How to Convert Motorcycle Lights to LED?

Motorcycles are among the coolest and prestigious locomotives. The first thing that pops up in my mind about them is their roaring engines.

Pretty sure you think along the same line too. Much as their engines and exhaust vents rubber stamps all their credentials, the headlights are equally important.

Riding through the dark requires you to be extra keen on your visuals. That is for your safety and that of others. Therefore, having a quality luminous headlight makes it easy to cut through the dark.

LED headlights, in particular, are the best in the business. However, some bikes don’t come with pre-installed LED headlights.

If that’s the case for you, this review is here to sort you out. With the information outlaid here, switching up to LED light will be quick and easy for you. So let’s get right on it.

How to Convert Motorcycle Headlights to LED?


Starter Pack

Starter Pack

The first and foremost must-have equipment is the LED headlights. However, before heading out to get a new LED bulb and kit, check out your manufacturers’’ manual.

That will give you a guide to the specific type of LED kit that is compatible with your motorcycle.

Once that you’ve established that it’s time to get down to work. For the tools, you’ll only need a screwdriver because it mostly a Plug-And-Play installation process.

Uninstalling the Stock Bulb

Motorcycle Lights to LED Uninstalling the Stock Bulb

Most bikes come with pre-installed H4 Halogen bulb headlights. That is the bulb you are getting rid of and replacing it with the LED bulb, well, not completely getting rid of it.

You might need it at a later date if a situation presents itself. So store it in a safe place.

The headlight bucket shelters the halogen bulb. That means you’ll have to disassemble the bucket first.

The review will focus mostly on the speaker LED headlight conversion. That is because it’s the most common type for most bike models and a little bit handy.

Step 1

The first step is to unscrew the bezel screws at the side of the headlight bucket. The screws hold the headlights’ outer bezel and the headlight to the bucket.

After unscrewing, you pull out the headlight kit gently and disconnect the wiring from the back. By doing that, you’ll separate the headlight kit from your bike.

Step 2

At this stage, advanced level disassembling takes place. Three bezels are responsible for holding the speaker headlight together. That is the outer bezel, the middle bezel, and the base bezel.

You’ll begin by loosening the angle screw that goes vertically through the side of the outer bezel. The angle screw has a surrounding spring, so be careful not to lose it as it is a vital piece.

Step 3

On completing that, now unscrew the side retaining screws that hold the outer and middle bezels together. By doing so, you have successfully disassembled the outer bezel.

You then separate the middle and the base bezel by unscrewing the retaining screws holding them together.

That leaves you with three separate rings and a headlight that you are replacing with the new LED speaker.

Installation Process

Installation Process

After disentanglement of the headlight kit, plugging in the new LED headlights falls next. It is mainly re-aligning all the components together around the LED headlights.

Step 1

Sandwich the LED speaker headlight between the base and middle bezel and screw the bezels together.

That should barely take five minutes of your time. Once you secure the headlights between the two, align the outer bezel on top of the assembly.

Step 2

Screw the outer aligned bezel to fit in with the middle one. The follow-up procedure is screwing back the angle screw.

You’ll first slide in the spring into the angle screw hole and then the angle screw. Tighten it up using a screwdriver and voila! Your new headlight kit is good to go.

Step 3

The final step of the installation process is mounting the LED headlight onto the bike’s headlight bucket.

Align the kit to the bucket and screw them together. All that is left now is to give it a test and see the difference. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Why Switch to LED Headlights?

motorcycle headlight led
  • Better Night vision

Once you give the LED headlights a test in the dark, you’ll notice a significant brightness change.

The LED is almost twice as much brighter as the halogen bulb. The LED brightness capacity covers the sides of the road, too, and reduces visual strain.

  • Easy Installation

The installation process in the review speaks for itself. You are keeping in mind that the speaker headlights installation is a bit harder than the other LED headlight models.

For other models, it’s easy-peasy. All you need to do is access the back of your headlight kit and unplug the halogen bulb. You then replace it with the LED bulb and reassemble the headlight unit.

  • Durability

When the durability aspect comes to the picture, cost efficiency springs up too. So the LED headlights fill two needs with one deed.

The LED can last for 5 to 10 years before replacing it. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, require a change annually.

The LED bulbs save you the trouble and money of annually changing and buying a new headlight kit.

  • Energy Saver

On saving energy, the LED works inversely proportional to the halogen bulb. The halogen bulbs convert 25% of the power to light energy, and the remaining 75% counts as wasted heat energy.

Contrary to the halogen, LED bulbs convert 75% of the power to light energy. That means only 25% is the emitted heat energy.


LED headlights are setting the bar for motorcycle headlights. It has an assurance of quality and safety during a night ride. Switching to LED headlights is not an option; it should be your only option.

Even motorcycle brands are embracing the idea of LED headlights. Newer models come with pre-installed LED headlights compared to the older versions of halogen bulbs.

Now get in the groove with the LED headlights and enjoy your drive at any time of the day!

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