even find them made from recycled tires. If you do not want a permanent fixture, you can roll it in and out for cleaning. The liner protects the truck bed and prevents heavy loads from damaging the metal on the truck bed.



  • Maintaining it is time-consuming and can trap water underneath if not eliminated for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

We hope our discussion on different types of bed liners will help you to come out from a puzzling situation. Choosing any of the above truck bed liners helps to prevent your vehicle from damage and all depends on how much you want to spend. Picking the right one is not an easy task and depends on what you plan to use your truck as well.

For longevity and overall protection, the spray-on liner works best. The drop-in liner is excellent if you plan to use your vehicle for easy loads. For ease of use and maintenance, the bed rug and bed mats affordable and the maintenance cost is less also. Regardless of the truck bed liner you choose, it remains an essential accessory to have on your truck.

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