Dash Cam VS Mirror: What Should You Consider to Buy?

At this age of modern technology, a cam in your vehicle is a must-have device. There are two types of cams available for your vehicle, which is the dash cam and the mirror cam.

Dash cams and Mirror Cams are some of the most essential tools for any vehicle owner.

The most helpful piece of tech becomes more and more crucial inside every type of car or vehicle. Moreover, it can work as a secret witness for you every time in an incredible way.

Well, both the dash cam and mirror cam would be best for you without any doubt. It can surely make your driving habit more convenient and make your life easier. Both of them may work in a similar way, but they must have some differences as well.

So, it’s necessary for you to consider some basic facts so that you can easily make the decision while purchasing the best dash cam.

Therefore, let’s get to know about the dash cam and mirror cam:

Dash Cam VS Mirror Cam

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam or a dashboard camera is a small device that is installed at the vehicle to work as a digital video recorder. The dash cam is basically mounted at the front side of your vehicle behind the windscreen.

It also comes with its own screen, so you can easily watch the live view at any time. It can easily record everything while driving on the road. Besides, it can be the perfect witness for you if your car had an accident or was stolen.


Dash cam comes in a pretty small size. With the smallest size of the cam, you can install it easily on the dashboard of your vehicle. At this point, anyone can find them easier to use.


The installation of the dash cam is quite easy. You can install them on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Besides, it comes with a suction cup so that you can easily attach it to the windshield. It would be a great choice if you don’t wish to install it on the dashboard.

Well, you can have a more enlarged view by having the dash cam mounted in your vehicle. Make sure to install them properly so that you can have the perfect view every time.


The dash cam comes with a dedicated screen. The user-friendly screen of the dash cam is really easy to manage. The LCD screen makes it more versatile to use which makes your life easier.

It has a navigation menu system that can help you to set up the device properly. The screen makes the dash cam more manageable to use. Well, the LCD screen lets you see the view while driving.


The price is also an important fact you just need to know. So a dash cam can usually cost about 60 dollars to 150 dollars. The cost usually depends on the quality of the dash cam.

A high-quality cam must cost more than others. They depend on the footage quality, recording proficiency, screen type, low-light footage, and many more things.

What is a Mirror Cam?

A mirror cam is one of the most innovative devices of a dash cam. The mirror cam is basically attached to the mirror of your vehicle. It can show the screen overlapped in the mirror.

It also comes with a rear backup camera. One side of the cam can monitor the road, and another side can use the regular rearview mirror. It can be manually activated in your car. Moreover, the mirror cam has a touchscreen so that you can control the camera.


The mirror cams are comparatively bigger than the dash cams. You have to attach them to the mirror of your vehicle.

As they have the screen attachment system with the mirror, so their size is quite bigger than the dash cam. Their bigger size can block half of your mirror as well.


The mirror cam is basically a type of dash cam that needs to be installed in a proper way. You have to install them in the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

The mirror cam comes with the proper attachment mechanism. So, you can find them easier to install.


Like the dash cam, the mirror cam doesn’t come up with a dedicated screen. However, they overlap the rearview mirror.

At this point, you have to disable the overlapping system by yourself. After installing the mirror cam, half of the rearview will be blocked. So, you can see the footage in the other half. In that case, there can be trouble seeing the normal rearview.


The mirror cam may cost about 40 dollars to 120 dollars. So you can see that the cam is more affordable than the dash cam.

The pricing of the mirror also depends on the quality. They usually depend on the overlapping screen size, footage quality, and most importantly the parameters.

Some Key Factors to Consider While Buying the Dash Cam or Mirror Cam:

Here we came up with some of the key factors that we must have to consider before we plan to buy a cam for our vehicle. So, let’s get to know them:

  • Camera Quality
  • Types of the Camera
  • GPS
  • Parking Mode
  • Storage
  • Audio Recording system
  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Legality
  • Installation System
  • Dual-lens Camera
  • Cost


All things considered, we came to know that both the dash cam and the mirror cam are perfect in a particular way. But in order to drive in a convenient way, you just need to choose one of them.

As you know, both of them function really well. So we hope that now you can choose one of them as per your requirements.

Don’t forget to consider the key factors before buying them that we have mentioned in this writing piece. So, make sure to install it quickly so that you have a safe and happy drive.

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