Best Bike Lights for Night Riding: Reviews and Guide 2022

Riding at night can be fun and exciting. You can’t imagine the feeling of the fresh night breeze on your skin unless you experience it.

Apart from that, night riding gives you the time to concentrate on your thoughts alone. But before you try it, make sure your bike has the best lights for night riding.

We wouldn’t want you to go hitting something dangerous and injuring yourself. No matter how exciting it can be, your safety is our top priority. So, let’s help you protect yourself against accidents in your nightly escapades on the bike.

But the decision to get a brand of bike lights is not enough. You must choose the best one in the market for optimal performance.

The truth is that there're lots of them, and each seems to be the best, but they're not. That's why we have selected the best 10 brands in the industry for your perusal.

Go ahead and find the perfect match for your bike!

Best Bike Lights for Night Riding

Best Bike Lights for Night Riding 1

1. Vont Scope Bike Lights with Free Tail Light

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If you’re looking for a product born out of the need to ensure optimum riding experience, Vont has it here for you. Vont has been in the industry for many years now, and its sole aim is to offer powerful lights that can keep every biker safe from accidents.

Apart from bike enthusiasts, this particular light is suitable for lighting up anything. With this bike light from Vont, you’re getting an affordable electronic innovation.

Say goodbye to many junks that disappoint you after short usage. Embrace the lasting solution that this company offers in this product.

One thing we love about this bike light is that it comes with multiple brightness modes. This design ensures that you can use different light outputs to suit different lighting conditions on public roads.

The LED lights are very bright, so you don't have to worry about hitting objects because you'll be seeing them as you do during the day. Also, the mounting bracket is sturdy and makes installation very simple.

Another thing you’ll love about this bike light is that it is made with top-grade material to outlast other lights in the market. It doesn’t break down in the rain, snow, or during emergencies.

Even if the light accidentally falls off your bike, it stays intact and functional. According to Vont, this light can light up your road even if it falls from a 10-foot height. Also, even if a car runs over the light, you can still pick it up and switch it on.

Highlighted Features

  • CREE LED TECH for super brightness
  • Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions
  • Made with military-grade materials
  • Offers adjustable brightness modes
  • Suitable for bumpy roads
  • Sturdy mounting bracket
  • Portable size to ensure versatility
  • Comes with a free tail light

2. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set with Rear LED Bicycle Light

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This bike light is one of those products with a simple design but powerful output. The exciting part is that you're not going to create a hole in your pocket to get this light.

But you can say goodbye to road mishaps during your night riding adventure. With the rechargeable batteries, anybody can use these lights. 

All you need to do is charge it to full capacity, and you're set to go. With the 4 mode setting for brightness, you can choose the best mode for different lighting conditions on the road.

One of our reasons for choosing this particular bike light is the simple installation method. It comes with silicone straps that you can fit around any size of seat post or seat risers.

If you don't want your light there, you can install it to the handlebars, helmet, or backpack. Moreover, you won't face any problems when you want to fasten or loosen them. These processes are simple and don't require any tool.

This Ascher bike light also comes in a unique design that ensures ease of use. The in-built lithium battery that comes with each light makes it easy to monitor performance. At least, when you recharge it to full capacity, you can gauge the performance too.

It will always shine to its fullest capacity as long as you charge it. Another thing is that you can use it for multi-purposes such as camping, emergency flashlight, cycling, or even hiking. No matter the outdoor activity you want to undertake, Ascher light got your back.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with silicone mount straps for easy installation
  • The 650mAh rechargeable battery ensures optimum performance
  • Comes in a set of a front headlight and LED bicycle rear light
  • Offer 4 modes of brightness to suit different lighting conditions.
  • Provides 4 straps and two USB cables for charging the battery
  • Suitable for many activities such as camping and hiking.

3. Bright Eyes Newly Upgraded and Fully Waterproof Rechargeable Bike Light

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Have you been searching for a state of the art bike light for your nightly adventures? Are you looking for a light that can suit all weather conditions and shine brighter than others on the road? This Bright Eyes, powerful bright light, has got your back.

It has excellent features and can illuminate any dark road to see even the smallest objects. Say goodbye to collisions and accidental falls. Your bike light from Bright Eyes will make sure they don’t happen again.

We’re not surprised that this light comes with a 6400mAh battery, or are we unimpressed by the upgrade the company did. This battery can last more than 5 hours if you decide to use the light on a bright beam. But if you want to use it on a medium beam, it will last more than 10 hours.

Then let’s say you don’t need too bright output and decide to go for a low beam; this last will be shining for more than 26 hours. That's more than one day. With the T6 LED Tech and the 1200 Lumen capacity, you shouldn’t be surprised by such an outstanding performance.

Apart from the Lumen, the battery is not something to overlook. You can recharge it to full capacity and use it for more than 24 hours. Another thing is that the battery is not built-in, and we believe that it contributes to the unmatched performance of this light.

The good thing is that water doesn't damage the battery at all. You can use the light for as long as you want and won't have to replace it. The company says it's last for a lifetime, and that's awesome.

Another exciting thing to commend is that this bike light can fit all kinds of handlebars. This is part of the upgrade which the company carried out on it.

The light serves as a camping light, mountain biking light, or running and cycling light. Also, you can use it to ride your dirt bike without issues.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 1200 lumen light output to illuminate the darkest roads
  • External rechargeable waterproof 6400mAh battery to power the lights
  • Offers high, medium, and low beam modes
  • Features an indicator light to show the battery level
  • Comes with a bright taillight to keep you visible to others
  • Suitable for all handlebars

4. Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

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Riding your bike at night without a bright light can dampen your enthusiasm. That's why we love presenting those bike lights that can make the adventure worth taking.

Apart from that, you don't need to lug a heavy bike light on your handlebar just because you want to see where you're going. 

So, if you prefer a light that is as light as a feather, you can grab this particular product. Yeah! It may not be so light like the comparison, but this product is lightweight. Even kids can use it on their bikes no matter their age because it’s compatible with many bicycles.

Another exciting thing about this light is that you can attach it without stress. It fits every kind of bike and doesn’t require tools for installation.

If you even want to attach it to your baby stroller, kid’s scooters, and bicycles, you’re free to do so. Moreover, it can serve as your camping light or any outdoor activity you want to do with your family.

Do you want to know another important thing? Water doesn't damage this light. It's a water-resistant piece of equipment that will remain intact even if you're soaked to the skin under the rain.

Yes! This particular light comes with a 5-star IPX rating. When it comes to charging it, the USB cable is there to simplify the process. After charging it to full capacity, you can use it for more than 2 hours if you select the high beam.

Highlighted Features

  • 200 Lumens output for more illumination or a medium-lit road
  • IPX5 rating ensures water-resistant capacity
  • 2 plus run-time on high beam ensures safety during night rides
  • The rechargeable waterproof battery ensures optimal performance
  • Suitable for all bikes and even kids bicycles and scooters
  • Universal fit ensures fast and easy installation
  • Lightweight design makes it an all handlebar favorite
  • Offers tail light for better visibility

5. USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Plus Rear LED

If you’re looking for a light with an American guarantee, you’ve seen the right product. Due to the stringent quality control requirement in the USA, every product passes through numerous tests after manufacturing. As such, you can be sure that this particular bike light is not junk.

Yeah! Many low-quality products in the industry, but this brand is not a player in the junk market. It comes with unique features. Also, it’s one of the best bike lights for night riding due to the high lumens. The best part is that it is affordable too.

We love this product because it comes with a tail light as a bonus for buying it. Although the price is competitive, the company still thinks that their customers deserve a tail light for more visibility.

You can say goodbye to collision and accidents because you can see every road user, and they can see you too.

The absence of external batteries in this bike light makes it commendable too. All you need is your USB cable and the port to plug it in.

You can use any electronics that have a USB port to charge the light. If you have a laptop or a rechargeable fan with a port, that'll be your charging port. Within 2 hours, the light is fully charged and ready to serve 8 hours on high mode.

Many users love this bike light because the installation is a breeze. You don’t need any tool or manual to complete the process.

All it takes is 2 seconds, and you've attached or detached the light. The best part is that you have the freedom to mount it anywhere you want. 

You can use it on a baby stroller, or it can serve as your flashlight. Other places to attach the light include your kayak, BBQ grill, boat, skateboard, mower, motorcycle, or even your scooter. The point is that it serves multiple functions.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-star IPX rating to ensure water-resistant capacity
  • Offers 4 light modes to suit different lighting conditions
  • Easy attaching and detaching in seconds
  • Versatile for multiple functions
  • Rear lamp for more visibility
  • USB rechargeable design to save money
  • 8 hours run-time capacity on the highest beam.
  • 400-lumen output suitable for dark roads.

6. NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost Headlight

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Night riding is safer when you can use both wide flood and long-distance spot beam patterns. If you want a bike light that can give you all that, this particular brand is for you.

Moreover, you're not only acquiring a bike light, but you can use it for many outdoor activities. If you love mountain-climbing, you can depend on this light to be safe out there.

When you consider other aspects of this light, you’ll be happy to know that it has all the necessary features and performs optimally too. For instance, you can use it during the day and also use it in the night rides.

There’s also a battery indicator that prepares your mind for power loss. At least you can know when to recharge your light before heading out.

We love the design of this light. Merely looking it at shows that it is sturdy and can last long. Also, it doesn't come with batteries but a USB port that simplifies charging.

If peradventure you're soaked while riding, this light remains shining and function. It has a 6-star IPX rating that indicates water-resistant capacity. The best part is that you can fasten and loosen the light whenever necessary without tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a lock mode that simplifies transporting and storage
  • Fits handlebars of standard sizes and over-sized designs.
  • USB rechargeable design enhances ease of use
  • Offer 5 modes of light plus seven daylight flashes
  • 6-star IPX Rating ensures easy resistant to water and dust
  • Produces 1100 lumens for optimal brightness.

7. TeamObsidian Bike Light Set-Super Bright LED Bicycle Lights

If you’re searching for a bike light that won’t corrode or rust ever, we’ve found it for you. This brand is designed to last long and still maintain its alluring appearance.

The set offers both the front light for any kind of bike and the rear light to enhance visibility. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to fasten and loosen it from your bike. 

No more tools or rigorous processes just to use a bike light in the night. The simple design of this light also translates to ease of use for all levels of bikers.

TeamObsidian bike light produces 200 lumens of brightness. This means you can use it on fairly lit roads to avoid accidents.

Apart from your night riding, this light has daylight flashing modes to keep you visible to other road users. The material of solid aluminum ensures that your light will last very long.

It comes with 5 batteries to power the front and rear light. As for water, the light has a water-resistant case to protect it against harsh weather conditions.

Also, you don’t need tools to attach or loosen it since there’s a rubber bracket that you can even adjust at will.

Highlighted features

  • Comes with adjustable rubber brackets for easy mounting
  • Produces 200 lumens of brightness for fairly lit roads.
  • Screws hold front and rear lights in place
  • 5 high-quality AAA batteries powers light regularly
  • A water-resistant case protects the light from rust

8. Malker Bicycle Light Front and Rear Silicone LED Light Set

If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bike, this light will be the perfect match. It looks fascinating and rugged. You can use it to redesign your bike as you wish.

While the black silicone front light illuminates your path, the red rear lights make you visible to other road users.

The features of these bike lights are complete as you want. The installation is what even a child can do. It takes only a few seconds and doesn’t require tools of any sort.

Due to the silicone material used by the manufacturers, you can enjoy these 4 lights for a long time. The interesting part is that you can use it even on your helmet or a backpack.

Another commendable feature is the light modes. They’re designed to suit every kind of weather condition. You can use these light at night, early morning, or in a fog. It uses 2 batteries, and they power the lights to shine bright for your safety.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to resist water
  • 2 batteries power the light for optimal brightness
  • Shines up to 45-70 hours
  • 3 seconds installation process without tools
  • Offer 4 light modes.
  • Comes in a set of 4 lights-2 fronts and 2 rear lights

9. Wastou Bike Lights, Super Bright Bike light

If you want something innovative and unique, this bike light is for you. It has every useful feature you may think of to see in your choice. The lumen is a whole 1200 lumen, and you know what that means.

With such an output, no oncoming vehicle will claim not to have seen you. Your bike light will shine to such a distance that road users who're still very far will know that you're coming.

There’s also a tail light that helps to make you even more visible to other people. Moreover, you can use your light and ride away in the rain.

It comes with an IPX6 rating to show that your lights can resist heavy spray or high pressure of water. So, don’t be scared of riding under the rain with your lights.

Moreover, these lights offer different modes of brightness to suit different lighting requirements. There’re no batteries to replace because you’ll get a USB cable for recharging your lights.

Highlighted Features

  • IPX6 ratings indicate a water-resistant capacity
  • Produces 1200 lumens to ensure amazing brightness
  • Offers 6 modes of light to suit your needs
  • Comes with a USB cable for recharging
  • Toolless mounting to enhance ease of use
  • Versatile applications for all kinds of outdoor activities

10. BrightRoad Rechargeable Bike light

Here is one of the best lights for night riding to consider too. It will keep you visible to other road users and also illuminate your path.

This light shines very brightly because it produces 800 lumens of light to make every object visible to the biker. If you’re always riding along dark roads, this light is very okay for you.

The IPX6 waterproof rating indicates that rain doesn't damage it. Also, you're not going to be worrying about the batteries to replace. All you'll do is to find a USB port and recharge your light. At least you can save lots of money.

BrightRoad also equipped its lights with 3 modes to give you the options for different lighting needs.

Also, the tail light will ensure that other road users see you and avoid impact. You can use the lights for a very long time because the aluminum material makes it a durable piece.

Highlighted Features

  • 800 lumens ensures optimal brightness
  • Front and taillights keep you safe from danger
  • 3 different light modes suit all lighting requirements
  • IPX6 waterproof rating indicates water-resistant capacity.

What to look for while buying Bike Lights For Night Riding?

What to look for while buying Bike Lights For Night Riding

It is usually tempting to choose a product based on what we see or think. But that’s not the best practice. There’re hidden things that must be in place in every product to make it functional and durable.

That’s why you have to read this portion carefully if you want to get the best bike lights for night riding.

So when shopping for your bike lights, consider the following:

  • Lumens.

This is one of the important factors that make a bike light acceptable for your night driving or not. They’re the unit of measurement that shows the amount of light that a source emits. When the number of lumens is large, you’re sure of a brighter light.

But when it’s low, you can expect a not so bright light. So, how does this influence your choice?

Riding your bike at night requires that you must see the paths ahead of you to avoid accidents. That’s why you need a light with a large number of lumens to ensure that.

But if you’re riding on a well-lit road as we have in urban areas, you don't need the lumens to be too high. The roads are lit already to make users comfortable. Unless, of course, you usually enter some unlit roads, then you'll need a powerful bike light.

If you’re sure that the roads you use will be well-lit, you can target light with 200 lumens capacity. But if you’re going to go through some dark roads, you’ll need a light with 400 lumens at least.

  • Battery life
Battery life

It is not enough to get the lumens right without considering the battery life. If your bike light shines bright for 30 minutes and dies, what’s the gain in that? If your adventure takes longer than that, then you’re in trouble. That’s why battery life is an important consideration.

Road bike lights usually come with internal batteries instead of external packs of batteries as we see on a mountain bike. This design makes it harder to decide what's important: light size, power, and battery life.

What does it all mean? If you’re looking for a powerful light with a long-lasting battery, the size of the light will be large.

Most bike riders will prefer small and portable lights which they can carry in their work bag. Also, they want a light that can fit snugly to their bike without cluttering the handlebar. But if the battery size is large, all these desires won’t be possible.

So, the bottom line is this, if you’re riding in unlit roads, forget the portability and go for lights with high lumens, rechargeable USB capacity, and large-sized batteries.

Your safety should be a priority. But if your roads are usually well-lit, get a bike light that will fit into your plans for a smart appearance.

  • Mount system of the light
Mount system of the light

Here is another important factor in endorsing your choice brand of a bike light. The ideal light should be simple in installation, secure, and durable.

It should also be easy to remove when you’re not riding in the night. But it’s usually difficult to find a brand that can give you all that.

In reality, you’ll find simple bike lights that come with heavy-duty rubber bands and grooves on its mounts. At least you can appreciate that they’re easy to install when required and also easy to remove when not in use.

Moreover, you can adjust these lights to any size you need. Also, they can fit different types of seat posts, handlebars, etc. The downside is that the lights in this category are not durable, and you can misplace the elastic bands sometimes.

Another type is metal or solid plastic mounting systems. These lights come with bolts, and you can clip them on the handlebars. The good thing is that they're durable and don't loosen from your bike even on bumpy terrains.

But the downside is that the installation and removal of these lights takes a little more time than the other ones. Sometimes, you may need to use special tools such as an Allen key to install your light.

So, it all depends on what you want. But take your time to consider the mounting system that’ll suit you.

  • Waterproofing

You can never predict when the rain will meet you while riding at night. That’s why you should check the IPX rating which the bike light has before buying it. IPX stands for Ingress Protection Scale for assessing water and particle resistance of products.

The best bike lights should have up to 5-star rating or higher. That’ll be your assurance that it can withstand the attack of rain and other particles.

This factor is more important for people who love to ride in the rain. Another reason to take this seriously is that if the rating is high, you can be sure that your bike lights will not fail even if it’s submerged in water for 30 minutes. So, make sure you check the rating before buying.

  • Beam Pattern
Beam Pattern

This is important too because it tells you the nature of light that you’ll expect from the brand. It’s good to have a focused beam when riding as it will show you the road ahead.

This type of beam is great when you want to be more adventurous or when you want your adrenaline to pump high by riding very fast.

But if you’re going to do that and still want to be safe, you’ll need a light that can spread around you too. At least you can see your periphery to see hazards around you or to help other road users coming from other angles to spot you.

Do you need a light on your bike at night?

Do you need a light on your bike at night

You can’t be riding your bike at night without lights. Bike lights are very important, especially during the winter and the summer. As these seasons are approaching, you should rush to get one of the best bike lights for night riding.

The light on your bike is one of the safety accessories you must own as a bike owner. Apart from ensuring your safety, some countries have made it a law that you must have a bike light for night cycling. A good example is the United Kingdom.

Moreover, bike lights can help you to see better during the winter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding during the day or night. As long as you’re not the only person on the road, you need lights. That way, other people will see you as well and avoid a collision.

How many lumens do I need for night cycling?

How many lumens do I need for night cycling

The number of lumens you use can never be too much. In fact, the higher the number, the better and safer for you.

Lumens are the unit of measurement that shows how bright your light is. It shows the quantity of light that streams through a particular area in a second. 

If the number of lumens is high, the light will be brighter and vice versa. That’s why we advocate for a higher number of lumens.

To know what to target in your bike light, you can decide on that depending on the road you pass through while biking.

If you’re always riding on well-lit roads, you can get a LED light with 1 lumen or 200 lumens. 

But if you’re going to be driving through dark roads, get a light with 400 lumens and above. For a mountain biker, you’d better target at least a bike light with 1000 lumens. That way, you can see even the smallest deadliest creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are light lumens?

Lumens is the unit of a bike light output. It shows the strength of a particular light as regards to brightness. The larger the lumens, the brighter the light and vice versa. Lumens are used when comparing two different lights to know which one is brighter than the other.

For instance, the quantity of light from a 4 watts bulb is 450 lumens. Our smartphones emit 50 lumens while the headlight of your car emits 700 lumens.

This unit of measurement is important to guide your decision when buying the bike light for your night riding.

That’s why riders on dark roads are usually advised to go as high as 1000 lumens if possible. The only downside is that the higher the lumens, the costlier the light, and vice versa.

  • Is it good to ride with flashing lights only?

The answer is yes, but you must have the lights both at the rear and the front. Also, the flashing frequency must be between 60 & 240 times every minute.

Moreover, it must emit up to 4 candelas. There’s no much difference between using a steady light and a flashing one. If you have a flashing light at the rear, other drivers will see you quickly.

But if you want to make the most out of your bike lights, you can mix things up a bit. Install one flashing light and one steady light. The flashing light will make you visible to other road users while they’ll use the steady light to know how far or near you are to them.

  • Where is the right place to install my bike lights?

The design of bikes differs and usually affects the choice of the light location. No matter the type of bike you have, it’s usually best to install your front lights at the center of the handlebars. As for the rear light, you can install it at the seat post.

Some bikers sometimes prefer to add one secondary flasher to increase their visibility. If you’re considering the right place for that, we recommend your backpack or pannier racks.

Also, the saddlebag is another good spot to install it as they often come with loops where you can attach the rear light if you want.

  • Can I install a light on the Helmet?

Of course, you can. There’s no law against adding an extra light on the helmet as it will give you more advantage.

For instance, if you’re in traffic during the night and will love to be visible over the cars in front of you, the helmet light will illuminate the direction of your gaze. 

If you’re coming towards a junction, you can see straight ahead before you come closer. It also allows you to see everything farther than where your front light on the bike can see. This is especially true if you mounted the light at the front of your helmet.

  • What is the maximum output for my bike light on a public road?

There’s no stipulated maximum output for a bike light during a run on a public road. The only important thing to note is that you’re not the only one using the road.

There’re cars, bikers, and pedestrians using the same public road. So, you should remember that your bike light mustn’t dazzle or blind them as they also need to see where they’re going.

You can relate it to when a driver keeps his/her car lights shining on full beam. Other road users will be blinded momentarily, and that can cause a lot of road mishaps.

The same can happen if you allow your lights on its full beam. The good news is that many brands of front lights come with multiple modes. You can use different outputs accordingly, depending on the lighting conditions of the road.


If you don’t want to be injuring yourself during your nightly escapades on the bike, get the best brand of the bike light. Thankfully, there’re many products out there to ensure your safety. No matter the design f your bike, there’s a light for you.

We took our time to select the best 10 based on affordability, reliability, suitability, and durability. Also, we outlined and discussed the important factors you must consider before picking any brand of light.

More so, the question and answer section explained other confusion you may have about bike light.

Since you have all the information about the best bike lights for night riding, we believe that you won’t choose wrongly at all. It is better to be safe than sorry. You know that we know that too. That’s why this article will help you a lot. You can search thought the 10 products here for the perfect match.

Don't fall or hit others ever. Get one of the bike lights, and enjoy your adventure.

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