Best Tail Light Tint: Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

For some individuals, a car is much more than a means of transportation. It can be a means of expression or a status symbol. These days, there are several ways you can modify your vehicle to better suit your needs and lifestyle.

Tinted tail lights are increasing in popularity daily. This is because they are an easy and fun way to personalize your vehicle's look. Are you thinking of installing tail light tint on your tail lights? If yes, you need to consider the following before you hit the market.

  • What is the best tail light tint for my vehicle?
  • What to look for when buying tail light tint
  • How to apply/install tail light tint

Keep reading to find answers to all of your questions and more. We have selected and reviewed only the finest tail light tints available within the market.

Best Tail Light Tint Reviews 

1. VViViD Headlight Taillight Vinyl Tint Wrap 16” x 48” Roll With Squeegee

First, of its kind in the industry, VVIVID Air-Tints features all the innovative technologies incorporated within VVIVID+ first-rate materials.

The VVIVID air-tint extra-wide comes with the brand's signature air-release membrane. With this feature, you can install your tail light tint without using any application liquid. It is truly an out of the box, ready to use solution.

Another feature you will love about this tail light tint is that it can wrap practically any shape, and is highly conformable with heat. The makers rightly tout it as "the only one of its kind in the industry”.

The product was originally made for difficult-to-wrap surfaces. Nevertheless, many users and reviewers have said it is extremely easy to install regardless of the tail/headlight shape.

Aside from being super simple to install, the film is self-healing and any scratches will disappear with heat.

Simply apply the vinyl to the surface after cutting it to your desired shape. To deal with difficult curves and shapes, use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat the vinyl. After that, stretch and apply.

VVIVID Air-Tints are engineered using scratch-resistant automotive rank cast vinyl. Unlike other tints sold in the market, the VVIVID Air-Tint Extra wide will not in any way damage your lights or eat through your headlight coatings. This is thanks to its acrylic-based adhesive designed not to eat through plastic.

Highlighted Features:

  • Air Release Membrane for easy installation.
  • Made using scratch-resistant automotive grade vinyl.
  • Because it is acrylic based, it is 100 percent chemical safe.
  • Comes with vinyl wrap tools 3m blue squeegee and.
  • 2x anti-scratch black felt edge decal.

2. F&B LED Lights 12” x 48” Adhesive Tint Vinyl Film

Fed up with slick and shiny surfaces? Is black your favorite color? Then this Dark Black Tint Vinyl Film may be just what you require.

This self-adhesive, peel and stick tint film is perfectly appropriate for your fog lights, tail lights, side marker, headlights, or even the top section of your windshield.

The size is 12” x 48” and has a sheet thickness of approximately 0.005”. This tint vinyl is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is clean the surface you want to tint.

Next, apply the vinyl sheet and cut off the edge. The vinyl can easily be cleaned with water, and it will not leave any residual glue when you remove it.

It is also stretchable, water, and heat-resistant. The vinyl is 100 percent chemical-free and will not damage your tail light or headlight coatings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stretchable with water and heat resistance.
  • 1 piece 12” x 48”.
  • Dark black color.
  • Self-adhesive, peel & stick.

3. GRIDREADY 14” x 20” Dodge Durango Tail Light Tint Kit

Do you own a Dodge Durango? If you answered yes, you can give your beloved ride that blacked-out appearance with this impressive tail light tint kit from GRIDREADY. The product is very popular and has high customer satisfaction in the market today. It’s no surprise it made it to our list of top tail light tints in 2020.

The GRIDREADY 2014-2020 Dodge Durango Tail Light Tint Kit offers a hassle-free installation -thanks to the overlays, which has air release channels. With this feature, you can enjoy a smooth installation that is free of creases and air bubbles.

This tail light tint kit is vehicle specific and has been engineered to perfectly fit the Dodge Durango you drive. Each set is machine precut to suit a ’14-’19 Durango. The vinyl tints are even made a little bigger so they can be slipped around corners for better sticking.

One of the main selling points of this product is its high durability. The product is produced using the best quality cast vinyl you can find in the market. Thus, the tint will remain intact even if you use a high-pressure washer to wash your vehicle.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that it might fade after using it for an extended period. Therefore, to continue having that blacked-out appearance, you will need to clean it regularly and reapply the vinyl now and then.

Another feature loved by many users of this product is that it comes as a dry application. The film is applied dry and can also be repositioned due to a unique adhesive layer.

The GRIDREADY 2014-2020 Dodge Durango Tail Light Tint Kit offers all of these fantastic features at a highly reasonable cost.

Highlighted features:

  • Overlays fitted with air release outlets for simple installation.
  • Designed specifically to suit a '14 - '19 Durango.
  • Made with top-quality cast vinyl for better durability.
  • Comes as a dry application.

4. VViViD Smoke Black Gloss Vinyl Adhesive Tint Wrap 16” x 48” Roll

This is another outstanding tint wrap from VVIVID that will not fail to impress you. While the product was originally made for difficult-to-wrap surfaces, its simple installation has made it very popular for use on any headlight or tail light shape.

The product comes in size 6” x 48", 2-roll Pack. It comes out of the box ready to use and is highly conformable to heat.

This tint wrap self-adhesive is self-healing and you can get rid of scratches employing light heating. The product will help save your lights from rock chips, debris, and dust.

VVIVID tints are 80 percent smoke or 20 percent VLT and are cast using automotive-grade vinyl. They come with an acrylic-based adhesive, which means there is no risk they will damage your lights or headlight coatings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Air Release Membrane that allows for easy installation
  • Made using automotive grade vinyl that enhances scratch resistance
  • One hundred percent chemical safe thanks to its acrylic-based adhesive
  • Comes with vinyl wrap tools 3m blue squeegee and
  • 2x anti-scratch black felt edge decal

5. ZEEZ Black-Out Vinyl Taillight Tints

If you are into car detailing, then you most likely have heard about ZEEZ. This is a highly renowned brand that makes films for tinting vehicle tail lights.

This remarkable vinyl film from ZEEZ has a package dimension of 14.2” x 1.7” x 0.8” and weighs 2.71 ounces.

It gives a 50 percent dark smoke black-out finish to your tail lights. It is water-resistant on its own, which means you will not have to bother about water spots and fingerprints that need constant cleaning.

Another praiseworthy feature of the ZEEZ vinyl is that its installation and removal is highly convenient.

It comes as a self-adhesive, stick and peel kit, and will leave no residual mark on your tail lights after removal. Lastly, the film is heat stretchable, so you can apply it on curved surfaces with the aid of only a heat gun or squeegee.

You can also use the ZEEZ Vinyl film for any fog lights, headlights, or side marker lights. Be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before applying the film.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-resistant.
  • Self-adhesive, peel, and stick.
  • Easy removal.
  • Stretchable with heat.

6. GRIDREADY 15” x 20” Dodge Charger Tail Light Tint Kit

Do you want to add a blacked-out appearance to your Dodge Charger? You can achieve that with the GRIDREADY 2015-2020 Dodge Charger Tail Light Tint Kit.

All of the vinyl tint sets from Gridready are vehicle specific. These tints come precut and ready to apply on a ’15 – ’19 Dodge Charger.

GridReady Tail light tint kits are extremely popular due to their high quality. The company employs the topmost quality cast vinyl in their making.

So, if you sometimes clean your vehicle with a pressurized washer, there is no need to worry about the vinyl coming off.

Another praise-worthy feature of this inspiring tail light tint kit is its ease of installation. GridReady equipped the overlays with air release channels that allow for a speedy installation free of creases and air bubbles. No wonder reviewers are raving about this product.

The finest thing about this tail light tint from GRIDREADY is that it is a dry application film and comes with a special adhesive layer that allows for easy repositioning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes as a dry application
  • Made from the finest quality cast vinyl for good durability.
  • This vinyl tint set is cut to fit a ’15-’19 Dodge Charger.
  • Air release channels on overlays for simple installation.

7. DIYAH 12” X 48” Self-Adhesive Lights Vinyl Tint Film

The DIYAH 12” X 48” Self-Adhesive Tint Vinyl Film also ranks high on our list of top tail light tint as it is widely accepted by users. This light black tint vinyl film is well suited for your headlights, fog lights, side marker, and tail lights.

The product comes in size 12” x 48” and the sheet thickness is approximately 0.005”. Installing the tint vinyl film is super simple. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can apply the vinyl sheet and then remove the edge with a sharp object.

You do not need any special cleaning solution to clean it as water can do the job perfectly. Also, if you choose to remove it, you will not see any residual glue on your tail light or headlight.

It is a highly stretchable vinyl film with admirable adhesion, appropriate for arched and uneven surfaces.

Many users have also praised the product for being water and heat resistant and completely chemical-free. With these features, you can be sure the vinyl film tint will never damage your tail light coverings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stretchable and resistant to water and heat.
  • Self-adhesive, peel, and stick vinyl film.
  • Size is 12” x 48”.
  • Easy to remove and leaves no residual glue.
  • Light black color.
  • Easy to clean with water.

8. Subaru WRX/STI Tail Light Tint Kit

Thinking of giving your Subaru WRX / STI a cool blacked-out appearance? This terrific tail light tint kit from Revion Autoworks will be just appropriate for you. This high-quality made in USA Vinyl Tinted Taillight overlay kit comes as a dry application. The products package dimensions are 12.48” x 5.98” x 0.9” and weighs 5.3 ounces.

You will be amazed by the ease of use of this tail light tint kit. The overlays are fitted with innovative air release channels. These channels are minute outlets on the back of the overlays, within the adhesive.

When you apply the film, the channels allow air to flow through thereby eliminating any kind of bubbling.

Also, you do not have to bother about the durability of this tail light overlay. This is because it is produced from the top-most quality cast vinyl available. This tail light tint kit from Revion Autoworks is also vehicle specific.

The vinyl tint sets come precut to match a ’15 – ’20 WRX / STI. So, if you own any of this car model, you have now found a way to give your vehicle that personalized appearance that exudes your personality.

The best thing about this remarkable tail light tint kit is that it offers all of these fantastic features at a highly affordable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dry Application tail light tint.
  • This vinyl tint set comes precut to match a ’15 – ’20 WRX / STI.
  • Tail light overlays produced from top quality cast vinyl for durability.
  • Air release channels on overlays for easy installation.

What To Look For When Buying Tail Light Tint

When looking to purchase tail light tint for your vehicle, you must purchase the appropriate one to derive the benefits you are searching for. To help you out, below are some factors you should look out for.

  • Compliance with state laws:

When shopping for a tail light tint, make sure you choose one that is compliant with your state laws. Each state has particular laws regarding color, the scale of light transmittance, and other tail light tint features that might not be permitted.

The scale of light transmittance means the amount of light that goes through the glass as well as the level of visibility the tint gives drivers.

If you are planning a DIY installation, it may be difficult for you to calculate the scale of light transmittance. For this reason, you should consult a licensed professional to help you select a tint that is compliant with your state regulations.

  • UV blockage level of the tint: 

This factor is extremely important if you live in a warm climate. Tinting your tail lights or headlights help protect them from damage due to the sun’s UV rays.

The window/tail light tinting covers or films come with various protection ranges and capabilities. You should select one that is appropriate for you.

If you reside in a temperate region, choose a tint that provides 25 – 40 percent UV protection. If you reside in an area with high temperatures (up to 89 degrees), you should install a tinting cover that provides no less than 50 percent UV protection.

  • Aesthetic features of the tail light tint: 

Aside from considering the tint’s functionality, you also have to take into account the aesthetic qualities of the tail light tint. Changing your tail lights’ opacity creates a customized feel and look to your car.

For instance, if you want to give your Camaro a sleeker appearance, you should consider installing a dark tint. If you own a retro car and want to give it a more modern appearance, you can achieve good results by installing a darker tail light tint.

No matter your thinking, tail light tinting improves the appearance of your car to suit your style as well as your vehicle’s personality.

So, be sure to choose a tint color that will help you achieve your objectives. When considering the aesthetic properties of the tint, bear in mind that tints that have better features will most likely be costlier.

  • Type of tint:

when shopping for tail light tint for your vehicle, bear in mind that there are three main techniques used to install these tints. These include covers, plasti dip, and film tint. The type you choose depends on your car tinting objectives

Film tint:

If you are looking to achieve a highly accurate and seamless finish with your tail light tinting, then vinyl maybe your best option.

Plasti dip:

This is a colorized, shielding rubber coating installed on auto tail lights to alter the vehicle's appearance. Choose this option if you are looking for something you can peel off easily to return to your initial tail light or simply change the color.

o Covers: These possess similar properties like a big sticker. You install them on your lights with the aid of double-sided tape.

You will not always achieve a sleek finish with tint covers as you would with film tinting. Nevertheless, covers may be your best bet if you want something very simple to apply.

  • Pre-cut kits versus universal tint film: 

Pre-cut kits come measured and cut precisely to fit your vehicle’s tail light. With pre-cut kits, you do not have to bother about precision cutting. Using these kits will save you a great deal of time and patience.

Pre-cuts are simple to install on your tail lights and are perfect for a home do-it-yourself project. These kits come with comprehensive directions as well as a list of required tools to ensure appropriate application.

Universal tint films do not possess the same characteristics as pre-cuts. Precision cutting without the aid of computers is required when using whole sheet tinting kits.

Each piece will need to be cut to perfectly fit the vehicle you are working on. If you are not skilled with your hands, then pre-cut kits may be a better option for you.

  • Do-it-yourself versus professional Installation: 

When in the market for the best tail light tint for your vehicle, you also need to consider whether you want a DIY installation or a professional installation. Both options offer beneficial outcomes.

Do-it-yourself projects are rewarding to complete and give you a chance to utilize your creative side. If you are skilled with your hands and possess the appropriate tools, you can attain similar results as an expert.

If, however, you do not have the patience or time to install a tail light tinting kit by yourself, pursuing professional installation will also give you important benefits.

  • The warranty given by the manufacturer: 

Manufacturers of tail light/window tinting films often offer a warranty on their products. When you are purchasing the film, make sure you understand precisely what the warranty covers.

This is important because if you discover something defective about the film for example the color, the producer will cover the problem without any additional cost.

Also, you need to take into account the warranty offered by the installation service. Something may go wrong with the film during the installation process, which may not be the manufacturer's fault, but that of the installation service.

Working with a reliable installation company will help reduce the possibility of a problem occurring during and after the tail light tinting installation.

How to Apply Tail Light Tint?

As mentioned earlier, the three main techniques used for applying tail light tints on vehicles are film tint, covers, and plasti dip. Below are the steps you should follow to apply each one.

How to Install Covers:

1. Get rid of any smudges or dirt from your vehicle's taillights. Be sure to use a supple cleaning cloth for this purpose

2. Take out the protective sheet from the cover. Doing so will expose the double-sided tape

3. Place the cover on your tail lights so they align precisely. After that press on the surface for better sticking

How to Apply Plasti Dip:

1. Before you apply plasti dip tint, first check your tail lights to ensure there are no scratches and cracks on them.

2. Take out your taillights and then get rid of accumulated moisture and debris from within the space.

3. Use a painter’s tape to cover up the area around your tail light

4. Get the plasti dip and spray it on your tail lights. Be sure to spray a light, uniform coat. Wait for the plastic dip to dry up and then check to see if you have reached the tail light tint you desire. If not, continue the process.

5. Once you are done with the application process, take off the painter’s tape after which you put your tail lights back onto your automobile.

How to Apply Film Tint:

1. Take out the lights, but first, make sure you have removed all wires, screws, and light bulbs before detaching the lights.

2. Get rid of grease, dirt and all other unwanted particles

3. Get the tint film and cut into size ensuring it fits your tail lights’ shape and size

4. Take out the sheet covering the tint’s sticky side. Next, place the film on your light and then remove air bubbles with a squeegee.

5. Smooth the edges and surface of the tint with the aid of a heat gun.

6. Shape the edges of the film and gently slip the film into any edges or creases. You can do this with the aid of a razor blade or with your finger.

7. If there are rounded surfaces on your tail light, make sure the tint stretches properly around such surfaces by applying gentle pressure.

8. If there are excess tint around your light’s edges, clip it off.

9. Place your lights back on your car once you are through with all of these processes and all wet surfaces are dry.

As stated above, you can apply your tail light tint either through a DIY approach or through a professional approach. There are benefits to using both methods and some of them are highlighted below.

Advantages of Do-it-yourself Tinting

  • Available Choices: There are lots of tinting kits available in the market. With DIY tinting, you are free to select a kit that will specifically meet your requirements.
  • If you operate on a low budget, a DIY project will allow you to buy tinting kits that will fit your budget.

While you can achieve good results with a Do-your-self tail light installation, bear in mind that it is not always an easy process and requires some level of skill. Do thorough research and ensure you carefully adhere to the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Advantages of Professional Tail Light Tint Installation

· Superior Value: If you opt to install your tail light tint yourself, the outcome will depend on your level of experience and skill. On the other hand, if you opt for a professional service, you are guaranteed a good outcome.

· State Laws: You may not be aware of the regulations and laws guiding the application of tail light tint on vehicles in your state. However, professional services are familiar with these rules.

· Experience and Tools: A professional service will most likely possess the right experience and tools needed to install your tail light tint quickly and precisely.

If you choose to use the services of a professional installer, make sure you choose an experienced service provider. If you do otherwise, you may end up with poor results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tint your tail lights using window tint?

There are different kinds of tints available in the market including those that come as all-in-one solutions.

All-in-one solutions are appropriate for tinting car windows and tinting tail lights. If you opt to use an all-in-one solution, then yes, you can tint your tail lights with these window tints.

  • How long will it take to apply a tail light tint?

The application method plays a significant part in this. If you opt for a spray-on-tint, it will take a couple of hours to complete the process.

If you are using a professional service for this, you may have to leave your vehicle overnight with them.

Transparent vinyl is a lot faster to install. If you are using the services of a professional installer, there may be no need to leave your car overnight with them.

  • Is it unlawful to tint your tail lights?

You will need to consult the rules and regulations that apply in your state regarding tail light tint installations.

For instance, in the US state of California, tinting headlights, brake lights, and fog lights are unlawful. However, it is not illegal to tint tail lights in that state.

  • Can tail light tints be removed?

Yes, taillight and even headlight tints can be taken off. Nevertheless, it is recommended you employ a professional service rather than removing the tint on your own.

This is especially important if your lights have vinyl tint film or even spray tint. If you do not remove the tint the appropriate way, you may end up causing damage to your lights or vehicle’s paint layer.

  • How dark can tail lights be tinted?

The law forbids anyone from tinting his or her tail light completely black. This is because doing so will obstruct the passage of light through the tint.

The law permits you to tint your tail light up to fifty percent black. Even so, you must ensure that your lights can display their original color, such as yellow, red, or white.

  • How long can you expect your tail light tint to last?

This generally depends upon the kind of material used for your tail light tinting. If a high-quality vinyl tint was used for the tinting, you will not need to replace it for several years.

  • What are the Advantages of Tail Light Tinting?

Tinting will help shield the finishes on your tail lights from sun damage, discoloration, or cracking.

Also, it can help boost visibility during nighttime or when you are under low light situations. The custom tail light tint will also give your vehicle a stylish and distinctive appearance all year round.

  • Does professionally applied Tail Light Tint Cost More?

If you decide to go for a professional tail light installation, you will certainly spend more money compared to when you opt for a DIY project.

You are engaging the services of a professional so you should expect to spend more money for the expertise and time of the individual installing your tint.

  • What Should You Use to Clean Your Tail Lights after having them Tinted?

You can use a rubber squeegee or a soft cloth to clean your tail lights after tinting them. Foam cleaners are most suited for this purpose, as they do not streak.

You should never scrape the tint film with any kind of blade. Also, tinted taillights should never be cleaned with anything abrasive. This is because abrasive materials will scratch the tint film.


Tinted tail lights offer several benefits for your vehicle. They will make your car stand out from the rest with a range of colors including, blue, black, and yellow.

With the tail light tinting methods processes described above, you can install the best tail light tint on your vehicle today.

Nevertheless, you may sometimes encounter difficulties with the functionality of your tail light tints.

Whenever you need to add new taillights, fix electrical problems with your lights, or replace bulbs, you should speak with a certified technician in your area to help resolve these issues.

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