Best Jeep TJ Seat Covers: Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

You surely want your jeep to look gorgeous both on the outside and in. There is a lot of stuff to work out to make the jeep look gracious from the outside. And, the seat covers are the only thing that makes your jeep look elegant on the inside.

Seats that come from the factory are not that good. If you do not cover them well, they may get dusty, scratched, rot, and stained. Yet, if you cover them with the best jeep tj seat covers, they will remain clean and durable.

Durability and compatibility are important for seat covers. You just have to make sure that you're choosing the right substance.

There are many different seat covers available in the market. And here, we will recommend some of the Best Jeep Tj Seat Covers.

Also, we're going to demonstrate a crystal clear image about what things to be considered before buying seat covers. So, scroll down for more information and have some knowledge regarding the topic.

Best Jeep TJ Seat Covers Review 

The massive market of seat covers for JK wranglers creates lots of options. Finding the best one for your jeep is not going to be easy.

So, have a glance at our top pick and choose the appropriate seat covers meeting your choice.

1. Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers.

Rough country neoprene is our first choice. Because the color of these covers is black. And more importantly, it is easy to wash.

These seat covers are made from durable materials. The materials are not only durable but also shielding. Polyester, neoprene, foam are also included in the fabric.

The rough country neoprene is comfortable to use and flexible to blend. It is elastic, adjustable, and impressive.

It is easy to put on and quite simple to take off. The black color makes them look tidy all the time. Yet, whenever it gets dirty, you can easily wash them with hot water, and soap. It will be a no-pain job to get it clean.

The covers are having 4-layer construction for reliable quality. And, the thick foam padding provides a softened feel.

The neoprene layers protect it from water and mud and provide breathability. It is designed for every size of seat. So, it is adjustable for your vehicle with the accessibility of airbags.

No tools are required to put this on and anyone can install it without facing a whiff of difficulty. The box comes with front seat covers, back seat covers, and headrest covers. Also, it comes with 1 year of satisfactorily used warranty.

Key Features:

  • four-layer construction.
  • Thick foam padding.
  • Black finish.
  • The fabric secures your seat from the trail.
  • Simple installation and use.
  • Complete package for four-door jeeps.
  • Neoprene coatings give ventilation and water resistance.
  • 1-year warranty with the guarantee of quality standards.

2. GEARFLAG Neoprene Seat Cover

GEARFLAG Neoprene Seat Covers fit every model of jeep wrangler. It is a front pair set. It is durable, stylish, and has the option for two-door jeeps. It is totally made of neoprene just like our previous pick. And it is a handmade cover. You can take this as its advancement.

GEARFLAG provides longevity of use as it is made of strong materials. It protects your seat from any stains and prevents them from tearing. It is easy to install and fits all around perfectly.

It has C-Grade Neoprene materials. The product provides water resistance and is dirtproof. It fits the original seat like it has been made for this. And the most amazing part is, it brings a new fresh look to your Jeep Wrangler.

It is full of neoprene that means the front and back and both of the sides are covered by neoprene.

And this keeps your fear away of driving in the rain, cold, desert, or getting messed up by sweat. The durable fabric provides excellent insulation. It is highly adjustable in any extreme weather.

GEARFLAG is available in various colors. In addition, it provides map pockets on front seat covers. This is another reason you should buy this one. It is user-friendly, provides vitality, and is an easily functional substance.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all the models of jeep wrangler.
  • Made of neoprene.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Sold in full sets.
  • Comes in a slip-on design.
  • Map pockets are included.
  • Custom-fit.

3. SPC131 Custom Fit Seat Cover

The best part of this water-resistant cover is it has a diversity of colors. The SPC131 seat covers come in Black, Yellow, black sides, tan with black sides, medium gray with black sides, red with black sides, charcoal with black sides, and blue with black side colors.

Not only with the colors, but the covers are also valuable because they are made of primary materials. You'll be pleased to know that the manufacturer has made it keeping the drivers' privilege in mind.

The design is the best thing for this seat cover. The brand has made it out of the genuine CR grade neoprene.

Therefore, there is no chance of the fabric getting torn. It is thick, soft, and comfortable. As long as you use it gently, it will stay for many years.

It is ideal for any season. It is also a safeguard against stains, water spots, sweat, and mud. And, we don't need to say, this cover is so easy to use and wash. Otherwise, we wouldn't pick it on our list.

Unlike other seat covers, the SPC131 features OEM matching seams which are quite impressive. Once you buy it, you don't have to look for other seat covers for a long time.

Key Features:

  • OEM matching seams.
  • Diversity of colors.
  • Available storage pockets.
  • Water-resistant Neotex design.
  • Water and wear resistance.
  • Easy installation feature.

4. Smittybilt 471225 Neoprene Seat Cover

Smittybilt is another prominent brand in the market of seat covers. And, Smittybilt 471225 is one of the best seat covers in this list. It is vastly popular with Jeep Wranglers. These seat covers easily fit the original jeep from 1987 to 2018.

The Smittybilt 471225 seat covers are quite the same as the other standard seat covers. It is easy to install, requires no tools.

Fits perfectly to the seat and creates a great impression. The most impressive thing is its design. It makes a great style as you put this on to your jeep seat.

The center panel of these covers is padded. It is full of neoprene fabric. That's why it is completely durable, flexible, and stable. Buying these covers you'll have extra protection for your seat.

Also, you'll feel something exclusively which is comfort. This seat cover of Smittybilt will give you extra comfort as its surface is so soft and fluffy.

The most noticeable thing is, the covers feature a special military-grade webbing design. You will have large storage through it. You can carry adequate stuff in it. And the design creates a tough appearance to your jeep on the inside.

These Smittybilt neoprene seat covers are available in various colors. It is sold in the full set of both front and back seats, even if you want you can buy it separately. It is affordable compared to the same seat covers of its level.

It fully covers your seats and protects them from every stubborn stain. If you're willing to buy high-standard seat covers, you can undoubtedly consider Smittybilt covers.

Key Features:

  • Military-grade fastener.
  • Separately buying options.
  • Neoprene fabric.
  • Easy to install.
  • Multiple options for colors.
  • Fits all the models of the jeep wrangler.
  • Lots of storage pouches.

5. Rugged Ridge 13235.01 Seat Covers.

If you're looking for budget-friendly standard seat covers, rugged ridge 13235.01 is the one you should buy. No doubt, these seat covers have amazing features. With a variety of color and black fabrics, these are the chosen of many.

You don't have to spend much money on it. Also, you'll get some impressive privileges like cup holders, pouches, etc. Yes, this black fabric seat protector comes in removal cupholders.

You can keep your teacups, flax, or bottle in it. Besides, there's some additional space as pouches. Keeping your stuff in the back of your seat covers will absolutely be charming.

Talking about the quality of the fabric, the rugged ridge seat protectors get a full mark. It is made of poly cotton fabric which is so durable.

Furthermore, there's neoprene fabric that performs absolutely well as water resistance. Also, it has a good look. Many people choose it because of its cool layout.

The rugged ridge seat covers ensure protection for your seat and comfort for you. Furthermore, it offers you 5 years of warranty which is fantastic to hear.

It is easy to use and impressive to see. When buying seat covers on a low budget, you can't get any better than that.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality cotton fabric.
  • Removable cup holders included.
  • Black pouches are also included in the back.
  • Water-resistant neoprene fabric.
  • Options for choosing amongst various colors.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Budget-friendly.

6. Totally Covers 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Covers 

The black and yellow seat covers of totally covers brand are one of the best jeep tj seat covers in the market. The covers are made of high-quality cotton material with a three layers construction. It is so durable that you'll forget to change it once you put it on.

The coves are easy to install. And have a great simplicity to wash as it is machine washable. With its outstanding fabric materials, the covers have an eye-catching look. The cotton is durable and breathable. You'll surely like it at first glance.

These seat covers are ideal for hot weather. Even if you are in a cold atmosphere like Alaska, it will tolerate the cold no matter what. For persons of hypoallergenic or someone whose skin itches often, the seat covers are so comfortable for them.

For RV, SUV, Truck, Van, or any other recreational vehicles, the Totally Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers are the perfect match.

It covers the seat adequately and protects it with its last essence. It doesn't let your seat get stained or mudded or have any kind of spot of water and sweat.

As it is so durable and constructed with strong materials, there is another amazing thing you'll be pleased to listen to.

Yes, if the covers don't fit your seat or in any case, you don't like its appearance, you can change it and get your money back. But trust me, there's no reason to dislike the covers.

Key Features:

  • Made of superior quality cotton material.
  • Machine washable.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Customizable.
  • Foam padding included.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

7. Bestop 2922835 Black Diamond Seat Covers

Bestop 2922835 black diamond seat covers are one of those classic-looking seat covers in the market. The company Bestop is well known for making durable seat covers for jeep wranglers. It's a top-notch brand that has a strong focus on any parts for vehicles.

Bestops' seat covers fit any jeep wrangler, even the model of 1957 when the first jeep was made. So, whatever model of vehicle you have, Bestop will cover you up.

The covers are made of automotive-grade vinyl fabric. It is so durable and satisfying. For quick installation and easy adjustment, it features an easy bungee cord attachment.

It fits the original seats easily and covers every side. And, yes, it creates a great outlook which is terrific.

The fabric is long-lasting and easy to clean. If you rub the middle of the fabric you'll feel a nice touch of style. It's an additional comfort that the Bestop black diamond seat cover provides.

For the model of jeep wranglers 2017 & 2018, bestop has improved seat covers. Those are made of 2 ply fabric that make them the best waterproof seat covers that a buyer can get.

Bestop seat covers improve model to model. It's always getting better than the previous one. There's no question about the durability and quality.

Key Features:

  • Suits all the models of Jeep Wranglers.
  • From the models of 2007 fabric getting waterproof features.
  • Can easily be installed.
  • Covers the entire seat snugly.
  • The side-impact airbag is compatible with all the newer models.
  • Three options for choosing standard colors.

8. Iggee Front And Rear Seat Covers

The interior look of the Jeep deserves more decoration than the exterior. To give an outstanding appearance to your jeep on the inside, your search ends here. The Iggee front and rear seat covers give the exact structure to the seat that you were craving.

The seat covers have a unique synthetic fabric that has every ability to put your seat on a stunning design. If you want to have a great layout of seats for your jeep also with protection and stability, you don't need to look anywhere else.

Because the Iggee seat covers are made of the highest grade P.V.C materials. Also, the covers are laminated 3/8 inch extra foam backing which produces extra comfort.

The covers are waterproof and stainproof. They are pretty much capable of keeping your seats from the dust and covering them entirely.

It also helps hide the torn old seat with a new fresh look. Once you buy the iggee seat covers, they will provide services for years. Almost 5 to 6 years you can go with them, closing your eyes.

There are side-impact airbags, seat adjusters, power controls that will give you extra privilege.

Moreover, when it comes to the matter of durability, there are no competitors for synthetic leather which these seat covers are made of. Another noticeable feature is the covers have a map pocket in the back.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather.
  • Map pocket included.
  • Laminated ⅜ inches foam backing.
  • Ideal for the original factory seat.
  • Stain and waterproof.

Things To Consider While Buying Jeep Tj Seat Covers

Before going to a shop to buy jeep Tj seat covers, you certainly should have a clear idea about the product. So, take this part of our article as guidance then hit the store.

Things to notice:

  • Fitting: 

The first thing to remember before buying jeep tj seat covers is to make sure that the covers you're buying match your seats. If it doesn't, then the whole of your analysis goes for nothing.

Some seat covers are universal. They fit any model of vehicles. Yet, some are specific. They only suit a few particular models for what they are made for.

If your chosen one is a universal seat cover, then the dilemma ends here. But if it doesn't, if the seat covers that you selected only work for specific models then give a good eye on it. Make sure about the fitting.

  • Materials: 

Once you get the perfect matching for your seat, look for the materials. In fact, it really does matter buying seat covers for jeep wranglers. Materials affect the performance of the seat covers. Also, the durability, longevity, cost depends on the materials of the products.

If you want the best jeep seat covers, neoprene fabrics come first. It's a well-known name in the seat covers market and has a great value of quality.

It is flexible, versatile, durable. The neoprene fabrics are known for their capability of protecting the seat from any kind of spot and dust. It doesn't get ripped or torn after being frequently used.

Options are many for choosing a great material. Polyester blends are one of them. It is exceptionally versatile and gives great protection for your seat.

The same goes for PU leather and multiple layers. If you are choosing the best, choose one of them. We already give our best picks of seat covers. Preferring something amongst them is going to be good for you.

  • Style: 

Well, it's the last thing you should look up. When you're buying new seat covers, you probably want them to be eye-catching. Choose the color and design wisely that meets your choice and personality.

Most of the seat covers are functionally stylish. Those we mentioned above are of course some of the best-designed seat covers. Once you bring the new look to your jeep wrangler, you'll feel amazing driving it.

Do universal seat covers fit Jeep Wrangler?

Universal seat covers are constructed to fit almost every type of car seat. For instance, if you pick one of the universal seat covers, it will fit Jeep Wranglers, Ford pickups, Toyota trucks, etc. These have good materials and give a standard look to your car seat.

If you feel irritated choosing the right seat covers for your jeep model, then the universal seat covers are the solution. Unless you have an extremely unique model of jeep, universal seat covers will fit the seats.

Universal seat covers perform almost the same as another custom fit. It protects the seat from other elements and lasts long.

So if you have a classic model of jeep, you can undoubtedly choose universal seats.

Buying universal seats gets you relief from the thinking of the fitting. In most cases, universal seat covers are available at a more reasonable price than other seat covers. So, this can be an ideal option for your jeep wrangler.


Seat covers are also important like the other parts of the jeep. But we sometimes overlook it. We forget to bring new seat covers, but still, we want the interior part of our jeep to look glorious.

Buying seat covers not only fetches the new look for your jeep but also protects the seats for years. So, having standard seat covers in your jeep is necessary.

In this article, we have recommended you some of the best jeep tj seat covers. Selecting one of them will reduce your trouble for shopping. Otherwise, you can get into trouble buying seat covers because there's plenty of options in the market.

Also, later in our article, we've provided buying guides. We've made sure that you get everything from us. Now it's all up to you to make sure your jeep wrangler gets proper care.

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