Best Oil Extractor: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended!)

Every car owner should have the best oil extractor because it has many benefits. It will help to keep your car in a sound condition always.

Also, it will reduce the number of times you visit the car garages, thereby cutting maintenance costs down. With the best oil extractor pump, you can handle DIY projects on oil extraction.

But you know what, oil extractors are not only for car owners. If you have a lawnmower or drives a truck, you still need this great tool.

Every engine that uses oil works better after draining and replacement. So, it’s time to invest in one of the brands out there because it'll make such tasks easy

But how do you get the best one amongst the millions? That’s the essence of this review. We’re introducing the best twelve oil extractors in the industry today. Check them out!

What Is An Oil Extractor

What Is An Oil

Oil extractors are a simple and effective tool used in extracting different kinds of oils from an engine. The application ranges from engine oils, Gear Oil, Break fluids, Power Steering Oil coolants, and others.

These machines are widely used in the automotive industries. However, individuals can also use it. It offers a very convenient and secure way of extracting oil from your vehicle. You don't have to go under the car with dirty clothes any more.

Also, you don't have to pay a specialist to extract oil away from your vehicle. Oil extractor uses airflow and vacuum power to extract oil quickly away from your car.

So if you love to extract oil yourself or you are tired of paying a technician to change your vehicle oil, then you can buy these affordable and handy tools. They can save you money and time.

Top 12 Best Oil Extractor Reviews

Top 12 Best Oil Extractor Reviews

1. Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor

Here is an efficient and reliable oil extractor to consider. The reservoir can contain up to 6 liters of fluid to ensure quick and continuous extraction.

It is manually powered, but once you pump it fifteen or twenty times, you can create lots of vacuum suction. The impressive thing about this brand is that you can pump it and leave it to work.

We love the removable design of the pump. It helps to promote easy storage, especially for people who don't have enough space.

Also, this particular oil extractor features a pour spout. Instead of struggling to drain the reservoir of fluid after the operation, this features simplifies it.

It is safe to mention that the Hydro-Turf oil extractor is versatile. You can use it to drain oil from cars, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, ATVs, boats, and motorcycles.

Also, you can use it anywhere without power. But if you want to make the most out of this brand, don't pump it too fast.

Highlighted Features

  • There is a pour spout to drain oil from the reservoir after extraction
  • The compact design promotes easy handling
  • This pump is removable for simple storage
  • It is versatile to extract oil from many engines
  • The tank capacity is 6 liters for efficient operation.

2. OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Extractor

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This is one of those safe machines you can use without worries. So, if you’re all for safety first, this particular brand is the right fit for you.

Many brands out there failed to recognize the importance of a shut-off valve, but OEMTOOLS offers it. You can work without fear of oil spillage which can cause harm to some sensitive parts of your body.

The reservoir is wide enough for draining fluid from multiple engines. It offers a 5.3 capacity which is suitable for personal or home use. You get to enjoy the low rate of spillage due to the single-piece design of this brand.

There is also the five feet flex hose that allows for smooth operation and the two dipstick adapters which promote efficiency.

This particular oil extractor is versatile since you can use it to extract oil, drain fluid, and others such as the low viscosity coolant and water.

Other impressive things about this fluid extractor are the handle and the bottom. The handle is wide enough to accommodate the grips of any user. Also, the bottom of the reservoir is leak-proof to ensure the durability of your machine.

Highlighted Features

  • This extractor features a 5.3 oil reservoir
  • The handle is large to promote user’s comfort
  • It offers a single-piece structure with a leak-proof bottom.
  • There is a shut-off valve to prevent overflow
  • This brand is versatile to extract all kinds of fluids
  • Two diptick adapter and 5-feet flex hose facilitate ease of use.

3. Briggs & Stratton 5430K Oil Extractor Pump

If you need an easy-to-use extractor for small machines, this is a perfect fit. It is simple but works better than the traditional method of draining the oil off your engine. Many mowers can testify that this brand is an excellent alternative than tilting the mowers.

One thing we love about this Briggs & Stratton extractor is that it is easy to set up and anybody can use it.

There's nothing complicated with the pump. Also, it offers a spill-free experience because its thin tube is a perfect fit for the mowers tube.

Once you assemble the extractor and heat your mower for five minutes, it will take but one minute to extract all the oil out of the machine.

Highlighted Features

  • This extractor holds 44 oz of drained oil
  • The setup is straightforward
  • The thin tube fits perfectly to mowers tube
  • It ensures a spill-free experience
  • The extractor works excellent for small engines.

4. 12V Transfer Pump Extractor Oil Fluid Diesel Electric Siphon Car Motorbike

This brand is suitable for home or personal use since the capacity is little. It offers a 5-liter reservoir, and we love the compact size.

For people who move about with their oil extractor, this 12V pump brand can serve them correctly. Also, due to the small size, you can store this oil extractor in any available space.

This machine is powerful to handle every type of equipment with its pressure and flow rate. It features a maximum pressure of 0.8 MPA and a flow rate of five liters in a minute..

We love the versatility of this brand. It can drain fluid from every equipment, including chemical equipment, shipbuilding, medical equipment, floor and carpet cleaning, water treatment equipment, etc.

Also, the cable length is impressive at 30cmto ensure user’s comfort while operating. At least it can reach as far as necessary to drain fluid out of your machine.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this oil extractor is that it operates with electrical power. So, no need to stress yourself pumping away to start it off.

Highlighted Features

  • This brand offers a 5-liter reservoir for home use
  • There is the long cable of 30 cm to ensure ease of use and zero mess
  • It comes in a compact design to ensure secure handling, gripping and storage
  • You can use this versatile oil extractor brand in different application since it’s versatile
  • This brand offers a flow rate of 5L/min, and the voltage is 12 volts of direct current.

5. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

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One thing you’ll enjoy about this particular brand is that it operates efficiently and doesn’t make a mess. The reservoir is very suitable for most fluid draining needs, and that's not all. There is a flow valve that controls the flow of oil into the reservoir.

Once it gets to 8 liters, the machine shuts off, and the user can empty it and start again. This is applicable to heavy-duty draining and not necessarily for small tasks.

One of the materials that ensure the durability of the best oil extractor is the polyethylene used in making the reservoir.

Many brands use plastics, but this mityvac brand used durable material. So, you can be sure of longevity while using your extractor since it cannot corrode or rust.

Other impressive aspects worth mentioning is that this machine is versatile. You can use it to extract every kind of fluid in a very neat operation.

Also, it comes with complete features which users expect from an extractor. So, you can rest assured that this device will outperform many in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • This brand features an 8.8 liters reservoir capacity
  • The material for the reservoir is the durable polyethylene material
  • Automatic shut-off flow valve prevents overfilling
  • It comes with dipstick tubes and evacuation tube
  • Offers an efficient and clean extraction process

6. Air Power America 5060TS Fluid Extractor

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This is a manual brand that can offer a smooth and efficient oil extraction experience for all kinds of engines.

You don't need to search for an electricity source to power it. Once you pump it for maybe 40 times, it will create the appropriate vacuum for every kind of operation. Yes, you can use it to extract oil from both small and large vehicles.

The container is large to accommodate the oil from all those big vehicles. You can also use it for your generators, garden and lawn tractors, ATVs, lawnmowers, outboard motors, etc. Moreover, the portable size of this brand makes it easy to store in any space.

To say that this machine is efficient and fast is an understatement. Maybe you can say that it requires longer strokes to create a vacuum, but within ten minutes, you've completed the tasks. Well that's for large tanks, but for small units, you'll spend less time in the process

Amongst the complete features, there's also a suction probe and clear instructions on how to use the machine. You can operate this brand with ease since it ensures a spill-free oil extraction for every type of engine.

Highlighted Features

  • There's an 8-quart capacity container
  • A dipstick tube ensures quick performance
  • Uses vacuum pressure to extract oil
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Offers a stable base to prevent spills

7. Qiilu 12V 60W Fluid Extractor pump

Here is a winner when it comes to efficiency, versatility, durability, and peak performance. This extractor facilitates a quick clean experience for users.

Using this machine is not tasking at all. Once you connect its power clamps to your car battery, this product fires up to start extracting.

Another noteworthy aspect is that this particular product is versatile. You can use it to extract oil from every kind of engine.

It works well for cars, motorcycles, quads, vans and any 12v vehicle. This brand also features an on/off switch to control its usage.

With a single press of the button, you're sure of satisfying performance. Also, customer service is usually available online in case you have questions, inquiries, and complaints. Moreover, Qiilu 12V extractor offers a one-year warranty for its users.

Highlighted Features

  • On/off switch controls usage efficiency
  • There’s a dipstick bore for oil extraction
  • Power clamps fit on a car battery to draw power for operation
  • The machine works well for 12v vehicles
  • Extracts diesel, and other fluids but not petrol.
  • One year warranty for users
  • 24 hours online customer service

8. Pneumatic/Manual Fluid Extractor From EWK

41s7MqEtMZL. SL500

This is a unique brand, indeed with extra features for many functionalities. You can’t experience any disappointment during your extraction DIY with this EWK fluid extractor.

You can say goodbye to your jacks whenever you want to extract oil. Also, you don’t need to taste the sand or suffocate under your vehicle anymore. This machine offers adequate features to handle that.

We love the fact that you have two options when it comes to using the oil extractor. You can use the pneumatic mode when the time is not on your side.

But when there's no source of power, you can easily use the manual mode. The best part is that you don't need to provide additional equipment to make it work.

Sometimes people complain that their extractor didn't get the fluids all out. Select this brand and avoid such complaints. It offers two extension hoses that ensure the extraction of every drop of oil from your engine.

Due to the nature of its design, you can use this machine indoors and outdoors. When there's electricity, you can work faster, but when there's none, you can still change the oil of your lawnmowers, boats or marines.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two extension hoses to ensure thorough extraction
  • Pneumatic and Manual options to provide versatility
  • 5 minutes extraction for 4-cylinder car using pneumatic mode
  • Eliminates the use of Jack during an oil change
  • Works for both outdoor and indoor engines
  • 6.5-liter container facilitates quick and efficient performance.

9. EWK 15L Pneumatic Manual Fluid Extractor

So have you been worried that the capacities above can't handle your extracting requirements, here is the game-changer?

This particular brand comes with a 15-liter reservoir capacity to ensure a continuous and efficient experience for draining and changing.

For people who use heavy-duty engines, we believe that this particular product will serve you accurately. Also, if you run an auto shop, you can handle two cars oil extractions without stopping.

There is also the double option for the pneumatic or manual mode available in this best oil extractor for cars. When you want to enjoy speed and save time, use the pneumatic mode, but other times, the manual mode can serve too.

In just 5 minutes, you can remove the last drop of oil from a 4-cylinder car at the pneumatic option.

This model from EWK also offers the two hoses that suck oil in the reservoir. Also, there's a brake bleeding hose that transforms this brand into a brake bleeder.

So, it just doesn't work as an extractor but serves other purposes too. The best part is that you can avoid the mess by using this particular model since it offers a larger capacity.

Highlighted Features

  • 15 liters tank capacity ensures efficiency
  • Pneumatic and manual mode for various situations
  • Offers 1.6/min extraction speed
  • Transforms into a brake bleeder using the bleeding hose
  • Two extension hose to ensure thorough extraction

10. Performance Tool W54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump

41uPOvN7mgL. SL500

Many people hate cumbersome machines that add stress to them during use. Well, this brand promises a stress-free experience due to its compact design. Apart from the portability feature, it weighs little and also simplifies the oil extraction process.

Yes, the reservoir is not large, but it can remove three quarts of fluid every minute. With that, you can use it for motorcycles, cars, boats, RVs, etc.

At least, you don’t need to pump for vacuum since it uses 12v 5 amperage direct current to operate.

Another kudos for this portable oil extractor is that you can take it anywhere and also utilize whatever space you have to store it. So, what it lost in capacity, it makes up in ease of use.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 1400 RPM in speed
  • Ensures easy use due to its simple design.'
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • 3 quarts oil removal capacity per minute
  • Long dipstick ensures efficiency

11. Extol 6-Liter Oil Extractor With Vacuum Gauge

If you want to remove old oil quickly and neatly, this brand can ensure such a stress-free operation. The 6 liter capacity promises a continuous extraction to quicken the whole process.

Many users often complain that they had to stop mid-operation to empty the extractor, but you can say goodbye to such a tiring experience.

A noteworthy feature is the vacuum gauge. It monitors the gauge of the reservoir and helps users know when to pump or stop.

For instance, once the gauge points to "Low," you pump the machine handle to enable oil flow into its reservoir. Also, whenever it enters the "Good" area, it indicates that you should stop pumping.

We noticed that the pump travel is longer than most extractors in the market. This particular feature shortens the number of pumps necessary to start up the oil flow into the machine.

Also, you will appreciate the flip-down foot pedal that facilitates usage. Moreover, this is a brand that ensures a no-leak oil extraction.

Highlighted Features

  • It offers a 6-liter extraction capacity
  • The pump is lengthy to reduce the number of pumps
  • Pour spout facilitates easy emptying after extraction
  • Sealed tube holder and Foot pedal simplifies the process
  • Suction gauge guides users during operation.

12. YaeTex 12V Motor Extractor Pump

511dCuLDSWL. SL500

We have another winner here in simplicity and compact design. Don’t look at the simple design but applaud the ease of use.

Moreover, this product is exclusively for car owners or those who use motor oil to run other engines. You can’t use it for petrol, paraffin or fuel.

This particular product is lightweight to ensure comfortable and straightforward use. You can also commend the secure storage it offers with the compact design. You can use it to extract oil and also use it to transfer oil.

However, avoid pumping other en-flammable liquids to prevent an explosion.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a pressure level of 70dB(A)
  • Works efficiently for motor oil
  • 12 V/5 Amperage DC motor
  • Perfect for oil changes
  • Works excellent for lawn tractors and mowers.

Best Oil Extractor Pump Buying Guide

Best Oil Extractor Pump Buying Guide

There are many oil extractors in the market today with excessive hype for excellent performance and high quality.

Every manufacturer claims their product is the best but we know what matters. So, before selecting any brand, considers some of these points seriously.

  • The size and quality of the Reservoir

Oil Extractor The size and quality of the Reservoir

If you want to avoid mess and ensure efficiency, you need a large-sized extractor reservoir. This capacity will ensure that you drain the tank without stopping until the last drop. Many brands out there features 1.5 liters, but you can still get a 95-liter tank. So, take your time to search for it.

Another important aspect is the quality of the tank. This is an enclosure where you fill a hazardous fluid. So, ensure that it doesn't corrode by getting a tank from a durable material. Check for brands that constructed the tank with polyethylene material.

  • Consider the safety features

Oil Extractor Consider the safety features

The fluids you're extracting are harmful. So, it shouldn't touch your sensitive body parts such as the eyes, mouth, skin, nose, etc. Therefore, look for safety features and ensure they’re available before you pick any oil extractor at all.

Some of those functionalities that promote safety include the automatic shut off valve and the suction pipes. 

While the valves will prevent overfilling, the pipes will ensure efficiency. Make sure the suction pipes are lengthy so they can reach far and also prevent spillage while the machine is operating.

  • Ensure your convenience

Oil Extractor Ensure your convenience

You chose to buy an oil extractor because you want an easy and quick operation. So, you should always consider if the brand you’re picking can ensure that you work without issues. For instance, the handle of the extractor must feature an ergonomic design to ensure an easy grip and maneuverability.

Also, there must be long extraction and multiple extraction tubes to enable fast and stress-free operation. If these features are lacking, you will not achieve your goal conveniently. So, look carefully.

  • Suitability


There are many types of oil extractors in the industry today. You can’t buy any type without ensuring that it will suit your purpose.

For instance, there is the manual, pneumatic, and electrical. The manual fluid extractor requires your efforts in pumping them to create an adequate vacuum for suction. 

Moreover, the machines are not suitable for frequent use because you may not have the strength to pump every time. So, if you’re a one-off user or once a while user, the manual brands are suitable for you.

The pneumatic on the other allows for manual pumping and electrical usage. You usually can power these brands electrically, but you'll have to consider the manual option as a backup when the compressors fail.

Lastly, the electrical extractors operate well if you connect them to your car battery. So, they're suitable if you're always on the road and may likely need to change your car oil in places where there are no power sources nearby.

So, it all depends on you, but we recommend the pneumatic if you're a frequent user.

  • Portability


If you're buying the oil extractor for home/personal use, it's better to go for the compact sizes. You don't need the big weights or the large sizes to enable easy use. You can carry your extractor anywhere when it is lightweight.

However, if you're operating an auto shop, you're likely to station it in a permanent position. So, go for the higher and larger capacity no matter their weight. At least you are not going to move it around, so the weight doesn’t matter.

Consider these points carefully so you can go home smiling with the best electric oil extractor.

How Does an Oil Extractor Work?

How Does an Oil Extractor Work

Oil extractors can be used to extract oil for vehicles and motors easily. For vehicles, they are most suited for cars that have oil filter located at the top of the engine such as Mercedes and BMW, and they require no expert knowledge to use.

However, they still work very well for vehicles that have oil filter located at the base of the engine. But in this case, you have to jack the car and go underneath in other to remove the oil filter before extraction.

An oil extractor would save you the stress of having to unscrew hard drain plug bolts or going underneath a vehicle and getting your body and clothes stained.

Oil extractors are not just used on vehicles alone; they are also used on outboard motor and power equipment's to extract motor oils, transmission fluids, and other forms of fluids. Professional mechanics, automotive industries, and individuals use these items are used by for ease/convenience.

Oil extractors are straightforward and very easy to use. They work using the principles of air and Vacuum power to extract oil away from vehicles.

They come with shut off features which ensure that once the reservoir is filled up the extractor automatically shuts off in other to avoid spilling oil all over and creating a mess.

It is vital to get an extractor that comes with a big reservoir which can accommodate the entire oil in your vehicle or motor.

For vehicle engine oil extraction, you have to remove the oil filter either from the top or bottom of the engine. And then you insert the drain plug and move the handle of the extractor up and down for it to create a vacuum for manual extractors. For electric extractors, you do not have to move the handle up or down.

The vacuum would pull the oil out through a dip stick or fill hole into a reservoir via a narrow tubing. And then you can empty it after the process is complete.

Oil extractors come in different types; manual, electric-powered or a Venturi powered by an air compressor. After extracting you insert the rubber stopper into the extractor, and then you take the extractor container to an auto part for recycling, or you empty it somewhere.

Before using an oil extractor, you should warm up the car. This would ensure that particulate matter inside the engine would be extracted. If the vehicle is not warmed up, then it is possible for the residue at the base of the engine to remain.

Before carrying out oil extraction, you should keep a rag nearby for little cleaning because some oil would drip out from the tubing when you remove it from the dipstick opening. You should also not allow the oil to drip on your vehicle's finish.

Do not forget the records of your last oil change and when you need to change it again. You can set reminders or mark them on calendars.

If your vehicle comes with a maintenance minder, then you should reset it so that it reminds you the next time you need to replace your vehicle engine oil.

How to Clean an Oil Extractor?

How to Clean an Oil Extractor

With most of the oil extractor, you can easily pour out the extracted oil into a recycling container easily. When you are done extracting, you should sit the extractor on an object that can allow you to place a container or jug under the drain valve.

Then you open the drain valve for the oil to flow into your recycling container. Some oil extractor does not have a drain valve. So you should look for any other openings that can enable you to pour out the oil into a disposable jug or container.

The draining process can take some time to complete. However, if you want the process to be very fast, then connect the air hose to the oil extractor and also to the output side of the extractor compressor.

After that, you apply a little pressure to the oil extractor, and the oil would rush out in a few seconds. After extracting the oil, you clean up the outer body and the insides of the machines

You should get a wet cloth and clean the external body of the oil extractor. Then run alcohol inside of the extractor and the hoses.

Hot water may be able to clean out oil. But it is possible for it not to dry off, thereby causing the oil to be emulsified, which is terrible for oil recycling. Alcohol can easily evaporate


Like we said at the beginning, using the best electric oil extractor pump can save you some time, cost and also reduce your stress. 

Many people who recently transitioned from the conventional extraction method to using these machines keep wondering why they wasted time in investing.

So, you too can enjoy the benefits of using an oil extractor to keep your engines running. We took our time to select the brands in this review.

They have different capacities, functionalities, and features. But one thing they all have in common is great efficiency and commendable performance in their capacities. So, you can choose the best one that suits you perfectly and say goodbye to stress.

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