Best Battery for Jeep Wrangler: Recommended for 2021

Getting the right battery for your jeep wrangler can be a pretty daunting job because you need the perfect combination of powerful start and deep cycling for meeting the high-performance demand of the jeep wranglers.

Regardless of the type of wrangler you have, the stock battery is just not enough for surviving the heavy-duty off-roading and the much-needed accessory power requirements.

As such, it is not only the matter of fitting the car, but also running it hassle-free for a pretty long time. After all, you wouldn’t want to get stuck dealing with electrical system issues, expensive replacements, and regular failures.

So, keeping everything in mind, here’s a detailed guide on all that you need to know about jeep wrangler batteries.

Read on to know more about the best products in the market, along with other details that will help you make the right decision when choosing jeep wrangler batteries.

Top 8 Batteries For Jeep Wrangler You Should Consider

You will find a number of options in the online space in terms of batteries for jeep wranglers. And, out of all those options, many are both affordable and efficient.

So, understandably, it becomes pretty difficult for you to zoom in on one option. Out of all the quality products in the market, given below are the eight options that truly stand out.

1. Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery 8020-164 35

In our best battery for jeep wrangler list, this is a perfect replacement you can find for SLI. Ten minutes of reserve capacity and 800 A cranking power makes sure that the battery will not do too much deep cycling, but offer the highest crank power required to start the jeep and make it move across the most difficult trails under any condition.

The warranty is proof enough that the battery will last more than three times of your usual jeep wrangler battery. It’s made to work with deep cycling backup with a low recharge time and high cranking power.

The spiral technology of the brand with nearly 99 percent pure lead and lead oxide cover ensures the least sulfating, while maintaining a steady flow of current for a long time.

Key features:

  • Streamlined design suitable for both dual fitting and independent fitting in the plate
  • The vibration and heating resistance of the jeep wrangler battery lets it provide robust bursting power to demanding drives like off-roading, without any interference with the lifespan.
  • It recharges for six hours on an alternator or conventional charger with zero maintenance required.
  • Spiral technology with nearly 99 percent pure lead and lead oxide cover to ensure the least sulfating
  • Assurance of a long lifespan with the warranty of 36 months

2. ACDelco Professional 48AGM Group 48 Automotive BCI

The maximum heat tolerance of this battery is what makes it one of the top choices on the list. This battery is made to offer a powerhouse cranking power at the cranking amperage of 880 A.

It is also made for deep cycling, along with calcium coating and pressure plating on the battery plates for improving the current flow, and reduces the wearing down of the lead plates.

To add to that, you will get a long service from this product with very little sulfating even in warm weather.

The vent cap of the battery ensures prevention of water loss and leakage-proof services. Furthermore, the application is powered by a 70 AH rating and 120 minutes of reserve capacity.

Key features:

  • High density negative paste makes the battery electrolyte reactive and heat resistant
  • Calcium coating put on lead plates brings down the wear and tear on the plates
  • Optimum acid flow made possible through puncture resilient envelope separator
  • Dual performance focus of the battery with three years of warranty and an affordable price
  • Calcium coating on the positive plates help to maintain stable current for a long duration, along with high charge reception.

3. ODYSSEY Automotive/Light Truck Group 34 34R-PC1500-A Batteries

This Odyssey series is made for universal truck and van battery plates and that means it also fits 07-11 JK Wrangler, without any added expenditure. These are sealed batteries that need zero maintenance.

In comparison with your traditional batteries, you can go ahead and use the battery for quick startups and powering the off-road adventures. The brand actually has some of the finest AGM lead-acid batteries in the market.

Moreover, it’s a CCA-850 AGM battery that is able to deep cycle with more than fifty percent discharge and a shorter recharge time for avoiding prematurely killing the battery. The best part is that this one will be able to fire up the engine in the harshest winters.

Key features:

  • 135 minutes of reserve capacity offers the power you need for secondary appliance requirements of the jeep
  • Maintenance free and sealed battery ensures driving convenience with assured safety and water level checks
  • High heat resistance and increased crank capacity to let you easily use it for off-roading on any weather
  • The long warranty of four years as an assurance of quality of the battery
  • The electric system and battery lifespan gets boosted by high vibration resistance.

4. XS Power XS Series D3400 AGM High Output Batteries and M6 Terminal Bolt

The 1650 pulse cranking amperage makes it a powerful starting battery for 11-18 jeep wranglers. It comes with an 840 A CCA to offer 1050 amperes even at zero degrees for winters, including pure lead plate for reducing sulfating using four hundred deep cycling turns.

Also, it has more power than conventional group nine batteries. This can be installed on the sides, so it can also work for dual battery usage with no or little adjustments on the jeep wrangler.

Moreover, the brand has plastic casing to ensure heat resistance that enhances the battery life and maintains the voltage over 10.5 V for a long duration.

Key features:

  • The powerhouse AH rating of 76AH offers a loads of off-engine power, along with quick recharge
  • Comes with 1030A at zero degrees to let you comfortably begin in the cold weather
  • The size is just perfect for all the modern batteries with no need to go for modification
  • 400 deep cycles and eighty percent discharge lets the battery power the heavy appliances on a jeep wrangler
  • Advanced plastic casings and zero spill technology, with heat resistant performance for extended lifespan

5. Optima YellowTop Dual Purpose Batteries 8012-021 D34

The Yellow Top battery series from Optima is able to power up the high energy needs of all kinds of cars, including the winch, DVD, stereo, hydraulics, and other car appliances. The battery is actually made to offer robust power for your jeep.

The same polypropylene material is used by the batteries that provide spill-proof designs to it for installing in all directions. The quick recharge and 55 A/20 hour reserve capacity helps the batteries to work well without alternators.

To add to that, the high-performance product is made to power up three hundred deep cycles and outlive standard stock batteries.

Slow discharge rates with 120 minutes of reserve capacity helps in off-engine services. 750 CCA offers top-notch cranking power even in winters.

Key features:

  • Maintenance free, spill-proof batteries with pure lead plates that won’t sulfate for at least three years
  • Wide plates made for more than three hundred discharge cycles at eighty percent to ensure high performance
  • Quick recharge to work with self-smart recharge and without any alternator
  • Cranking power has similar strength to standard starting batteries for a great dual service
  • Slow discharge to make sure the battery works even after staying idle for days

6. Odyssey LTV and Automotive Battery 34-PC1500T

This one will perfectly fit under the hood of your jeep wrangler without any loose terminals for the best safety and performance.

This heavy-duty battery is made for ensuring that your off-roading adventure becomes easy. In addition, the 1500A cranking power in five seconds is faster and more powerful than most starting and deep cycling batteries.

The vibration and heating resistance of this jeep wrangler battery lets it provide robust bursting power to go through the bumpiest rides, without any interference with the lifespan. It will work in all weathers, even in the coldest winters, to deliver high-end performance all throughout.

Key features:

  • The 1500A cranking power in five seconds is faster and more powerful than most starting and deep cycling batteries
  • Streamlined design suitable for both dual fitting and independent fitting in the plate
  • It recharges for six hours on an alternator or conventional charger with zero maintenance required.
  • The battery utilizes lead plates that have larger surface area than usual for greater reserve capacity.
  • The vibration and heating resistance of the jeep wrangler battery lets it provide robust bursting power to demand drives like off-roading, without any interference with the lifespan.

7. ACDelco Professional 34AGM BCI Group 34 Automotive Battery

The brand ACDelco is one of the foremost manufacturers of original GM accessories with powerhouse calcium coated lead-acid batteries.

The 34AGM is the standard automotive battery with 890A cranking power, which is 740A at zero capacity. So, you can crank up the jeep in seconds even in the harshest winters. The vent cap of the battery ensures prevention of water loss and leakage-proof services.

To add to that, you will get a long service from this product with very little sulfating even in warm weather. Also, group 34 being the standard battery size for 2015 lets you install the batteries with the least effort.

Key features:

  • Using lead and calcium combination on the battery plates provides the least resistance during steady voltage output
  • Dense plates on the battery’s negative node provides greater reactivity for faster cranking than solid terminals
  • An increase in acid circulation with the least resistance means low heat discharge in the battery
  • High pressure on the plates reduces wearing while deep cycling to ensure a long battery life
  • Calcium coating offers better reaction with acid to get more reaction for quicker charge and low water loss

8. Delphi MaxStart BU9078DT 78DT AGM Automotive Battery

This one for the hottest and the most daring off-road adventures of yours. The robust external and internal vibration-resistant casing is the main service provider for the battery. Also, the installation is spill-proof and simplified for the ease of usage.

In addition to that, the powerful AH rating of 55AH offers loads of off-engine power, along with quick recharge. It also comes with 775A at zero degrees to let you comfortably begin your journey in the cold weather.

The high-end lead plates of the battery and enhanced negative electrodes react completely with the acid for offering a stable current.

Key features:

  • The powerhouse AH rating of 55AH offers a loads of off-engine power, along with quick recharge
  • Comes with 775A at zero degrees to let you comfortably begin in the cold weather
  • The size is just perfect for all the modern batteries with no need to go for modification
  • The heavy casing with perfectly fit terminal sizes offer vibration resistance to ensure long battery life and better performance
  • The tamper-resistant, heat-sealed finish offers long battery service and increased protection with greater security for the electronic appliances

Best Battery for Jeep Wrangler Buying Guide

Jeep wranglers require great cranking power, along with deep cycling provisions on the battery for supporting the accessories like your off-road light and winch.

The cranking power and the AH rating are both important factors for the battery, and its price also depends directly on these two aspects.

But the best battery price should be a reflection of the best service offered by the battery. And, these are also the factors to take into account when paying to get the jeep wrangler battery replaced.

  • Shelf Life Of The Batteries:

It is important to keep in mind that any battery has a self-discharge when they remain idle. The longer the battery remains in the storage, the shorter the lifespan of the battery gets.

Batteries that have remained in the storage for more than six months will certainly come with a small price tag value, along with a brief warranty. Such a product might not be the right choice for the level of performance demanded from a jeep wrangler.

Do not try to jump start if you have landed a dead battery. Get in touch with the supplier to demand a replacement, while you are still on the right side of the warranty.

  • Compatibility With The Model You Own:

Jeep comes with more than three decades of models, and the group 34 is applicable to 07-11 jeep wrangler. Now, the terminals are no longer the same ever since Group 91 has been accommodated, and you might need to pay for adjustments in case any wrong choices are made.

It is crucial to have the proper size of the battery casing for your jeep for the rightfully fitting battery which can eliminate the hassle and costs of adjustments.

In case you’re planning to upgrade to dual battery systems for the first time, you might need to make adjustments for fitting any dual battery case.

A perfectly fitted battery is more protected from any kind of destruction and shortages because of vibration. Also, you need the right size and position for the battery terminals.

  • The Ratings For Amperage Hour:

The ratings for amperage hour regulates the time for which the batteries will keep on delivering steady current while the engine stays off.

The high-performance batteries for the jeep need to have no less than 60 AH rating for powering the engine and provide you sufficient power for the lights and appliances while the engine stays off.

You will find jeep wrangler batteries with good AH rating values that will last more than the traditional starting batteries.

  • Voltage And Recharge Timings: 

The right battery needs to feature a shorter recharge time, though having a shorter recharge time will hasten the drainage speed.

So, most of the batteries will require provisions for secondary recharge. But recharge is the major determinant of the ultimate lifespan and the power of the battery.

Short rides on a jeep cannot be completely avoided. They might have a major impact on draining the jeep’s battery, without leaving enough time for a complete recharge. Thus, a reliable battery charger or an alternator might be a basic need.

A regulated charger is a must for smart recharge of the battery and escape overcharging that might have a similar impact. Battery chargers of 13.8 V to 15 V or even regular 15 V alternators might work well for most batteries of good quality.

  • Battery Reserve Time And Cranking The Amperage:

The CCA rating controls the amperage to be delivered by a battery at zero degree Celsius, and this is a significant consideration for the colder seasons.

In the areas of extreme cold, at least 800 CCA is a must. However, about 750 CCA and more will be able to start the car in all kinds of weather.

Longer reserve capacity also leads to more convenience for better and longer accessory firing. But the number of accessories present in the car would also dictate all these qualities.

In case the jeep is used for simple short distance travel, minus multiple electrical appliances, a regular battery of good quality will last for a long time.

The dual batteries that have the combination of deep cycling and a SLI will provide enhanced service for a majority of accessory functions and engine of the jeep wrangler.

  • The Warranty Offered By The Brand:

You will get an inkling of the actual estimation of the manufacturer regarding the lifespan of the battery by looking at the warranty offered by the brand.

Generally, the batteries with a longer shelf life have shorter warranties because they have self-discharged about seventy percent which might be cost-effective but dangerous.

As such, to ensure the best value for money, the jeep wrangler battery should come with a warranty of a minimum of three years for dual-purpose and starting batteries and at least four years for deep cycling batteries.

You will find batteries from the finest manufacturers in the reviews given above. All the batteries discussed above offer high performance and come with enough quality and warranty to ensure that you get the right value for money.

  • The Safety And Maintenance Factors Of The Battery:

Ensure that the batter is maintenance free and sealed for avoiding the inconvenience of examining water levels and additional specifications all the time. You will find maintenance proof batteries in the guide stated above.

The reactions caused during the discharge and recharge cycles in the battery leads to considerable heat generation. You need to make sure that the battery comes with heavy external and internal casings that have the ability to hold the heat.

Voltage stability gets affected by excessive heat generation, thereby bringing down the ampere hour rating at the time of the performance. Increased electrolyte evaporation is also the result of low heat tolerance, which further leads to greater sulfurization.

How to Replace Your Jeep Wrangler Battery

The battery replacement for jeep wrangler is pretty easy. It takes about twenty minutes or even less when you have the battery and matching terminals, along with a regular ten mm wrench. You should check with the manufacturer for a memory saver and other details.

Also, make sure you have the gloves ready for keeping the entire process safe and clean. Though you will get a stepwise guide from the manufacturer about the steps you need to take, here is a brief guide on all that is to be done for replacing the battery.

Installing the memory saving devices on the terminals for keeping that accessories safe and making sure nothing is reset in your car’s memory.

Start with the negative terminal to loosen the terminals’ cables.

Remove the jeep wrangler’s old battery by loosening the fasteners on the hold-down panels of the battery.

Get the new battery inserted into the tray. In case you have the right size, your new battery should perfectly fit the matching terminals. The dual-battery tray terminals of the jeep wrangler are directly connected from the alternators.

Change the hold-down panel of the battery and get it fastened. Next up, get the positive cables replaced, followed by the negative cables, while fastening each cable after the replacement.

Close your jeep wrangler’s hood after removing the memory saver.

How Long Should A Jeep Wrangler Battery Last?

The lifespan of the battery is mainly determined by the number of deep cycles it can carry out before its plates start to wear out. Every new battery has to last for at least three years.

But, if you go for an unreliable brand or a low-quality battery, the low-quality of the electrolyte or lead might reduce the battery’s lifespan to a year or less.

Look for products that come with thirty-six months of warranty at the minimum because it shows the confidence of the brand towards high-performance and helps you stay safe from any premature battery failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best battery for jeep wranglers?

This isn’t a question that has a set answer because you will get the name of a new brand from every new person that you ask. Optima, Odyssey, ACDelco, and Delphi are the most common names you will hear in this regard, and all of these are good in one way or the other.

Deep cycling and cranking are not directly related. Even though deep cycling batteries tend to be more expensive, they provide better service and performance.

However, SLI batteries have more power in starting. So, keep these differences in mind when choosing the best batteries for your jeep wrangler.

2. What is the importance of CCA and AH rating on batteries?

The CCA rating shows the battery amperage that is produced at zero degrees for thirty seconds before the voltage drops.

A deep cycling battery is more suited for strong cranking in the winter, and as such, 800 CCA rating is the best suited for a majority of jeep wrangler engines in winters.

On the other hand, the AH rating shows the number of hours the batteries are able to produce 5A before they go down to 10 V. These ratings are given based on the 100-hour testing. In most cases, the batteries will keep on delivering 5A or 10A consistently for twenty hours.

It’s crucial to determine the duration for which your battery is able to power the loads while the engine is off. It should not compromise the battery’s ability to start the car that needs 10.5 V.

3. Is it necessary to have a dual battery for your jeep wrangler?

An increase in electric load that weighs excessively on a single battery makes jeep wranglers accumulate more wiring.

Regardless of how strong the deep cycle battery is, it’s important to have a dual battery to lengthen its service while getting you to any place that you want to go.

It might be an expensive setup, but it provides an enhanced powering service for an improved road experience.

4. What are the types of batteries available for jeep wranglers?

There are three main types of batteries available for the jeep wranglers, and they are:

Starting batteries: It is basically made to provide the highest discharge for turning the engine on. The plates wear out fast, so they will last for fifty deep cycles.

Deep cycling batteries: It has high CCA ratings that stand for the capability to discharge more than eighty percent of the capacity, without wearing down the plates.

Dual batteries: These batteries improve deep cycling or starting that is able to power an increasing number of accessories, while offering good cranking power.

5. How to make sure that the battery is safe to use?

The battery has to be checked closely right when it is delivered to your doorstep. You should check whether the battery is completely sealed when it is delivered to you.

Also, make sure that the jeep wrangler battery you choose has a heavy external and internal casing to contain the heat. 

Also, keep in mind that voltage stability gets affected by excessive heat generation, thereby bringing down the ampere hour rating at the time of the performance.

Summing up

Having a good quality battery is crucial for performance, which makes it one of the most significant parts of the jeep wrangler. Of course, choosing the right battery needs quite a bit of research about its quality and cost considerations.

But choosing the right product becomes a lot easier when you can start by narrowing down your individual needs.

This detailed guide offers a simple solution to make that choice easier for you. In order to avoid any hassle, make sure you get the right size of batteries from the manufacturer before placing your order. So, go ahead and place your order now!

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