Best Spray on Bedliner for Trucks: Recommendations for 2022

A spray on bedliner is the most durable and permanent covering you can choose for your trucks. The inside layer of bedliner acts as a shock absorber to protect it from external damage and scratches.

Furthermore, it helps to prevent corrosion and is beneficial in more ways than you can ever imagine. Using the best spray-on bedliner would be the coolest thing you will ever do for protecting your Truck bed.

The biggest problem you might face is making the right choice. There are many options available online and picking the right one is really confusing. After all, you need to decide first, whether you want to have the spray-on process done by a professional or use a Do it Yourself a spray-on bed liner kit.  

Luckily we are here to help you make the best decision in choosing the right one. Read our spray on bedliner guide and make the right choice today. We will also review top-notch spray-in bedliners unbiasedly for you.

Comparison of the Best Spray on Bedliner

Comparison of the Best Spray on Bedliner

Here goes the quick comparison chart for the top notch  spray-on bed liners for trucks-

Best Do It Yourself Bed Liners in can Reviews

Best Do It Yourself Bed Liners in can Reviews

It is time to look at the best spray-on bed liners you can buy on the market. Here we have selected the best truck bed liners with the necessary information to make your selection process easy.

1. Herculiner Brush-on Kit Review

-Do you want to protect your brand-new $40k truck bed without any hassle?

You do! Then, You will be pleased with the Herculiner Brush-on package. This is one of the best spray-on bed liner kits. The beautiful thing is you receive everything you need to get started. There is no need of stressing halfway through the process once you get started, as a gallon of the coating is enough to cover a 6.5-foot bed.

The first coat will take more than a ½ can, but do not fret as the second coat does not take much to give it the finishing touch. However, if you plan on using it over the bed rails one can is not enough.


Features and Benefits:

  • You will receive one-gallon protective coating with an applicator brush and two rollers. This pack saves you loads of money for buying additional accessories to execute the process.
  • You can apply the polyurethane to any material from metal, concrete to wood. This product is versatile to use and thicker compared to any other spray-in liners.
  • The substance provides a durable coating with polyurethane and rubber granule. Notably, it is it seals the surface and keeps it corrosion free.

The Herculiner Brush-On Bed Liner Kit will help you to establish an easy installation with long-lasting effect. You receive everything you need to get started but, it does lack UV-resistance, which may cause problems in the lining fading over time. And the quality of the brush included could be better.

2. U-POL Black Urethane Bedliner Kit

Do you own an old cab and want to bring some new life into the truck bed? Then, You need the U-POL spray-in bed liner kit. It has a genius setup with easy to follow instructions. Using this liner is simple and all it takes to mix enough hardener and paint and shake it up. Attach it to the gun and start painting.

You will get an impressive coverage using only a liter of spray and have enough for a second layer as well. But, the U-POL spray-in bed liner kit does not come cheap tag. You can look beyond the price as it offers you exceptional value for your money.

Features and Benefits:

  • The kit comprises four 750ml black truck bed liner paint, one liter of Raptor hardener, with an application gun. For the cost, this is cost effective as the spray gun alone is expensive.
  • The bottles of bed liner are enough to provide a consistent spray and lasts long. Moreover, the substance is tintable to customize the truck bed.
  • You can also roll it on or brush it on if preferred. All you need to do is add the hardener, shake it, and spray.
  • The spray-on pain has a UV-resistant protection and prevents fading.
  • It serves as a sound and vibration deadening feature.

Following proper instructions, you can achieve a great coverage using only one liter of the U-POL Black Urethane Bedliner Kit. The gun is easy to handle and works well with an 8-gallon compressor and dries quickly in an hour.

3. Linerxtreeme Bedliner Kit Review

We know, choosing the best spray on bedliner is crucial for you, especially, if you plan to do it yourself. Luckily, Linerextreeme also knows this and have made a spray-in bedliner kit that includes everything you need to get started. Using the product on a short bed will give you up to 90% coverage on the bed floor, tailgate, and three coats on the front panel.

In additional to that, you can use it with a hopper gun to make sure you cover everything as you might end up with an overspray. Once the process is done, It looks not only aesthetically pleasing but also, promises to keep the truck bed looking great for years.


Features and Benefits:

  • You receive a 3-gallon black bedliner with a free spray gun. For the price, this is amazing and makes your job easier.
  • The included spray-on bedliner is enough to cover up to 100 sq ft. You will not have to run to the local hardware shop on the halfway of painting.
  • It offers you an UV-resistant hardwearing texture. So, the bed liner will not fade out quickly.
  • You will also receive two reducer cans.

Keep one thing in your mind while using the Linerxtreeme spray-in bedliner, you have to use it outdoor or in a well-ventilated area as it creates a huge overspray. You receive the half of the kit rationally mixed at a time, which will make your half of work done.

4. Custom Shop Spray-on Truck Bed Liner Kit

The Custom Shop Spray-on Truck Bed Liner Kit has a polyurethane compound with 2.1 VOC 2K protective coating. It takes an important thing ‘measuring’ into consideration. Before starting the lining process with custom spray all you need to do is, add the hardener to the required line and mix.

You receive a gun to make your job simpler, but do not over tighten and make sure to clean it after using two liters. The great parts of this liner are – this is user-friendly and you can use it on metal, fiberglass, concrete, wood and more.


Features and Benefits:

  • You will get four 750ml black truck bed liner base, one-liter custom coat hardener, and an application gun. The hardware is superb compared to its price. Nevertheless, they compromise on the quality.
  • With this bedliner, you can decide which color you want to make your truck bed.
  • You also can apply it as a roll-on or brush on method.

Custom Shop is an excellent product that is easy to apply and looks like as a factory sprayed liner. Once you scuff up the bed well the application goes on smoothly. Always make sure to wear your respirator and gloves while using the compound as it has a strong smell.

The formula will mix well and the spray gun is easy to operate. And the texture conceals overlaps and seams well. To give your pickup a professional look and keep it protected you will not be disappointed with the Custom Shop Kit.

5. Al’s Liner Review

Whether you need to apply a spray-on truck bed liner or need to waterproof a corrugated steel roof this product can help you out. The substance is tough and sets up fast to give you an acceptable finish. You can apply it by hand or spray it. For simplicity, the Al’s Liner receives excellent feedbacks from different consumers.


Features and Benefits:

  • The kit comprises three-part polyurethane blend made up of the primer, tinting, and mixing paddle. The liner is re-mixed for you to save your time and money.
  • You can choose your tinting color to include with your purchase. The available colors are black, gray, tan, blue and more. This allows you to decide which color your truck bed should be. Cool, huh?
  • You receive a one-gallon spray-in bed liner solution to cover a wide area. You will not come short and can get your pickup protected without any hassle.

The problem you may face using it is that you need to hurry to get a satisfactory result while applying it. It’s PITA makes it harden fast. You can buy Al’s Liner at an affordable price and it is effortless to apply.

6. T-Rex Bed Liner Review

Do you want to change your bed liner protector and want something that will last for years? Go for the T-Rex Black Bed Liner to add protection and get an appealing look. The product has UV blocking qualities with a fast drying effect. This chemical resistant liner is also nice for those trucks that transport hazardous material.


Features and Benefits:

  • The bed liner components are pre-mixed. All you have to to do is follow instructions by adding the hardener, shake it, and spray on.
  • With this budget-friendly spray on liner you receive four plastic quart bottles with black bed liner, SMR-222 activator, and a mixing cup. This pack is enough to get the job done to get your pickup protected.
  • The 2K urethane is fast drying and UV light protected just like the other popular liners. This saves you time and provides an ultra-durable bond to keep your vehicle’s value up to the mark.
  • It only takes up to two minutes before you need to reapply another coat. This is super quick and saves you time.

For the budget conscious using the T-Rex bed liners would be ideal. The product is user-friendly, resists abrasion, and stains with prolonged use. The compounds not as popular as other bedliners available in the market yet promises great quality.

T-Rex is one of the best black bed liner products you can buy and has a user-friendly design. Are you budget-conscious, then the price will fall right into your plans. You know how expensive a professional spray-on bedliner can be. Furthermore, the material can resist abrasion and stains but flows out easily, so do take care when using. What makes it more enticing is the adjustable pressure gun included.

7. U-POL Spray Coating Bed Liner Review

Whether you need a protective coating on the truck bed or in need of repairing rust spots, the U-POL spray is ideal. The spray is a catalyzed urethane substance which can be used as a self-etching primer.

Once it is applied properly, you can load logs, bricks, and more without scratching the truck bed. The coverage protects truck beds from abrasion, stains, and comprises UV-resistant formulation. The material is waterproof and flexible to use on any surface.

Features and Benefits:

  • You receive a fantastic spray-on bedliner kit with four by 250z bed liner base, one spray gun, and one-liter hardener with instructions. The supplies provide excellent for the price and easy to use.
  • The applications simple to use and pre-mixed for the correct treatment. For saving time everything, you get only needs mixing and saves time.
  • The spray has a reasonable price. With everything included you save money and it covers an 8 ft bed.

If you have never used a spray-on liner kit, the U-Pol makes it simpler for you. The only thing is that you will need good lighting for spotting blemishes after the first coat. The matter comes out slowly and gives you enough time to focus and shoot. One major downside is the bottle needs a clearer indication to fill up.

8. U-POL Raptor Spray-on Liner Kit Review

Prepping the surface of the truck bed is time-consuming and even taping off the windows is a pain. However, if you buy the Raptor Spray-on Liner Kit this task becomes simpler as it sprays on evenly.

You might need up to 12 bottles to do the entire truck. It works great with a compressor. Additionally, this liner is a budget-friendly one.


Features and Benefits:

  • All the essential products need to provide the truck bed with protections included. You receive the tint, bed liner base, hardener, and spray gun – what more can one ask for at this price point.
  • The compound consists of 2.1 VOC 2K urethane. What does this mean for you practically– it means the liners UV protected and will not fade quickly.
  • The material offers you versatility with polyurethane substance.
  • You receive 6 liters of substance that is enough to spray a big truck bed.

This bedliner model from U-POL works well with a 6-gallon compressor. The only downside is that you do not receive the spray gun attachment. By spending a couple of dollars extra you can purchase the female connection to use the spray.

Once the job is done, You will be amazed by the end results. The compound gets rock hard to protect truck beds and keeps it looking great for years.

9. Dupli-Color Truck Bed Liner Kit Review

The Dupli-Color DIY Truck Bed Liner deserves a round 100% trust when it comes to user-friendliness. This truck bed liner has a low odor and you can wash it with soapy water before the drying process.

The great thing about this product is that you can use it to waterproof your truck bed and you can use it on your golf cart floor. Are you an avid golf player? Then you know how worn out the rubber mat can become with dirt and water. Using this matter will help improve its look and you might even start a new craze at the golf course.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Dupli-Color Bed Armor is a water-based polyurethane rubberized coating you can use on different surfaces. For protecting the truck bed, this is beneficial as it does not allow moisture to seep through and does not fade in the sun.
  • The roll-on bed liner from Dupli-Color is the only product that has DuPont Kevlar in it. That makes it prevent the coating from fading, cracking, or chipping.
  • You will get the Armor Bed 1-gallon coating, a roller cover & frame, trim brush, roller tray, stir stick, scuff pad, and instruction booklet. With the systematic instructions and material, you can quickly get your truck bed looking in tip-top shape and protected.

The important thing to note on Dupli-Color DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit is that the first coat goes on lightly with a roller and the brush works well in tight spots. After the 1st coat, you can apply the 2nd and 3rd with a brush easily and remember to use long straight strokes. To achieve the best results it is best to use a spray gun than rolling it on.

10. Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating Spray Review

Now if you need a little magic in a can for spraying your pickup truck bed buy the Rust-Oleum Coating Spray. The product is great to use as a spray paint protection. Rust-Oleum can give a trailer a great top coat.

This one is also great to fix dings and chips in your current bed liner as well. For protecting your truck from corrosion, road noise, and scratches, the Rust-Oleum is ideal to use.

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Features and Benefits:

  • It comes with a 15 oz spray can fill (which is pre-mixed). With the spray can, you can quickly take care of rust, scratches, or cover the entire truck bed. You may require more than one can to do a complete spray-on bed liner.
  • The spray cans are helpful to fix chips and dings in your original bed liner.
  • Its applications is that much simple and requires less time to fix corrosion issues in your truck.

The Rust-Oleum is a great truck bed coating spray for repairing damages. However, we would not recommend use it to cover the entire interior of the tub as it is not thick enough to use for this purpose. But there have been minor complaints that the aerosol spray head clogs up.

For tackling small jobs, the Rust-Oleum spray can work well, You will have to buy many of these cans to achieve the best results. Alternatively, you can look at the Rust-Oleum Automotive 32-ounce truck bed coating.

Before buying a DIY Spray-on Bedliner Kit

Before buying a DIY Spray-on Bedliner Kit

We know, it is difficult to choose the right spray-on bedliner. Here we have discussed the most significant aspects you should consider before buying a bed liner kit.

  • Make sure to read the product reviews – Try to know what other consumers are saying about the spray-on bed liner brand you plan to use. Feedbacks are essential and helpful. They make it easier for you to decide about the quality of the product before buying.
  • Does the package comes with eveything for DIY – the great thing is the spray-on bed liners we reviewed above, you can easily go through DIY process with them. Because, they have everything you need i.e. a brush, roller, or spray gun. Always make sure the manufacturer includes methodical information as well. You do not want to get stuck at halfway and realize you need more stuff for doing it youerself.
  • Is the product durable? – Here you need to make sure the bed liner sticks to the surface and creates durable layers. And, it must not fade within six months when exposed to heat and the sun. The truck bedliner must not crack or peel. You certainly do no want to with ending up wasting your money.
  • Choose the right color – before buying a spray-in bed liner kit, make sure about the color of your truck. On the other hand, always remember that the color can change after applying the first coat to your vehicle.
  • Determine the quantity you need – you do not want to start the spray-on process and realize you do not have enough bed liner to complete the job. Always keep in mind your truck’s bed size when going through the specs of a bedliner.

What is a Spray-on Bed Liner?

What is a Spray-on Bed Liner

Are you a truck owner or have you recently bought a pickup? Most likely somewhere along the line you have discussed using a spray-on bed liner with other truckers. However, if you are new to trucking and not sure what Spray-on Bed Liner is, we are here to clarify this for you.

Basically, it is a liquid made of polyurethane and applied on the surface of the pickup’s bed by using different methods. You can spray it on yet, you can apply it with a brush as well. The substance forms a protective shield to protect the truck bed from damage. The spray-on method is one of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Why do you need a Spray-on Bedliner?

Why do you need a Spray-on Bedliner
  • -Is choosing an aftermarket bed liner essential for your truck?

    -Yes, It is! If you want to protect the value of your pickup.

    A spray-in bed liner safeguards the truck bed from damage. You can purchase different types of bed liners for your truck, but the spray-on coating still works the best. Whether you do light or heavy hauling, there is always a risk of damage caused to the truck bed.
  • When you use a bed liner, it offers supreme protection and reduces maintenance costs. Further, it increases the longevity of the truck bed. Not only does it provide endurance, but also it prevents shifting of loads as the liners sprayed on the truck bed. Additionally, it does not accumulate moisture and it is completely airtight. The cool part is you can pick your tint to match your truck’s color.

Best DIY Spray-on Bed Liner Brands?

Best DIY Spray-on Bed Liner Brands

By now, you know that a spray-in bed liner keeps your truck bed protected from chemical spills, chips, dings, and more. The next question might be on your mind is what are the best brands for spray-on bed liners. You can purchase from different brands, but the following spray-on bed liners stand out from the rest, for some good reasons.

The Line-X offers unmatched protection for your pickup. Their produts are environmentally friendly and volatile organic compound free. You can choose your preffered color. This brand promises you a permanent bond without cracking, peeling or bubbling.

Custom Coat:
TCP Global Corporation is one of the key suppliers of Custom Coat bed liner and offers you 2K urethane coating to use on any surface. They present you with ultimate spray-on bedliner solutions; you can easily apply yourself with a spray gun. The liners are strong and durable to keep the truck bed corrosion free.

The T-Rex bed liners also come with 2K Urethane formulation and these are excellent to improve adhesion on any surface. For heavy loads, they work best as they prevent loads from moving around. If you go for T-Rex, you will get waterproof liners that are effortless to apply using a spray gun, brush, or roller.

For the best roll-on bed liner, they are number one. Herculiner is a trustworthy company that has been around more than two decades. You apply their spray-on bed liner kits in three steps and everything is included and pre-mixed for you. Its coating provides a durable covering that is skid-free. Thier products bond to anything and out there, they have loads of satisfied customers to prove it.

U-POL Raptor:
Here we have another world leader when it comes to the spray-on bed liners. Its awesome coating offers you superior performance and formulations. You can buy the product in a spray-on or roll-on version, and both provide the same protection for your truck bed to keep it sturdy for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this following FAQ section, we have answered some of the critical issues that concern most users.

You may receive a warranty on the product, but you will not get a guarantee on the work if a professional does not do it.

When doing up a spray-on bedliner service, the warranty only covers the application to original factory finish. The guarantee comes into effect with bubbling, cracking, and flaking. It does not include fading.

  • Which kind of bedliner works best to keep your truck bed protected?

This is a tricky question, as you need to scratch up your truck beds covering before applying the liner.

Furthermore, it depends on what type of loads you plan to move. Using spray-in liners prevents heavy loads from running around. Not only do the goods stay-in-place, but also it is easier to clean.

  • Will the spray-on bed liner protect the truck box?

Yes, it will. As it gives complete coverage for the truck box and gives you access to it.

  • Can a spray-in liner give your cargo protection?

The spray-on covering can provide you a hard yet slick service for your cargo to stand on. Depending on the thickness used, the goods will stay in place – but the road regulations stipulate a load to be kept secure in place with extra fixtures.

  • Will the truck bed liner need much maintenance?

When using spray-on truck bed liner, you get a UV protection to keep it protected from outdoor elements. All you need to do is wash the truck bed down to keep it clean. But, you will have to fix it when it does fade over time or eventually starts peeling with years of use.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use it for personal or commercial use you should take care of your truck regularly. Investing in the top-notch spray-on bedliner is a worthy investment as it protects your pickup from corrosion and dents.

If you are a chemical transport owner, then the spray-in liner is a mandatory thing to prevent damage to the truck bed. You can quickly spray the bed off with spillage, and it does not retain moisture. We hope that our 10 best sprays on bed liners reviewed here and the buying guide help you to find the best one for your truck bed.

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