Best Grease for Ball Joints and U Joints: Recommended for 2021

Grease is actually one of the most versatile and useful things in the world. Despite being just soap-emulsified with some sort of oil, it is a very useful product.

As it has sealing properties, it is preferred by many engineers and mechanics as well. There are dozens of grease products in the market. How do you know which of these is right for you?

To make the task of buying the best grease for ball bearing joints easy for you, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the 10 best products currently available in the market.

We will talk about all of the products in great detail, so that you know exactly what you should look for.

Best Grease for Ball Joints and U Joints

1. Valvoline - VV615 Multi-Vehicle High Temperature Red Grease 14oz Cartridge

This is a very high performance grease that has been engineered to suit the heavy-duty needs of automobile and other machine systems.

It has been created to provide you with maximum protection and high performance. Using this red grease, you will be able to protect ball bearings, joints, etc.

This is a NLGI #2 Lithium complex grease. This means that the soap in the grease is made of the Lithium alkali metal. Lithium is favoured over other metals for grease because it is significantly more water resistant than other metals in the group.

It is also resistant to high temperatures. This particular cartridge contains more than 14.1 ounces.

Features of the Product:

  • The Lithium complex grease is very strong and can provide you with max protection in all kinds of high pressure arrangements.
  • The grease is also water resistant and heat-resistant - with an impressive temperature tolerance that ranges between 0 °F to 375 °F.
  • This cartridge can be used for a wide range of parts such as ball bearings, joints, disc brake wheel bearings, suspension systems, chassis and more.
  • This product is just ideal for all professional grease applications.

2. Royal Purple 01312 NLGI Multi-Purpose Synthetic 14.5-Oz Cartridge

The Royal Purple is a high performance grease that can be applied in a variety of situations.

It is made of a synthetic aluminium complex, which has been designed to enhance the life of the equipment. This is a high quality product that will help your machines run very quietly.

As it is synthetic, the grease is also designed to be 100% resistant to moisture and high pressure.

It is also very stable at high temperatures, making it ideal for usage in machine parts and cars. The grease has also been engineered to be resistant to oxidation, which can extend the life of your machines. It is a wonderful product.

Features of the Product:

  • Royal Purple’s proprietary non-corrosive Synerlec technology allows this product to be resistant to oxidation and moisture.
  • Ultra Performance Grease (UPG) can be used for ball bearings, U-Joints and a wide variety of different general needs also.
  • The material is resistant to high temperatures and pressures, allowing it to lubricate effectively even at the most extreme temperatures.
  • This will increase the life of your bearings and machine parts. It is a valuable investment that pays off well.

3. Lucas Oil Store - 14.5-Oz 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil is a very well-known name when it comes to grease and other machine maintenance products.

Their heavy-duty grease is a favourite all over the US for automobile, industrial and agricultural systems. Despite being a Lithium based product, this will significantly outperform a lot of similar Li-based products.

First things first, this product is four times more long-lasting than other products in its category. It will extend the life of your vehicles, farm equipment, etc. at a very small cost.

It is also built to be waterproof. This heavy grease is a very stable product that is resistant to high temperatures as well. It is just ideal for high-speed bearings.

Features of the Product:

  • This 14.5 ounce cartridge is very affordable and will help you to extend the life of your vehicles or machines.
  • This is a high quality Lithium-based grease that is four times more effective and long-lasting than most grease brands.
  • The design of the 10301 model is actually ideal for all sorts of high-speed ball bearings, which are subject to lots of wear and tear.
  • It is resistant to water, high pressures and high temperatures.

4. Red Line - 80402 Synthetic Grease for Heavy Duty Applications

Synthetic oil is a fantastic choice, in this day and age, where fuel economy is one of the most important factors under consideration.

This 80402 is the best example of a synthetic grease product that has amazing applications in the field of industry, agriculture and normal vehicle repairs as well.

Synthetic grease has lots of advantages over conventional products because they are more long-lasting.

The effects of synthetic grease like Red Line also stay longer, which is why they are just ideal for heavy-duty usage. They will reduce the amount of friction between your ball bearings at a very low cost. They are also ideal for temperature control.

Features of the Product:

  • This product is resistant to oxidation, which will go a long way towards extending the shelf/usage life of your joints.
  • The chemical makeup of the grease is very stable, which allows it to work very well in a high pressure industrial situation as well.
  • The grease is resistant to extreme temperatures and works very well. It will lubricate very well even at the extreme temperatures.
  • Red moly compound is way better than black moly alternatives.

5. WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure 14-oz NLGI Grease

This heavy-duty product is perfect for high pressure usage, such as industrial or agricultural applications.

It has been engineered to be very effective in high pressure and temp applications. It can lubricate all the surfaces very effectively and reduce the amount of wear and tear by a large factor.

The material is also resistant to oxidation, which means that it will be able to protect your machinery from all kinds of corrosion and depreciation.

This grease is a Lithium complex, and it is significantly more effective than other alkali metals. It stays functional in 600° F, and can also be used in frigid weather conditions without loss in function.

Features of the Product

  • This is a product that can be applied in all sorts of machinery situations. You can use this in heavy-duty machinery, ball bearings and more.
  • The drop point of this product is 600° F, which means it will be able to lubricate properly at extremely high temperatures. It is effective in frigid weather as well.
  • This WD-40 grease product is extremely effective and has also been certified as VOC compliant in all the 50 states.

6. AllStar ALL78240 Timken Brand Premium Red Ball Bearing Grease

The Allstar Timken is a fantastic product that will be able to protect your ball bearings for wear and tear for many years.

This product is a red type, which means that the grease contains red moly. It can also be used for disc brakes, drum bearings, U joints and more.

This is a high temperature and pressure product, which means that it can be used in all sorts of extreme situations. The product is also formulated to contain corrosion inhibitors.

These are special chemicals that prevent oxidation and lengthen the usage life of your product. This is a Lithium complex grease and is also designed to be 100% water resistant.

Features of this Product

  • This is a red type ball bearing grease containing red moly compounds, which is more effective than the black moly alternative.
  • The product is highly resistant to high temperatures exceeding 400° F. It can lubricate very well even when the temperatures drop several degrees below zero.
  • The Lithium complex grease prevents softening and provides mechanical stability.
  • This is a very effective and helpful product that will help you to lengthen the life of your ball bearings.

7. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Corrosion Control Grease

This product is ideal for marine usage and is perfect for corrosion control and efficiency. The grease is made of a calcium sulfonate complex, which is water insoluble and easy to use/apply. This best grease for ball joints is perfect for marine usage and is resistant to corrosion caused by water and salt.

The drop point of this grease is 550° F, which makes it just ideal for high pressure usage. It can work just as well in low temperature conditions.

It can be applied to non-marine applications as well, since it is a very versatile product. The product is striking and can be used for ball bearings, anchor chain reels and more.

Features of the Product

  • LubriMatic has a special complex that is tailor made for marine usage. Instead of alkali metals, it used a calcium sulfonate complex that is salt resistant.
  • The grease also has a high drop point of 550° F, which is just ideal for all high pressure situations.
  • It’s a versatile product that can also be used for a variety of non-marine applications.
  • One 16 oz. can will serve you and your machinery for a very long time.

8. Timken GR224C Wheel and Ball Bearing Grease 14-oz. Cartridge

Like all Timken products, the GR224C ball bearing grease is a versatile applicant that can be used for all kinds of industrial and agricultural operations.

It is NLGI certified and has been created especially for wheel and ball bearings. It is a tenacious product that can enhance your machine’s efficiency.

The grease contains red moly, which is a much better alternative to black moly. It can also be used in all kinds of high pressure and temperature situations.

The proprietary formula used in this product is designed to enhance shelf life by a large margin. The product also protects your bearings and joints from oxidation, corrosion and other usage damage.

Features of the Product

  • The red moly used is produced in a synthetic process, which gives it a higher load bearing ability than normal black moly. The drop point of this product is 900° F.
  • It is quite stable at extreme temperatures. It is capable of lubricating ball bearings efficiently at frigid temperatures as well.
  • The viscosity of the product is also very high and can be used for all applications. The product is also priced in a reasonable manner.

9. Mobil 1 NLGI #2 Synthetic Grease 12 Ounce Cartridge

Mobil is easily one of the most recognizable names in the world of grease and lubricants.

All of their products are used by industrial outfits all over the world. Their synthetic oil is an excellent product and can be used for U joints, ball bearings, wheel bearings, discs and more.

Synthetic oil is ideal for cold places, since it is able to maintain its viscosity in frigid areas as well. It is also extremely resistant to viscosity breakdown.

It will work perfectly even if it’s subjected to high pressure and heat. Another advantage of Mobil’s synthetic grease is its low evaporation. This is a long-term product that pays off well.

Features of the Product

  • Synthetic grease is a product where the alkali soap is dissolved in synthetic oils, instead of the usual petroleum oil. These products are highly water resistant.
  • Synthetic grease is also resistant to all forms of stress, such as water, heat, pressure, etc. It performs remarkably in temperatures well below zero.
  • Synthetic grease is also very cheap, and can be used in a lot of applications.
  • Mobil’s products are reliable and are used all over the world.

10. Mystik High Temperature Multi Purpose Grease Cartridge (14 oz.)

Mystik is an iconic American brand that has some of the very best products in the world of grease and automobile lubricants. In fact, their JT-6 grease is a most high quality product that can be used in a number of industries. It is a top-shelf product with varying applications.

It is a lithium complex grease, which makes it far more effective than calcium or sodium greases. The very high dropping point, make it ideal for industrial usage.

It is also stable and viscous in low temperature situations. You can also use it to protect all sorts of ball and wheel bearings in a mining or construction environment.

Features of the Product

  • Lithium complex grease is a type of grease that is very well-known for its high dropping point. These products can also maintain viscosity at extreme temperatures.
  • This is a multi-purpose product that can be used in a variety of industries. This grease can be easily applied in mining, construction, etc.
  • The grease is also designed to be resistant to oxidation and will protect your machine parts from being oxidized and corroded. It is very effective.

Best Grease for Ball Joints and U Joints Buying Guide

Here are some helpful pointers that will help you pick the best grease product for your ball bearings and other heavy machinery.

Proper maintenance of your capital is very important and grease will play an important role in this regard.

1. Base Oil Viscosity:

While you are shopping for grease, you will have to make sure that you pick a product that uses the best base oil. The best base oil is going to be decided on the basis of its viscosity.

Depending on what you are going to be using the grease for, you will have to choose a grease that has all the properties you’re looking for. A general purpose product will usually have a viscosity measure of ISO 460 or higher.

If you have heavy-duty applications in mind, you should choose something with more viscosity.

2. Base Oil Type:

You also need to take into consideration the type of your base oil while you are shopping for the best grease. Depending on the applications and the type of conditions in which your grease is going to be applied, you should choose the right grease for you.

If you are going to be using the grease in an environment with varying temperatures, then you can use a synthetic base oil.

In case your environment has a constant temperature, you would do better if you choose mineral oil. Pressure and oxidation also play a big role here.

3. Thickener Type:

The thickener is an important additive as it holds the grease compounds in the right place. The thickener type of the grease that you choose has to be compatible with the applications that you have in mind.

For example, there is a specific type of grease that is ideal for marine usage because of its salt resistance. Some of the most common thickeners used in the industry include lithium complex and polyurea.

Aluminium complex grease can also be used by some brands. The thickener is chosen based on the prime objective and application area of the grease.

4. Anti-Oxidation and Corrosion:

One factor that generally contributes to wear and tear is oxidation. In a high pressure industrial environment, oxidation will occur more than 95% of the time. You will need proper lubricants that can prevent this oxidation.

Even if preventing this oxidation outright is not possible, the proper products can still put a stop to the process. If the oxidation process can be controlled, then your machine parts will not corrode and get worn out.

By investing in the right grease, you will be able to protect all of your machine parts from high replacement costs also.

5. Consistency of the Grease:

You will also need to focus on the consistency of the product that you are buying. Since grease is usually viscous, the consistency of the material is going to have a large impact on its use.

The consistency is going to depend on the type of thickener that you use. To help clients, the NLGI has come up with a scale system to convey all of the important info easily. The lowest number is 000, which stands for a semifluid material. The higher number in this grade is 006, which is just solid block grease.

6. Application of the Grease:

Last but not least, the end application of the grease is going to be the biggest factor you need to think about before you make a purchase. To choose the best grease for yourself, you need to give some thought to what you’ll use it for.

If you are using it for a marine vessel, then you should use a product that is resistant to salinity and humidity.

If you are getting grease for an industrial or agricultural outfit, you need a product that is viscous and functional in a high pressure and temperature situation.

How Often Should You Grease Your Ball Joints?

In your automobile, the ball joint plays a very important role. It connects the steering arm of the vehicle to the control knuckle.

Steering would not be effective at all if there wasn’t a way for the driver to control the vehicle on diverse road surfaces. Ball joints move in two different directions at once - which gives the suspension more freedom also.

Depending on what vehicle you have, there may be two or more ball joints. There is usually a lower ball joint along with an upper one in some cases.

The lower ball joint is usually the one that takes the most shocks, which is why it needs to be greased on a pretty regular basis. It is the one that handles the total load of the vehicle all by itself.

Having a scheduled lubrication strategy is a great way to get out ahead of this problem. It is a good idea to inspect your vehicles regularly and conduct routine maintenance.

Using the proper ball joint grease will help you to enhance the lifetime and efficiency of the joint. Worn ball joints can be very dangerous also. That’s why experts recommend a thorough greasing after the vehicle has travelled 3000 miles.

Here are a few simple tests that can help you check for a bad/worn out ball joint:

Go for a drive: If you go for a drive and notice vibrations coming from your vehicle, then there is a chance that your ball joints need to be replaced/greased. Sloppy ball joints also cause the steering to drift.

Turn the steering wheel: Park the car and turn the steering wheel a few times. If there is a weird noise, that would mean that your ball joints need to be lubricated. Extensive damage might also lead to replacement.

Drive over speed breakers: Another clever way to test the integrity of your ball joints is to drive over speed breakers intentionally. If there is a weird squeaking noise every time you drive over a bumper, then your joints need attention.

Remove the wheel: A quick way to check any ball joint-related issues is to remove the wheel. Take a flashlight and look at the ball joints for a visual inspection. Rust, damage, wear and tear, etc. would mean replacement/maintenance.

Check your tyres: A simple way to check if your ball joint is fine is by checking the tyres. Tyres that are aligned properly will not have any feathering on it. Car tyres with bad ball joints usually display feathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have also compiled some of the most frequently asked questions so that all of your doubts can be addressed quickly.

1. What role does Lithium play in grease?

In grease products, a lithium or a lithium complex usually plays the role of a thickener. The thickener is the component of the product that separates the grease apart from the base oils. Lithium complexes are much stronger and hardier than others.

2. What is meant by the NLGI Consistency Number?

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) is a standardization institute that has come up with a scale for measuring the consistency of grease. The NLGI number is a digit between 0 and 6 that describes the exact consistency of the product.

3. What does NLGI #2 mean?

NLGI #2 is an indicator that you will find in most of the grease products available in the market. It is a consistency indicator that tells the consumer what the texture of the grease is. #2 grease has a consistency similar to peanut butter.

4. Which grease brands are the best?

There are dozens of brands and products available in the market. You will see that every car owner has their personal favourite. The Mobil grease is very well-loved in the US. Other brands like Lucas Oil and Timken are also great.

5. What does the colour of the grease signify?

While there is no definite rule or convention about the colour of grease, blue products are usually used in marine situations.

Black grease is used in heavy-duty conditions like industries or mining. Red greases are used for agro, vehicles, etc.

6. How much grease should I use on my ball joint?

The filling quantity of a ball joint is the amount of free space that is present in the bearing. For maximum efficiency, experts recommend filling up exactly a third or half of the fill quantity of the ball joint.

7. What is the dropping point of grease?

The dropping point of grease is a temperature where the grease’s viscosity falls, and it starts to behave like a fluid. The best grease is one that has a very high dropping point. These brands are used in all large industrial outfits.


In a nutshell, this is everything that you need to know while buying the best ball joint grease for your personal or commercial use.

To sum up, it is a good idea to get a product that has a high dropping point. You should also get something that is resistant to oxidation. This will pay off in the LR.

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