Best Spark Plugs for Jeep Wrangler JK: Recommended for 2021

 If you own a Jeep, you surely want it to run like a lion. But, you may not know that the performance of your Jeep depends on the spark plug.

Yes, these simple-looking plugs play a vital role in the ignition system. It supplies the spark and creates an explosion that makes the engine generate power.

Spark plugs with any tiny little defect can cause you trouble hitting the road. So, when you're buying spark plugs, you've to consider a few crucial things.

On the other side, buying spark plugs from the market or any other online plots can be overwhelming. But don’t worry we have got your back.

Here, we will prefer you the best spark plugs for the jeep wrangler JK recommended for 2021. As these are the best in the business, you can choose undoubtedly anything from here that suits your engine and choice.

Best Spark Plugs for Jeep Wrangler JK 

Without a proper guide, you may fall into trouble finding the appropriate spark plugs. So, we made a little list for you. Hope our recommendation will help you out.

1. Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plug.

Double platinum spark plugs are known for their efficiency, extraordinary performance, and long-lasting life. Especially, when you're buying it from the Bosch brand, you’ll have more privileges.

Bosch is a multinational company that manufactures everything from home appliances to auto parts. And its one of the best-selling products is Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plug.

The Bosch double-platinum spark plugs provide extreme performance. It has an ultra-fine wire design that generates exceptional ignitability and procures stability.

It got a copper core laser welding that diminishes fueling and pre-ignition and gives long-lasting durability.

The spark plug also features a firing pin to decrease voltage regulation. And its copper core ground electrode operates better heat transfer. The spark plugs also offer replacement which is another decent privilege for the consumers.

Comparing to any other spark plug, its fine wire firing pin and ground electrode evolves it to deliver much better service. Buying the plugs, you’ll have 5 years warranty with satisfactory performance. And guess what, it is cheaper according to the other spark plugs.

Key Features:

• Provides 3 times extended service than other spark plugs.

• Delivers exceptional ignitability and outstanding performances.

• It has a 360° continuous laser welding that increases durability.

• Original equipment and replacement service.

• 5 years of warranty with decent service.

2. Champion Iridium 9407 Spark Plug.

Champion Iridium 9407 Spark Plug is able to perform under any type of engine. Its platinum ground and fine-wire iridium center electrode work satisfactorily to extend the durability of the plug.

Its exclusive heat-active alloy lets the electrodes reach optimal temperature rapidly. And it remains stable under every engine which is considered another level of its flexibility.

The Iridium 9407 Spark plugs provide the greatest engine performance with faster throttle response.

Its ignitability system is more decorated. It got a V-trimmed ground electrode that focuses on sharper spark. And the focused sharper spark gains maximum power.

Overall, it’s a good product not only for the jeep but also for other vehicles like Mitsubishi, Dodge, Honda, Chrystal, Jeep, Porsche, etc.

Key Features:

• Premium Spark Plug provides maximum performance.

• Iridium center electrodes extend the stability.

• V-trimmed ground electrode and fine wire central electrode perform a great sharper spark and ignition system.

• The V-trimmed ground electrode evolves a sharp spark which increases maximum power.

• It has excellent features for controlling temperature.

3. E3.58 Automotive Spark Plug

E3.58 Automotive Spark Plug comes with the latest E3 technology. It operates the engine much fluently. The E3 Spark plugs can deliver maximum horsepower during every procedure.

It reduces emissions and burns fuel adequately compared to other spark plugs. Specifically talking, E3 Spark plugs offer 12% better performance and ample engine power than other conventional spark plugs.

Also, the E3 Spark company produces the DIAMONDFIRE technology. The patented DIAMONDFIRE ground electrode design exceeds other plug designs.

E3 DIAMONDFIRE ground electrode technology helps to develop a plasma channel through which the spark current processes more effortlessly. 

This assists the multiple-edge configuration to exceed all other spark plug designs that are available in the market. Including several premium offerings from the leading factories, this one is far way better.

It gets the combustion process earlier in the combustion chamber. And the faster burn nourishes an optimum spark that boosts the engine life. Lastly, we can say, It’s a money-saving product with fuel efficiency which you definitely should consider buying.

Key features:

• Provides 12% more power than other conventional plugs.

• It features a faster flame kernel to increase fuel efficiency.

• It has a DIAMONDFIRE technology that operates everything fluently.

• One level better open ground electrode design.

• It has forward safety into the spark area.

• It reduces emissions and burns fuel completely.

4. NGK V-Power Spark Plug

The NGK V-power spark plugs are the only ones in the market with a V-groove electrode. Developing the V-power NGK spark plugs fills the requirements with lower sparking voltage. Providing more comprehensive combustion, the plugs not only create more power but also reduce emissions.

This stuff is approved by the original equipment manufacturer and it’s an upgraded spark plug in this era.

The plugs are having a concave ground electrode and V-groove center electrode and to increase the ignitability. For the flame expansion, this V-groove center electrode also allowed more space as required.

These upgraded plugs have anti-seizing and anti-corrosion features for smooth performance. The product increases engine efficiency.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Having it in your jeep you won’t have any trouble running the engine.

It has the triple-gasket sealing process while others have only two seals. This feature extracts the possibilities of combustion gas leakage.

With less firing voltage it produces a more powerful spark. Corrugated ribs discard the flashover. Hence, it diminishes the chances of engine damage and misfiring in damp environments.

Altogether, you’ll be safe and sound, running your jeep spectacularly and having a good time if you buy this stuff.

Key Features:

• Original Equipment Manufacturer approved V-groove design.

• Triple gasket sealing system.

• Solid copper core than other manufacturers.

• The V-groove ground electrode allows the spark to ignite the mixture nicely.

Easy removal and installation system.

5. NGK 9723 Spark plugs.

NGK 9723 is the perfect combination of performance and durability. It is half a dozen times better than platinum plugs. It provides the toughest ignitability and long life.

Buying the NGK products, you’ll have proper performance and an appropriate time guarantee. They feature iridium center electrodes to provide exceptional ignitability and longer service.

Using best plugs for jeep jk will regulate rapid acceleration, developed fuel efficiency, and lower emissions while approximately lasting 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

The NGK 9723 Spark plugs also feature cold-rolled threads and are built with corrugated ribs to prevent misfiring and damage to the cylinder head.

The NGK 9723 Spark plugs are completely safe from combustion gas. Because it has triple gasket sealing that performs as the protector.

The spark plugs also have an alumina silicate insulator that ensures the strength of the plugs and control the heat transfer for better performance.

The NGK brand built a milestone in the manufacturing industry. The brand always produces marvelous spark plugs with complementary products.

In the process, if you buy the NGK 9723 spark plugs, it will perform and gain your satisfaction with its outstanding performance.

Key Features:

• Designed to improve your engine’s performance.

• Engineered utilizing the best elements and material.

• Delivers sensible, hassle-free performance.

• Made in adherence to high business criteria.

• Prepared to accomplish and manufactured to endure longer.

Factors to consider while buying Best Spark Plugs for Jeep Wrangler JK? 

Buying technical products for amateurs like us is always troublesome. Specifically when you're buying spark plugs for your jeep. If you're not a pro in this, you certainly need some guides while buying spark plugs.

Here, we will discuss our thoughts about it. We've consulted a few things that should be considered before buying spark plugs. Let’s have a look.

  • Spark plugs materials: 

Taking a look around the material of the spark plugs is important. Most of the spark plugs have copper core electrodes.

A copper core electrode is a conductor that operates electricity and transfers heat faster. Yet, it is weak and has an inferior melting point. That’s why some standard manufacturers cover it with metal.

Platinum, iridium, and nickel alloy are the vastly used materials in spark plugs. To get the high voltage performance, you should consider one between platinum and iridium.

Using these metals also assists to decrease the misfire rate and expand the time between changing spark plugs.

  • Copper: 

A standard spark plug typically features nickel alloy copper core electrodes. Most of the critics suggest buying those plugs with copper outer materials.

Spark plugs with copper core electrodes normally run cooler than other ordinary plugs. And it provides more power and performs spectacularly in vital situations. So, when you're buying a spark plug, you should take a look at it.

  • Temperature: 

When it comes to the matter of spark plug, a hotter spark is perpetually good. What does a spark plug do?

It basically ignites the fuel, creates combustion, and generates power. And, in that case, a spark plug with hotter sparks is always a better choice.

However, nothing is good about excess. If the tip is too hot, it can result in pre-ignition or some damage. Yet again, if the spark is excessively cold, it may cause a loss of spark energy and shorting-out the current.

So, having a query at the temperature is also important.

  • Adjustable plug gaps: 

Most of the spark plugs have adjustable plug gaps while others have fixed space. But, the gap is important to run the system fluently. So, buying a spark plug with an adaptable plug gap is very important.

In any case, if your chosen plugs don’t feature that flexible space, you can check the manual whether the fixed gap is appropriate. If it doesn’t match the required gap, you should find another brand.

  • Platinum: 

Platinum is a much more powerful material than nickel alloy. This brand is also prominent in the business. It comes at a cheap rate too according to its quality. It stalls the erosion much longer than other traditional plugs. And longevity is the key thing for platinum.

Also, platinum spark plugs run a little hotter. It assists to burn spark fluently and obstruct fouling. As it runs the procedure fluently you should consider platinum spark plugs for your jeep wrangler.

  • Iridium: 

It is known that iridium is six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum. It has a 700° melting point and incredibly good electrodes. Comparable to platinum spark plugs, iridium can last 25% longer.

It features an exceptional electrode that increases firing efficiency and produces energy nicely. However, iridium spark plugs are highly expensive than platinum and copper.

So, if you want to have a high-standard product you have to count some extra penny. Simple as that.

When should I change my spark plugs Jeep Wrangler JK? 

Most of the cars require the replacement of spark plugs after 60k or 100k miles. According to the jeep wrangler JK, you should replace the spark plugs when you thought you drove almost nearly 100,000 miles.

According to time, you should change the spark plugs once a year. It will prevent potential damage and trouble. This time duration and miles digits can vary depending on the model of your jeep.

Some of the models of Jeep Wrangler required the replacement of spark plugs after 30,000 miles. At this, it will be better if you read the manual carefully. You can get the exact duration of changing spark plugs on the manual list.

Yet, there may appear some situations that may require you to change the spark plugs. Besides, the model of your jeep and spark plugs also can be the reason for changing spark plugs.

In the market, there are two kinds of spark plugs available. Conventional and long life. Conventional spark plugs are required to be replaced every 30,000-50,000 miles.

And the long-life spark plugs like iridium and platinum have to be changed between 60,000-1,00,000 miles.

Furthermore, some serious occurrences can happen to your jeep that might cause you to change the spark plugs. Let’s have a look at those incidents.

Misfiring: When the fuel, the oxygen, or the spark plugs doesn’t work, misfiring happens. If it is, your jeep won’t stop running. But the damage will be done. It will have a great influence on the performance of your jeep wrangler.

So, whenever it happens you’ll see a slump in your engine’s work. The cylinder will fire up in a precise order. The fuel economy will be reduced and the emissions will be enhanced. And whenever it happens, try to replace the spark plugs if the mechanics suggest.

Slow or no start: You may have fallen into some sort of a problem like this. While heading out for office or work, you may get irritated with your vehicle not getting started.

After 15/20 times of trying it may get started and you took a ride. But you might never think about the cause of it.

It happens when your wagon takes all his miles. It indicates the time of replacing spark plugs. So, whenever it happens, consider replacing your spark plugs after meeting the specialists.

Rough idling: Bad spark plugs are one of the causes of rough idling. When you start your engine it should run in a flow. But if you notice the gear breaking its rhythm, then there’s something to repair.

Rough idling happens for some reasons like dirty fuel injectors, bad spark plugs, jammed air filters, or some exhaust system issues. But the most probable cause is spark plugs. So, when you notice the idle of your engine being rough, give it a thought.

Higher fuel consumption: Driving too fast, pressing brakes abruptly, or accelerating carelessly can cause higher fuel consumption.

Yet there’s another reason that might affect fuel consumption. And it’s the spark plugs.

If you notice your fuel is drifting away in a short time, even after being so generous to your jeep, there may be some issue with the spark plugs. So, change it whenever it happens.

Rough running engine: Running engine roughly can be caused by spark plugs or spark plug wires.

Spark plugs use the electrical current to ignite the fuel mixture. But if a plug is damaged or installed incorrectly, the fuel will burn at an inconsistent rate. And if the damage is so bad, the engine will run roughly. You can easily notice that.

So, make the engine run nicely, change the spark plugs.

If any of the situations appear that written above, you should give a thought to changing those spark plugs.

Because replacement of the spark plugs not only assists you to get rid of these problems, but it will also give you some crucial privileges.

How often to change spark plugs jeep wrangler?

Every 1,00,000 miles is the basic mileage to change spark plugs. According to the duration of time, it is better to change the spark plug once a year.

Yet there are some issues with the conventional plugs and long-life plugs. Also, the model is your jeep requires a different answer.

Conventional plugs usually have to be changed every 30 miles. And, the platinum and iridium plugs can stay till 60,000 miles. A maximum of 1,00,000 miles is assumed perfect expiry for long-life spark plugs.

However, if some occurrences like a misfire, rough idle, trouble to start the engine consuming more gas than usual happens, you should consider changing the spark plugs immediately.

Normally, changing spark plugs once a year keeps your vehicle ideal. If it’s not possible because of money, then consider replacing it every 1,00,000 miles. To cross 1,00,000 miles you surely need two years.

But keep one thing in mind, keeping old spark plugs in your jeep can cost you more trouble. So, you better have a cautious eye on it. We highly recommend you buy platinum or iridium spark plugs. Those are the best spark plugs for jeep wrangler JK.

Changing spark plugs on a regular basis also gives you some convenience. It will improve fuel efficiency, and reduce harmful emissions.

Furthermore, the jeep will run smoothly, you’ll have a great time driving the jeep. And it will keep a consistent consumption system.

So, buying a good pair of spark plugs is not only an important task to do. Keep replacing the spark plugs is also handy for your jeep. As there are so many schemes for different models of jeep and plugs, it would be better if you follow the manual.

There will surely be some clear instructions on changing the spark plugs for your jeep. Some of the manufacturers fixed the spark plugs for their vehicles. It is also wise to stick with their manual.


Q: Which spark plugs are best for performance? 

A: If you're using the word ‘best’ you can look after the iridium spark plugs. It is the best amongst all the spark plugs on the market.

It provides high performance with durability. And, of course, it is known that iridium spark plugs last 25% times longer than platinum spark plugs.

Q: How much does it cost to replace spark plugs in a jeep wrangler?

A: Replacing spark plugs cost reasonably. Yet, it may sometimes cross your budget. The total cost of replacing spark plugs can be around 257$ to 300$. The parts are available at 200$. And the labor cost will make you count some extra bucks.

Q: Are NGK spark plugs better than champions?

A: The NGK spark plugs have some conventional features that make them better than the champion spark plugs.

So, yes, NGK spark plugs are better than Champions. If you are talking about NGK iridium spark plugs, there shouldn't be any comparison between these two.


Having a steady jeep that runs smoothly is always great. An unstable vehicle always makes us feel irritated and insulted. Also, when it comes to a hurrying, on-the-go situation, it depresses us if somehow the engine stops working or takes too much time to get started.

To avoid all those annoying situations, we just need to follow some basics. One of them is to choose the best spark plugs for your jeep. And keep replacing them on time.

In the upper part of this article, we have mentioned some of the leading stuff of spark plugs on the market. If you choose any of them for your vehicle to get better performance.

Also, we have discussed some major issues with spark plugs. We hope you will benefit from this article and have a good time with your vehicle. And, another thing that needs to be remembered is, the more generous you’ll be to your jeep, the more accomplishment you’ll get from her.

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