Best Tonneau Cover for F150: Buying Guide in 2022

Deciding which tonneau cover to attach on your day-to-day’s light pickup truck can be a pretty tricky call to make. You wish to protect your belongings from casually passing thieves, but also need to make sure the latches aren’t too hard or time-consuming to crack! 

The tonneau cover needs to be sturdy enough to literally ‘cover’ your valuable goods from rain water and detrimental UV rays, but at the same time who doesn’t wish for a little extra glaze, a glossy finishing, at the back of their truck?

Combining these tiniest features with a compact budget, especially when you’re planning to buy the best tonneau cover for f150. Humph, that can be a squeamish dilemma!

This Might not be so easy as it sounds, but certainly there are always strategies to do a bit of research and choose the smarter one… 

Need a quick recommendations? Here you go:

Benefits of Having a Bed Cover for F150


One of the most frequently asked questions: Is buying a Bed Cover for my lightweight F150 really worth it?

  • Yes! Having a tonneau cover goes way beyond your investment, in terms of added advantages…

Let’s have a look at the benefits:

  • Shielded &Safe Luggage Transportation

First obvious responsibility that a tonneau cover takes up is sheltering and guarding your valuable belongings.

Whether your truck bed is full of tiniest essentials for a day-long picnic, or loaded with your automobile appliances, precise scientific apparatuses, there exists no securer way than a bed cover for your haul!

Be it a windy summer, snowy winter, a bed cover saves your truck bed getting messy from those all.

  • Increased Gas Mileage

Now, facts that people barely know and so rarely talk about!

When it comes to gas mileage, what’s the difference between an open truck bed and a covered one? – Lesser air resistance, significantly.

Certain aerodynamic designs of tonneau cover result into lesser air drag. As a result, this increases gas mileage by an approximate 5%.

In fact, some vehicles can improve their gas mileage up to 10% as an after-effect of covered beds.

  • Additional Storage Space

Recently I heard one of my neighbors saying “I’m certainly not interested in losing whatever space is still left on my truck by getting an extra cover!”

And unfortunately, most of the people hold the same view as him due to the lack of information.

What everyone needs to know is: Bed covers do NOT essentially refer to a restricted storage space, rather the exact opposite.

For example, the Trick Trucks supply the best kind of tonneau covers for F150 which include T-slot Rails for additional hauling capacity, functioning the same as roof racks but in an improved way, as truck beds instead.

Its ALUMINUM rails will facilitate you in the transportation of larger items, at the same time providing complete liberty with storage space and shielding.

What’s more in it? – With a capacity to support more than 500 lbs, these rails can unrestrainedly cart almost everything starting from bikes to kayaks and coolers.

  • Synchronized and Methodical Truck Beds

How many times have you merrily reached your delivery destination only to find the items you had so systematically organized, have been completely disarrayed?

Especially if you’re living in East Coast, then a protection from unpredictable weather changes is much needed.

Installation of a weather-proof bed cover for your F150 can not only SHELTER, but also PROPORTIONALTELY SYNCHRONIZE your supply goods. And that saves from the wind altering with your shifting of supplies!

  • Addition of Value

Let’s sum it up till now…

A tonneau cover shields your F150 truck bed from getting damaged, messier, unorganized, protects and guards your valuable goods from getting stolen or lost in the midway, improves your F150’s gas mileage by 5-10% - which denotes that a bed cover does more good in accumulating capital by bits and bits over the years.

And an intact, undamaged truck back also ensures you greater profit upon resale!

[In literal prose, “You Get What You Pay For”]

Best Tonneau Covers for F150

1. Gator ETX SoftTruck Bed Cover – Best for Low Profile

If you need the basic soft protection for your daily goods’ transportation, then a GATOR ETX could be your potential choice. According to your needs, it comes not only in ‘soft roll-up’, but also ‘folding’ and ‘retractable’ packages, making the prices vary a tad bit.

On the strength of its first manufacturing in 2015 and another 2021 version as the latest addition, you derive the latest automotive technologies, along with globally procured materials and assembled in the USA quality.

No time to run errands, running short of time – if that’s your case, then Gator ETX bed cover should be your go to choice – for the easy and super-fast no drill installation.

Once installed, cover rolls up 100% till the starting head of truck bed. And since this comes with one of the rarest facilities – fully opened or fully closed – you get full access to the F150’s truck bed at any given period.

What We Liked:

  • Industrial-grade finishing with Leather-Grain Vinyl material
  • Smooth installation within 20-30 minutes
  • 100% bed access – fully covered or fully open bed
  • Low-profiled – cover mounts inside of bed rails
  • Limited lifetime support of 10 years

What Needs to Improve:

  • Flimsy clamps
  • Noisy on windy days

2. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold – Best Soft Tonneau Cover for F150

51X15rWY6lL. SL500

With a mission of not only meeting but also exceling the Original Equipment (OE) quality standards, Tyger T3 tonneau cover adds secured protection to any F150 cargo with customized appearance. Featuring a soft tri-folded exterior, it comes with a dual-coated Vinyl structure.

If heavy goods’ transportation is one of your daily necessities, then don't hesitate to pick this heavy-duty 24 oz. Marine-grade vinyl tonneau cover, furthermore embellished with Aircraft-grade Aluminum frames.

Combine that with the addition of weathertight sealing against all-weather – you get a flawless shelter for your day-to-day heavy goods!

What We Liked:

  • Dual-coated Vinyl with Aluminum frame & Stainless Steel clamps
  • No drilling required
  • Support of pre-assembled horizontal Crossbars
  • Durable & secured locking
  • Adjustable tension control
  • 13% savings on gas-usage

What Needs to Improve:

  • No clamps half-way

3. MaxMate Soft Truck Bed Cover – Best for Sleek Looks

51b 8W9LdpL. SL500

If you’re looking for sleek ‘looks’, then look no more than Maxmate’s soft roll up tonneau covers! With the US-patented design, dual coated cover, marine-grade vinyl material, it goes all the way worth of each penny.

For enhanced security, this tonneau cover will need to be sealed with Velcro strips on both sides and you get the latch locking system at tailgate.

Its distinctive quick release mechanism functions on the basis of ‘adjustable’ tension latches. Add that with weatherproof sealing, and you’ll see precisely how this bed cover aims at shielding your valuables from all detrimental elements.

What We Liked

  • Dual-coated Vinyl material Aluminum side rails & Steel clamps
  • Aluminum side rails & Stainless Steel clamps
  • Horizontal crossbars for support
  • Full bed access
  • Faster no drilling-installation
  • Weatherproof sealing

What Needs to Improve

  • Generates noise sometimes
  • Inadequate installation tools

4. TruXedoTruXport SoftTruck Bed Cover

51jZplW9z5S. SL500

An uncompromising build with impeccable quality, security – if that’s what you have got in mind, then TruXedoTruXport bed cover is the ultimate pick for your top mounting preference.

Featuring an unparalleled functionalism, it will effortlessly fit a 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma’s truck bed as well.

An eccentric automotive design which allows the users the complete autonomy of usage! All you have to do is simply unlock your F150 truck bed’s tailgate latches and roll up the cover. The rest, its heavy-duty 1.5 inch frame and superior-quality embossed Vinyl will take care of!

What We Liked:

  • Leather-grain Vinyl material
  • Contemporary, sleek exterior
  • Ability to withstand several inches of Snow
  • Pre-set tension control system
  • Drill-free quick installation & removal
  • Replacement support of 5 years

What Needs to Improve:

  • Tailgate can’t be opened or closed without unlatching cover

5. BAK BAKFlip MX4 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Best Premium Choice

51d4HymfV2L. SL500

Have you ever wondered what America’s favorite choice of hard cover was before anything? BAK was the first to introduce its BAKFlip MX4 hard folding cover in market, with a matte-finish. This hard cover’s matte finish along with an added premium look, also secures protection from harmful Ultra-Violet rays, visible finger-print marks or scratches.

Engineers of the BAK industries went out of their way to fine-tune even the tiniest details like adding rail-end caps or cab-corner caps, or giving the side rails, clamps, elevator bolts a smooth-sleek matte finish.

A solitary feature of this BAKflip MX4 is that you can open the cover from both sides of your F150 vehicle. And for long-lasting durability and strength, it also includes distinctive ‘injection-molded’ latch housing elements.

Close it, fold it or flip it – you can cover all without obstructing the third brake light! As a result, you get to haul the cargo safely, anywhere, anytime.

What We Liked:

  • Durable Aluminum panels with matte-finish
  • Dual-action tailgate seal
  • Integrated buckle system
  • Automatic latching mechanism
  • Shock-absorbent bumpers
  • Capacity to carry 400 lbs. of weight

What Needs to Improve:

  • Provision of limited accessories
  • Inadequate instruction manual

6. Lund Genesis Soft Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Best for Security

51IrQvGrCcS. SL500

Your neighborhood has a record of often reporting theft complaints? Need something that goes an extra notch in terms of security?

Lund brings their Genesis soft roll up bed cover to ease your headaches, with a tear-resistant black fabric of premium-quality and dual latches which will automatically lock on itself!

This patented adjustment latch by Lund has emerged as victorious against nearly all types of harsh weather including thunderstorms, snow and even sleets.

For noise cancellation and to minimize the excess flappy sound on windy days, Genesis roll up cover features exclusive adjustment gauges. These gauges are built into the adjustment latch and so ensure a reliable tension control system.

As icing on the cake, there are Hook & Loop hook and loop fasteners – an unmatched seal – to taut and tighten your F150’s bed cover in almost every situation imaginable. Moreover you get Nylon straps, to secure your cover when fully opened.

What We Liked:

  • Tear-resistant, heavy-duty Vinyl material
  • Robust Aluminum bows & rails
  • Easy-to-use & Single-opening mechanism
  • Mounts low profile
  • No-drill installation within 20 minutes
  • Can be fully opened or fully closed while driving

What Needs to Improve:

  • Flattened foam on railing
  • Plastic clamps

7. SyneticusaTonneau Cover – Best Retractable Cover for F150

51kNoDLAiCL. SL500

Unlike some of those troublesome tri-fold or hard folding covers which tend to block the back window while driving, Syneticusa’s retractable cover sits downright without obstructing any view.

Fashioned from Aluminum sturdy slats and powder-coated in a matte black finishing, it is surely worth supporting about 500 lbs. of weight on your cargo!

An idiosyncratic trademark of this retractable Syneticusa hard cover happens to be its 9-inch squared compact storage canister. Including a distinctive spiral track system, it manages a safe functional distance from the truck bed cover while opening up or closing down!

To add on the bright sides, you can lock this tonneau cover anywhere, anytime using its latch or if you prefer a key system. Because this one ensures the ultimate cargo protection even regarding those loose pieces of cargo which are too big to fit under the cover.

What We Liked:

  • Durable construction of Aluminum slats
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Lockable under any circumstances
  • Compact storage canister
  • No issues of obstructing back window view

What Needs to Improve:

  • Non-compatible with rack
  • Insufficient installation guide

8. UnderCover Tri-Fold FX21019 – Best Hard Tonneau Cover F150

51AbZmJMOtL. SL500

If the strength of Aluminum still falls short in terms of your preference – then make sure you have checked with the superior-quality FPR composite material from UnderCover – fabricating a stronger but much lighter and more scrape-resistant tonneau cover! In spite of being a hard cover, its ultimate flex offers a tri-secured positioning.

You may let it remain closed to completely cover your F150’s cargo, may fold it up or lay flat, or you can even fold upright at a 90° angle to enjoy 100% bed access!

To keep the F150’s gear dry and shielded – the tonneau cover exhibits flexes with bed rail mounting, rubber seals and drain tubes – to flow excess water away from and out of bed.

Moving further, you get equal opportunities to open the cover from either side of truck. Because UnderCover equips both sides of bed cover with easily-usable slam latches. Also, its dual-action tailgate seal facilitates in closing the tailgate without lifting cover.

What We Liked:

  • Constructed of premium-FPR composite material
  • 3 positions: Closed, Partially closed & Fully open
  • Pre-built prop rods
  • Rail mounting system with rubber seals & drain tube
  • Automatic-latching system with Aluminum panels
  • No-drilling required

What Needs to Improve:

  • Incomplete manual
  • Rubber gaskets tend to develop small creases while boxing

9. Auto Dynasty Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

51MGHNcZK6L. SL500

An apt model for 5.5' fleet side beds, the Auto Dynasty’s hard tri-fold cover has been sealed with rubberized edges, to avoid any probable leaking. With 1.5 mm composite FRP material and 15 mm PP honeycomb combined – the load bearing stands at nearly 350 lbs. – making it theoretically quite invulnerable to scratch or scrap.

Pre-installing the hard cover for best fitment, its tri-cover design attempts to provide the most of cargo security.

Going by the name, this tri-cover has got three usage modes for convenient access: Partially covered for ease of access, Fully covered to enhance aerodynamics, and Fuel economy by redirecting air flow.

To exhibit a show-level appearance in all weather, it features anti-curl corners. Moreover while folding and unfolding, you will notice strong metal support bars for amplified support.

What We Liked:

  • Aluminum plating with Black-powder coat
  • Increasing truck aerodynamic with speed
  • Bullfrog bump exterior
  • Adjustable tension system
  • Secured strap
  • Rubberized edges
  • Budget-friendly

What Needs to Improve    

  • Plastic clips are not so easy to access
  • Cover tends to flex if humans are standing on it

10. RetraxRetraxPRO XR Truck Tonneau Cover – Best for F150’s T-Slot Accessories

51MA4n599ZL. SL500

Not only Aluminum durability, but the RetraxPRO XR retractable cover has also been consigned with the overlander capabilities for T-Slot accessories customization.

An integrated ‘Trax Rail System’ from XR series securely ensures amplified cargo capacity, above truck bed with the bed cover closed as well as left open. This model can be a perfect fit for T-slot accessories from Thule®, Yakima®, Rhino Rack®, etc.

RetraxPRO XR features a sealed ball-bearing roller system to prevent usage or necessity of any pull straps, springs or snaps.

Because this roller system can smoothly glide along the rail, including an ergonomic handle. Its heavyweight Aluminum slats do not let specs of dust be trapped, worn out or get frozen.

What We Liked:

  • Double cargo capacity with T-Rail’s top cargo load
  • Durable Aluminum construction
  • Powder-coated matte finishing
  • Sealed ball-bearing roller system
  • Spiral tracking in storage container
  • Key-lock
  • Lifetime warranty

What Needs to Improve:

  • Installation can be time-consuming
  • Canister occupies quite a bit of space

Things to Consider: Before Buying Best Bed Cover for your F150

Know Your Truck Size

Compatibility and the size of truck are the most things you need to check before buying a bed cover. Tonneau covers can be of different sizes and materials depending on the pickup truck’s dimension.

Precisely why once you have made your mind to buy a tonneau cover –first and foremost check your vehicle model, measure the truck’s size, check the outside and inside box’s length as well aswidth– only after that move on with the purchase.

Materials used in Tonneau Cover

One of the major determinants of how much a bed cover may cost or how long it will sustain, depends on the material used in manufacturing. Commonly available tonneau covers are usually made of – Aluminum, Fiberglass, ABS Plastic, Canvas and Vinyl materials.

  • Aluminum Bed Cover

Which material should you choose if the need is to access your truck bed from ‘any’ direction at a given time?

The answer is Aluminum cover. Because with it on the truck bed, you can enjoy simultaneous access, even to the extent while covering your cargo.

Versatility, lesser cover weight and durability – these should be your priority if you are willing to pay for an Aluminum tonneau cover for F150. Needless to add with that the enhanced shielding it provides for your cargo load.

  • Vinyl Bed Cover

Which cover should you choose if you’re only looking for a temporary fix and the budget is a bit tight?

An ideal option would be Vinyl cover. Though the setback is it may not offer so much protection as a solid cover could have.

Conveniently foldable, extreme waterproofness, lightweight – if these are the preferences, then you may proceed towards getting a streamlined vinyl bed cover for your F150 truck!

  • Molded/ABS Plastic Bed Cover

Which should be the best choice to run against a rainstorm or snow blizzard?

Go for ABS plastic bed cover without a second of hesitance especially if you’re living in the blizzard-prone Upper Midwest or the Great Plains!

Mostly coated with a Vinyl overlay, ABS plastic covers are well-known for getting assimilated or integrated with the truck paint.

Weatherproof, Strong and Sturdy, at the same time Lightweight – if these are the privileges you’re looking for on your next purchase – then certainly make no delay in getting the best of ABS plastic tonneau covers for your dearest F150!

  • Fiberglass Bed Cover

Do you need additional storage even while having your truck cover on?

Opt for a made of fiberglass cover. Fiberglass tonneau covers feature an additional interior storage compartment owing to its firm infrastructure.

Smooth, Sleek, Glossy Exterior with Extra Spacing and Weather Protection – that’s all you will get with a probable best quality fiberglass bed cover for F150. The only factor which may set you off a little: itsPremium Price. But then again, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  • Canvas Bed Cover

Cheaper price, Lighter weight, Occasional choice – if these are on your mind, then you can think of getting a canvas tonneau cover.

Though drawbacks of this include weariness (as short-lasting) and time-consuming (requires lots of efforts to get this on), you may buy a canvas bed cover if you have plans to change your F150’s cover again soon. 

Climatic Conditions

Most of the tonneau covers are made weatherproof. But the climatic conditions of a region as in the temperature, humidity, precipitation, air pressure, etc. still hold eminence of value in tonneau cover selection nonetheless.

To illustrate a picture, if you’re living in the dry regions of Kansas, Mississippi or TennesseeAluminum tonneau covers will make a suitable choice for you [Because Aluminum is capable of withstanding dry weather to a great extent].

Contrary to that, for someone living in the wet-rainy states of Hawaii, Louisiana, Florida or Alabama, Aluminum may not cut that much of a good deal! This is because metals like Aluminum are largely prone to corrosion in moist weather.

On a wrap up note, getting a Fiberglass or ABS Plastic tonneau cover whiling driving in a rainy region may just save the day (and the cover as well) for you!

Installation Process

General installation can be classified into two categories.

  • Temporary Installing

Usually the most preferred method – because you can always detach and reattach a light tonneau cover – in case of loading oversized cargo. Instructions are simpler and the process takes somewhat 15 – 30 minutes at most. Simple attachment to railing system, that’s all it requires.

  • Permanent Installing

Heavier tonneau covers on a general need permanent installing. And when we say ‘permanent’ – that includes measurement, drilling and needless to say, a lengthy process.

Without accurate tools and certain technical expertise, we wouldn’t suggest getting it installed all by yourself.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on FORD-150 Truck?


You have already acquired the primary insight from the ‘installation process’ section. Now get started through the following steps!

Step-1: Preparation phase- Cautiously go through the manual.

Step-2: Collect all the required tools with exact measurements including bits, drill, screwdriver, wrench, etc.

Step-3: Connect the rails. Snap under the rails or attach to the pre-drilled holes (depending on the tonneau cover you’ve got).

Step-4: Check whether the seals are tight and equally waterproof.

Step-5: Install the seals carefully.

Step-6: Place on the top. Done with installing!

Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Remove?


Tonneau covers are broadly of two types: soft and hard. The installing-uninstalling process also goes as similar: easy and difficult.

Soft and light bed covers are easy to install and uninstall. The uninstallation is in fact done even quicker. In most cases uninstalling will take less than 10 – 15 minutes.

Heavier and hard bed covers (e.g. fiberglass, quad-fold or tri-fold covers) may require a bit longer than usual, but eased with assistance. Pro tip is if you need to put on the cover again soon, then don’t take off the whole cover!

Leave the side rails in its place and just remove the textile cover only. Time and Efforts Saved!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I measure my F150 truck’s bed size?

First of all, to clear a common confusion, each truck has got distinct model and structure. And manufacturers tend to round up the fractional number of bed lengths.

So, your actual measurement (after you’ve measured the bed size yourself) may vary an inch or two from the originally stated measurement in brochures – and this is NORMAL. So no need to panic, but be aware though the measurement shouldn’t differ more than a couple of inches.

Now coming to the procedure itself.

Step-1: Take position at the truck bed’s end and make sure you’ve taken down the tailgate.

Step-2: Right from the center point of truck bed till the furthest end, stretch your measurement tape lengthways, against the barrier.

Step-3: Locate the exact point which marks the end of truck bed and beginning of the tailgate. Draw up your measurement.

Step-4: For a crosscheck, convert the inches to feet. [1 inch = 0.083 foot]

2. How do the tonneau covers actually improve mileage? Or is it just an advertising statement?

On a theoretical ground, your tonneau cover should certainly improve gas mileage to a definite extent. But practically speaking, you may not always benefit from that improved mileage.

Science of Improved Mileage: The cargo area encompasses air while you’re driving. And the tailgate behind will interrupt this air to flow away. Resulting in a ‘drag’ with open bed and more gas usage.

On the other hand, when you use a bed cover, the tailgate doesn’t act as a barrier to natural airflow. Resulting in the truck becoming more aerodynamic, lower dragging and lesser gas usage.

Variable-I: You will use a tonneau cover only when you’re loading some small to heavyweight cargo which require(s) shielding. And so, if you’re adding weight to your truck, the gas mileage will automatically reduce, be that even to a minimal fraction.

Variable-II: The cargo area encompasses more air only when you’re running at a high speed, likely on the highway. Which is why you will notice the difference in improved mileage due to tonneau cover usage only if you’re travelling interstates.

To sum it up – despite using a tonneau cover, even if you don’t achieve an improved gas mileage due to intercity driving – at least you lose NOTHING, in fact,attain secured protection.

3. How should I take care of my tonneau cover for a long-lasting term?

A good tonneau cover with modest spending should roughly continue for 5-10 years (depending on the brand and model). Nonetheless, without proper care, even delightful daffodil beds wither away.

Here we’re mentioning some hacks you should know for long-going maintenance.

HACK – I: Check, Check REGULARLY for bumps, dents, damage, dust, dirt, debris and corrosion.

HACK- II: Clean your cover at least once a month with proper chemicals. For Vinyl covers, use vinyl cleaners and for the rest, use mild soaps with cold water. Clean with soft-bristled brushes. And make sure you’ve thoroughly wiped the cover post-cleaning.

HACK – III: Do NOT keep more weight than a cover’s capacity (as long as you want to avoid damage and denting)!

HACK – IV: Loosen, lubricate and tighten the parts after every roadshow. Lubricate the rails periodically to keep corrosion or wearing off issues at bay.

Best Tonneau Covers F150 – Topped In a Nutshell 

Different purposes, different choices- that will always happen. But finding the right one for your own self always takes an extra notch of pressure!

What is the best method to endure this decisive phase?

  • Explore and Evaluate!

For the exploration part, you can dive into those above hacks, reviews and experiences. Now if you’re still a bit nonplussed and would like to jump straight to the evaluation part, then here’s for you:

  • Best Soft Tonneau Cover for f150– Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold
  • Best Hard Tonneau Cover for f150 – UnderCover Tri-Fold FX21019 Tonneau Cover
  • Best Retractable Cover for f150 - Syneticusa Tonneau Cover
  • Best for F150’s T-Slot Accessories - RetraxRetraxPRO XR Tonneau Cover

We know the drill, we have gone through the hassle. The reason why we say, keep your calm, compare your alternatives and then make your happy purchase.

Here’s to your next headache-free cargo journey on the road!

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