Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers: Recommended and Guide for 2021

As humans need safety, your vehicle needs protection too.

If you own a Jeep, the necessary level of having a bumper goes higher. Using a vehicle without a bumper is considered to be illegal in most countries as well.

Therefore, you understand the need for bumpers in your jeep. Though there are many bumpers out there in the current market, chances are not all of them are suitable for your vehicle.

Don't worry. Here, we have reviewed the 6 best jeep wrangler bumpers in this guide and a potential buying guide for your convenience.

Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers Reviews

1. Nilight Front Bumper Compatible for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler

Wouldn't it be amazing if your bumper had an extra place for a fog light?

This Nilight bumper version introduces a fog lights hole to put a light there. You can easily install the lights in a specific place.

In case of an accident, this shield works immensely because it is designed with 5/32" steel and 2"x.120" steel tubing. Additionally, the bumper includes a hoop to protect the jeep from any harm.

To replace an old bumper with a new one can be hectic. This unit has factory bolts that don't require any modification or drilling. Hence, no worries about changing the bumpers anymore!

This one guarantees the longevity feature. The durability comes from 2 layered finishes that make this unit corrosion resistant.

The first coat is done with epoxy, and the second is from textured black powder, making it suitable for your jeep.

You may have to buy additional fog lights to use for this unit as this doesn't come with one. Anyhow, you don't have to install the lights manually.

Two tough D-ring are connected to two sides of the bumper. This will help to put your vehicle to safety in times of need.

Key features

• Created with 5/32" steel and 2"x.120" steel tubing

• Includes fog light hole

• Features 2 solid, 4.25 ton D-ring

• Finished with epoxy and black powder layers

2. OEDRO Off Road Rear Bumper

Here comes the bumper that is compatible with any version of the jeep wrangler from 2007-2018.

OEDRO bumper is designed with 5/32 inch steel materials with compatibility, making it one of the strongest bumpers in the market. It fully defends your jeep from any accident.

You can all agree a hitch is needed for adaptability to your vehicle. This unit includes a standard 2-inch receiver hitch for safer towing.

To protect the jeep from decay, it is finished with black powder. This finishing provides resistance power for the bumper.

This unit also includes an extra space mount where you can reserve a spare tire. The area of this mount is up to 35 inches! Drilling and cutting are not essential for the installation of this bumper.

This bumper enhances the look of your jeep by including the perfect design with special decors.

Two D-ring shackles on both sides just add a bonus to the protector. However, the D-ring doesn't come with rubber washers.

This one comes with the installation instructions so that you can easily replace the bumper. To help you install, 1 set of screws are included in the package as well.

Key Features

• Compatible with any jeep wrangler version from 2007-2018

• Includes a 2-inch trailer hitch

• Extra space mount of 35 inch

• Involves an installation instruction and a set of screws in the package

3. OEDRO Rear Bumper Combo Compatible for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

Want to go for a night drive but don't have the guts?

It's risky to drive a vehicle at night without headlights. Hence, this model from OEDRO has included 2 squared LED lights for a safe and sound night drive.

In any weather condition, this one will protect your jeep at any cost. Due to the feature of heavy-duty 2"x.120" strong tubing of 5/32" steel material, it acts as a shield in the sand, mud, and rain, etc.

The material feature also confirms the longevity of the protection. This unit is coated with premium quality black powder and a laser melting process. Thus, it is much easier to clean the bumper compared to other ones.

Speaking of comparison, this bumper also requires less money than other bumpers in the market. You're getting all the good features at a budget-friendly price.

The size of the bumper is quite small to have your huge tire in the spare place. If you have a larger than standard size tire, this might not be a good option.

The bumper fits any model ranging from the 2007-2018 version, including JK, Sahar, Unlimited, and Rubicon. The compatibility is ensured as well.

Key Features

• Includes 2 squared LED lights

• Finished with a superior level of black powder in a laser welding process

• Features heavy-duty 2"x.120" strong tubing material

• Fits in any 2007-2018 jeep wrangler models

4. Front Bumper W/Winch Plate & LED Lights D-rings for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

We opted for this particular model for its versatility.

To start with, this superb bumper features a Penton bolt-on build. This clever little built increases the durability and capability of your jeep.

Additionally, it will also make your vehicle look cool and turn your vehicle into a monster of a machine.

This model also includes a ¼" inch mounting bracket. The extra, thick brackets ensure extra strength to the bumper, and the bumper passes the torch to your jeep. The result is a super, strong vehicle front that is secured from almost anything.

The walls of the bumpers are reliable for protection against any form of obstacle. This is because the walls come from durable steel.

The walls are 2"x.120" in dimension and 72lbs in pounds guaranteeing safety to your vehicle like it's a cup of tea for it.

But, don't think that you are making a trade-off for guaranteed safety with visibility.

The bumper does not compromise your visibility as it comes with two categories of LED lights: 2 x 30W CREE LED work lights to enhance focus, and 2x40W CREE LED fog lights that penetrate through dense fog to give enhanced visibility at night.

Key Features:

• Features a Penton bolt-on build

• Made with 2"x.120" walls

• Two sets of different LED lights

• Includes a ¼" inch mounting brackets

5. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Front Bumper + Rear Bumper Combo

We love this model because it features a fantastic bumper combo – both front and rear. This unique combination guarantees comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

But that's not all. It includes two D-ring shackle mounts that have been carefully welded into the body of the bumper from both inside and outside. This fascinating innovation adds a level of strength to the bumper.

Additionally, these D-rings have a 4.75-ton capacity. The rear bumper features a hitch. Adding both results in a rough and tough, mean machine.

The build of the bumpers is also very impressive. The manufacturers used a 5/32" durable steel sheet with a 2''x0.120" steel tubing.

As a result, the manufacturers successfully made a hardcore bumper with incredible resistance and prolonged durability. Your jeep is in safe hands with these bumpers.

The manufacturing also includes a brilliant two-stage finishing. The first stage uses E-coat pre-coating that protects the materials from the inside, and the outside layer has been performed with premium textured black power.

The outside layer protects the body from any external danger, and the inside layer gives an added layer of protection to the bumper.

And the cherry on the top is the easy installation - only simple hand tools. Absolutely no need for drilling or cutting.

Key Features

• Includes both front and rear bumper

• Two D-ring shackle mounts with 4.75ton capacity

• Made from thick, durable steel sheet and steel tubing

• Easy installation

6. EAG Front Bumper with D-rings and Winch Plate

Last but not least, this amazing product from EAG. But, don't let its placement lead you to think otherwise.

Its fog lights are very powerful. Giving you clear and long-ranging visibility, the lights are there to guide you through any sort of visibility distortion quite well.

There is also an extra tab for fitting in extra lights so that you get extra visibility. There is nothing like extra safety, right?

The best thing about this model is its usability. For those fans of trekking off-road and looking for the appropriate bumper, this is the place you stop.

This model has been equipped with D-rings, which have been 9,500lbs rated. Long story short, these were made to support your vehicles in uneven, rocky terrains.

The bumper has a rugged design ideal for robust performance. It offers front protection of your jeep in both off-road and on-road.

Made from 5/32" thick mild steel sheets gives outstanding protection. Mild steel is one of the strongest materials, and this bumper offers the same resilience as mild steel.

It also works quite well against corrosion thanks to its coating from premium, textured powder.

Key Features:

• Includes powerful fog lights with an extra tab for fitting extra lights

• 9,500lbs rated D-rings for off-road performance

• Made from strong mild steel sheet

• Resistant against corrosion

What to Consider While Buying Jeep Wrangler Bumpers?

With different shapes, sizes, and styles of jeep wrangler bumpers out there, it can be tiresome to choose the one best for your jeep.

Therefore, let's look at some factors to consider while buying bumpers.


There are various models of jeep wranglers out in the market. You have to research the best bumper for the model you own.

You may have a JK model, whereas the bumper you bought is not suitable for the JK series. Hence, it will be a waste of money.

Some bumpers are applicable for different versions of the jeep wrangler. Try to buy those as it has more compatibility than others.


Common materials for bumpers are- steel, plastic, rubber, and aluminum. But the most used is steel.

Nevertheless, the original bumper for your jeep is the most long-lasting bumper you'll ever have, as the manufacturer created the bumper just for this model of the jeep.

You can get these bumpers at the aftermarket as well. These bumpers have the resistance power to protect from any accident. Thus, you can buy OEM ones or steel ones. The decision is up to you.


The finish is important as this will give an enhanced look to your jeep. Yes, the protection and shielding of the bumper is the main part. But you can opt for an aesthetic design as well.

The finish can be coated with high-textured black paint or from epoxy. You can look over this feature before purchasing if you like an intense-looking jeep wrangler.

This will allow you to clean the bumper easily and comfortably. Also, the coating helps the bumper not get dusted while working.

Easily Replaceable

Changing the bumper can be tiresome and hectic if you are not experienced in this area. Thus, purchasing a bumper that can be easily replaceable can be your priority for buying one.

The factory mount feature helps a bumper easily attach to the new jeep without any drilling or cutting. Further, the installation process is easier, and you can do the process by yourself in your own home!

Thus, owning an easily changeable bumper should be a priority for you.

How to Change Bumpers On a Jeep Wrangler?

The more you use your jeep wrangler, the more damage you will get on your bumper. Hence, it can be necessary to replace your bumper after some time.

In this section, we'll cover the step-by-step process of changing the bumper easily for you. You can do this in your own home if you follow the process thoroughly.

First of all, you need materials beforehand. The materials are- socket, ratchet, and screwdriver. If you already own the materials, you can start working as well.

  • By using your screwdriver, first, separate the plastic shield from your jeep. You need to unattach the rubber washers to remove the plastic protector.
  • Switch off the fog lights by disconnecting the electric material attached to the lights. You need to pull out the plastic material to disconnect.
  • With the help of the socket, you can pull out the eight bolts connected to the bumper. Be careful in this process, as the bumper can fall on you while removing the bolts one by one.
  • Make sure you have another person that can hold the other side of the bumper with you. Carefully remove the bumper from your jeep wrangler. Keep the bumper in a place where it won't get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it cheaper to repair or replace a bumper?

The cheaper way is to repair a bumper. It doesn't require a high cost, and it can be done in a shop as well. However, it requires much time.

Whereas replacing a bumper is costly, but it can be done in less time compared to repairing. Repairing cost usually ranges from $100 to $1000.

2. What are Jeep Wrangler bumpers made of?

The bumpers are usually made of heavy steel materials. They also can be made of strong plates that can be easily attached to the vehicle. They only weigh 15 lbs.

The plastic bumpers are too heavy, weighing 27 lbs. but they don't include the tow hooks.

3. How much does it cost to replace a Jeep Wrangler bumper?

To replace a jeep wrangler bumper, you need to meet some labor costs. The labor costs range from $500 to $700. The parts needed for the replacement are priced at $385-$925.

You can also find second-handed jeep wrangler bumpers at the aftermarket. The cost can range from $300-$350. Hence, it can take a huge amount of money to replace a bumper.

4. Does insurance cover bumper damage?

A comprehensive car insurance policy doesn't cover the regular scratch or tear of a bumper. If you have the policy and your bumper gets damaged in a serious amount, you can file a claim.

Yet, you should look for the upsides and downsides before claiming. If another person does the damage, you can report this under the insurance policy.

Final Words

There are different types of jeep wrangler bumpers in the market to confuse you. That's why we have covered our honest reviews of the best bumpers to help you.

The factors such as the fitting of the bumper in your jeep, the materials, the coating, and if it's easily changeable or not are some of the things you can look over before buying one.

Additionally, we have covered how you can change the bumpers in your own home easily. Now it's time for you to go out there and see for yourself to judge which bumper you should purchase.

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