Top 10 Best 3157 LED Bulb: Reviews in 2021

Trying to replace the stock lights your car comes with? Then the best 3157 LED bulb may come like the perfect option.

Most vehicles come with either 3057 or 3156 LED bulbs. While these are not necessarily bad, they will probably not meet your standards. In that case, you will need a set of lights that provide the brightness and durability you need.

But 3157 bulbs are none of that. They are at least 10% better than either 3057 or 3156. That’s why a set of 3157 LED bulbs can always improve your vehicle’s lighting capacity.

On the other hand, if you need to replace the worn-out LED bulbs on your vehicle, then 3157 LEDs will come like a charm.

Either way, you’ll want to know what bulbs are worth getting, what factors to consider when buying, and more. Below, you’ll find all of that!

10 Best 3157 LED Bulbs Reviews 

So we decided to browse among thousands of LED bulbs in the market. After several hours of research, reading tons of reviews, and learning what makes them so good – we found 10 sets of LED bulbs that don’t disappoint. Below there’s more about each:

1. Yorkim Super Bright Lights 3157 LED

The first pack in the list comes from Yorkim. This high-quality set of 10 bulbs is amazingly affordable but still manages to offer over 1,000 lumens per bulb. That’s enough to call it the best LED 3157 bulb set in the list.

But if there’s something we love about this kit, that would be the 3 color availability. You get a 6,500K Xenon White color, a 3,000K Amber Yellow, and even a 1,000K Red. So you won’t have a problem setting these bulbs to your car, depending on what you need precisely.

Another massive advantage of these lights is that they fit almost anywhere. You can replace 3056, 3056, 3057, and even 4157 LEDs without problems. Whether it is a reverse light, brake light, or turn signal light – these bulbs will be ideal.

If that wasn’t enough, the bulbs are all a piece of cake to install. The non-polarity design makes them plug-and-play, so you can set them up without much work.

The best of all, however, is the 50,000 hours of lifespan. Everyone needs a set of lights that will last, and this kit does precisely that. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 3 colors
  • 6,500K of Xenon White temperature
  • Over 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Contains 10 bulbs
  • Compatible with T25 sockets

2. iBrightstar Super Bright LED Bulbs

It doesn’t matter what you want them for, the iBrightstar LED bulbs will meet even your highest standards.

These bulbs perform well thanks to their super-bright 1,000-lumen performance. Using quality LED chipsets, they can reach far enough and bright enough for almost any purpose.

Even then, they have an excellent Xenon White color to enjoy. Up to 6,000K of temperature to meet most people’s demands, these lights are as white as they can get.

Another exceptional feature is the 30,000-hour lifespan (as a minimum). Thanks to the aluminum housing design with a wide-range voltage of 9V to 30V, they are made to last. A projection lens also adds up to the equation. It keeps the heat well-distributed so you can enjoy even better durability.

Lastly, you can enjoy their non-polarity design. This makes them compatible with CK and SRCK sockets, as well as Standard ones. You won’t have a single problem setting these bulbs up with any car.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6,000K of color temperature
  • 9V to 30V voltage
  • Aluminum housing
  • Over 1,000 lumens brightness
  • The lifespan of 30,000 hours

3. LUYED Super Bright 78-EX Chipsets LED Bulbs

Want to get your car light as far as possible? Then the LUYED 78-EX bulbs will be precisely what you need.

It all starts with a total lumen capacity of 900. That’s enough to set your standards higher, making your car stock lights feel like baby’s play.

Another quality feature to consider is the gorgeous white color. Perfect for tail and front lights, the 6,500K Xeon White light color will make your path a lot clearer. This matches well with the 3.6 watts per bulb they offer, enough to become even brighter bulbs.

But it is not only the light performance that sets these bulbs apart. They are also magnificently long-lasting. You get a combination of 3014SMD chip with 78-EX chipsets, working together to provide over 50,000 hours of use.

The lights get even more long-lasting with the intelligent IC driver and the low-temperature operation. This will increase the lifespan even more.

And last but not least, you get a non-polarity design. This works with almost any bulb port you can think of, going from the 3057 and 3057K to the 4157NA, 5702AK, and more. So there’s practically no limit to where you can use these bulbs.

You will get a pair of bulbs for an excellent price. So you’re getting a real bang for your bucks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses 3014SMD chipsets
  • Up to 6,500K of color temperature
  • May last 50,000 hours
  • Only 3.6 watts of consumption
  • 900 lumens of brightness

4. Alla Lighting 2835-MD Super Bright 3157 LED Bulbs

Among the highest-quality brands for 3157 LED bulbs, Alla Lightning is up there for sure. And the 2835-MD set of 3157 lights is here to explain why.

This set offers 2 bulbs that will make your car super-bright. Even in the foggiest places, the lights will perform well enough.

You will get 800 lumens per bulb. That’s enough to push the overall brightness of your car exponentially.

But the lumens don’t work alone. One great advantage is the 360-degree angle system. These bulbs are designed to send light almost everywhere around, making them even better.

The durability doesn’t stay behind. You get high-quality chips, boasting 39 pieces of high-end hardware. These bulbs won’t stop working out of nowhere like other low-quality pieces will. And sure enough, they manage temperature well with 12V to 24V voltage along with IC driver.

Apart from all that, you can install them on almost any vehicle. Thanks to the non-polarity design, they fit in 3156, 4157, 5702AK, and many other ports between them. You won’t have to worry about compatibility, especially with the capacity to work with either CK/SRCK or Standard types.

For the best experience, these bulbs work on almost any side of your car. You can use them for turning signals, reverse lights, taillights, and even as blinker lights. There’s no limit with these.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-angle 360-degree illumination
  • A voltage of 12v to 24v
  • T25 & CK socket compatibility
  • Bright 800-lumen capacity
  • 39-piece LED construction

5. AUXITO Backup 3157 LED Bulbs

Want a 3157 LED bulb Amber color? Then get the AUXITO bulbs.

You get the chance to pick between Xeon White, Red, and of course, the Amber Yellow color you’re looking full. Either way, you get a 1,300-lumen brightness that sets your car lightning capacity on a whole new level.

Another considerable advantage is power consumption. These lights will only consume 5.5 watts of total power and still turn on at once. In contrast with standard bulbs, they consume less energy and turn on a lot quicker.

When it comes to compatibility, you won’t have a problem either. You get a non-polarity construction that fits CK and Standard sockets easily. That means you can make them work on places where 3156, 3356, 4156, and even 4157 and other bulbs work – making these hyper versatile.

To put the cherry on the top, these lights offer an electroplating casing that doesn’t corrode. At the same time, they rarely overheat and keep their shape forever. When it comes to durability, these bulbs also stand out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 3 light colors
  • 1,300 lumens of brightness
  • Non-polarity design
  • 5.5 watts of power consumption
  • Electroplating coating
  • 54-piece 4014SMD chipset

6. AUTOGINE 54-EX Chipsets LED Bulbs

Looking for the highest value for the buck? Then you’ll find the 54-EX LED bulbs from Autogine to be fantastic.

They boast 54-pieces of 3014 EX-chipsets. That means you get fantastic light performance on top of maximum durability. These chips are enough to push the durability over 30,000 hours of use.

The quality also comes down to the voltage use. These can handle between 12V and 24V for a long time. Along with the aluminum construction and the Constant Current IC design, you will find them even more long-lasting.

Another advantage of these bulbs is the fantastic 1000-lumen capacity. You can go illuminate several extra feet with these bulbs. Along with the 6,000K Xenon White color, these lights will perform exactly how you need them to.

Despite their already fantastic performance and construction, these bulbs still work well with a wide array of Standard or CK sockets. This includes 3056, 3156, 305K, 3157NAK, 3357, 4156, 4157K, and many more.

What’s the best about this set? You get a total of 4 bulbs for a very decent cost. So we weren’t joking when we said that they were cheap.

Highlighted Features:

  • The high-voltage range at 12v to 24v
  • Aluminum casing construction
  • Up to 1,000 lumens of brightness
  • White 6,000K color temperature
  • Only 2 watts of power consumption

7. GIVEDOUA Super Bright 18-SMD 3157 LED Car Bulbs

If you want maximum affordability, then the automotive LED bulbs 3157 from GIVEDOUA will be perfect.

This is a set of 10 bulbs that comes at the cheapest you can find 3157 LEDs. It all comes down to the low 300-lumen capacity, ideal for people who aren’t looking to blind other drivers on the road.

Despite this lumen capacity, they have an ultra-white color at 6,000K. You’ll feel how white they are by how well they illuminate around.

Another advantage of getting these affordable bulbs is the low 2-watt consumption. If you want to reduce the amount of energy your car lights use, then these will match your needs completely.

Although they’re cheap, the bulbs still fit in a wide array of sockets. From 3157 and 3156 to 345, 4057, 4157NAK, and even higher – these bulbs will fit almost any Standard socket installation.

And lastly, you can still expect them to last a long time. Thanks to the 18SMD 5050 chipsets, these LEDs will withstand several hours of use.

If you aren’t looking for the brightest lights, then this set of 10 bulbs will easily meet your standards. Every bulb will work super-well as your car backup lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 bulbs per set
  • Up to 300 lumens
  • Quality 18SMD 5050 chipset
  • 12v of voltage
  • Bright 6,000K white color

8. SYLVANIA 3157 ZEVO LED White Bulb

Perfect for replacing the DRL lights on any vehicle, the Zevo LED 3157 bulbs from Sylvania will make you never disappointed.

As soon as you install these lights, you’ll realize the power they offer despite being ultra-small. You can easily get up to 18 feet of total light reach with these bulbs, perfect for taking your car anywhere, and still have full visibility at night.

Another considerable advantage of this small design is the limited energy consumption. Only 0.7 watts will be enough to push these bulbs to the max. And if you add the 6,000K of white color they offer, then you’ll be delighted with these.

What are the lumens of these bulbs, though? Well, SYLVANIA doesn’t disclose. But they are bright enough to match other LED lights at 2,000 lumens. For their price and their size, you will wholly be impressed by how they perform.

And finally, they come with an Instant ON feature. That means you can swap the side of the bulb without any problem, and it should work right away. So there’s almost nothing to hate about them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-low 0.7 watts of consumption
  • About 1,500 lumens bright
  • Practical Instant ON feature
  • 18-feet of light reach
  • Perfect as DRL replacement

9. Alla Lighting Automotive T25 3157 LED Bulbs

It is hard to get a 3157 LED bulb with resistor, but you can always pick the Automotive 3157 bulbs from Alla.

These are the closest you can get to a multi-terrain type of bulb. Why? It all starts with a high-quality construction boasting 6063 gold aluminum on the IC driver. This reduces heat and keeps the LEDs working neatly for long.

At the same time, this housing adds another advantage, it is made to withstand a lot of moisture, including slight submersion, thanks to the IP67 waterproof build. So you can expect these lights to withstand almost any situation.

But if there’s something you will appreciate about these LEDs is the brightness they offer. With 1,500 lumens per bulb at 8.5 watts each, you will get a fantastic lightning capacity. Your car will illuminate everything around like never before.

This is all possible thanks to the ZES SMD chipsets. Boasting 6 of these chips on each bulb, you’re likely to get fantastic durability and performance.

And if that wasn’t enough, these lights fit on T25 sockets. They work well with sockets designed for 3156, 3057, 3047, and even 5702, plus many others.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with T25 sockets
  • Up to 1,500 lumens bright
  • Only 8.5 watts each
  • ZES SMD chipset quality
  • Waterproof IP67 construction

10. AUXLIGHT Ultra Bright 57-SMD 3157 LED Bulbs

The last set of 315 LEDs on the list is one of the cheapest but still one of the most versatile. The Ultra-Bright 57-SMD bulbs will surpass even your highest expectations.

What sets it apart at first is the use of 54SMD and 3SMD chipsets. Together, they offer enough power, consume little energy, and manage to last a lifetime.

For example, each bulb is capable of offering up to 1,600 lumens at maximum wattage. Consuming 4 watts per piece and 9V to 30V of voltage, you can guess they are super-potent.

Even then, the Xenon White, Brilliant Red, or Amber Yellow colors will be more than noticeable. You won’t have any issue setting these bulbs on the headlights, stop lights, or turn lights as necessary.

The quality of the bulbs doesn’t stay behind. They’re made with quality materials and components like Constant Current IC driver and high-end chipsets. This helps them last up to 50,000 hours of use. That’s enough to make them last several years easily.

And when it comes to compatibility, they fit most standard and CK sockets, going from the 3056 to the 4157NAK, for wide-range versatility. You won’t have to worry about setting these lights up on your favorite car.

For such a tremendous cost, you can’t simply dismiss them. We thoroughly recommend them for any purpose.

Highlighted Features:

  • The voltage of 9v to 30v
  • Compatible with CK sockets
  • Quality 54SMD & 3SMD chipsets
  • Up to 1,600 lumens of brightness
  • Available in Yellow, Red, and White

What Factors to Consider While Buying a 3157 LED Bulb?

Getting the best 3157 LED bulb won’t be easy if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily, you can always learn exactly what you need to focus on with our help.

Here, we’re going to teach you all the primary factors to think about when picking a set of 3157 LED bulbs. Below you’ll find it all:

  • Lumens (Light Output)

The first thing you should think about should be the amount of brightness the bulbs offer. This is measured in lumens. The more lumens the bulbs offer, the brighter they will be.

Most 3157 LED bulbs are supposed to offer at least 420 lumens, so that’s the minimum you should go for. But we know you don’t want the minimum, but the maximum brightness possible.

That’s why we recommend bulbs that offer at least 800 lumens of total brightness. If you want the highest brightness possible, then don’t get anything below 1,200 lumens.

  • Watts (Power)

For people who care about how much energy their bulbs are consuming, the wattage will be an essential factor to check.

Not all manufacturers disclose the wattage consumption directly to their buyers, but you can guess most 3157 LED bulbs consume between 2 and 8 watts of total power.

But you won’t have to worry much about this unless you’re super picky. We recommend staying within the 2-to-8-watt range for a decent LED experience.

  • Light Color & Temperature

You may think LED lights are only available in White. But they’re not. You may also find the 3157 red LED bulb as well as amber yellow.

Depending on the purpose, you may want to get either color. For example, you may need a stoplight. In that case, a red light will be your best bet. Similarly, if you need a turning light, then a yellow model will suffice. But if you’re looking for headlights, then white is the way to go.

Here, you will need to consider the temperature (measured in Kelvins), so you can get the right level of white, red, or yellow.

For example, a 6,000K white will be white to gray. But an 8,000K white will be almost blue. At the same time, a 3,000K yellow light will be amber yellow, but at 2,000K it will look orange. Lastly, you will find red lights between 1,500 and 500K. The lower, the redder it will get.

  • Lifespan & Durability

Another super-important factor to consider is the durability of the bulbs. Here, you will have to consider a wide array of factors.

These include the chipset. There are tons of chipsets to pick from. Some of them are more long-lasting than others. If the manufacturer discloses the chipset type, then it is likely a quality bulb.

Another factor would be the overall construction. Things like quality metal casings/housings plus the right condenser may increase the durability of the piece.

The voltage range may also add up to the durability. A higher the voltage range will heat the bulb up more, so the more likely it is to wear out fast.

Whatever the construction, though, we recommend going for 3157 LED bulbs that last at least 20,000 hours. The highest-quality bulbs will last over 50,000 hours of use.

  • Compatibility & Installation

The last thing you should think about when looking for quality LED bulbs should be a compatible system. This is mostly about getting a non-polarity design that fits most cars.

Another critical factor is the ability to work on Standard and CK/SRCK sockets. If the bulb doesn’t work in either, then it is likely not compatible enough, which can become a waste of your money.

For the highest compatibility, be sure the bulbs can work in 3157 cars as well as lower-standard models like 3056 and 3156. If it works in higher-standard sockets for 3457 up to 5072 models, then that’s a huge advantage.

Before picking, we recommend choosing a plug-and-play bulb that is precisely what your vehicle needs. In this case, it should be a 3157 bulb (or compatible).

What is the Difference Between 3156 and 3157 Bulbs?

The difference in performance is barely visible. You may see how 3157 bulbs have a bit higher lumen capacity. But overall, the brightness is the same.

When it comes to fitment, however, 3157 and 3156 are a bit different. As you may know, LED bulbs have filaments that create light. Well, 3157 bulbs use a dual-filament bulb system, while 3156 bulbs have only one filament.

What does this change? This makes the 3157 bulbs compatible with cars that work with 3156 bulbs. But you can’t make 3156 bulbs work where 3157 bulbs should go.

It is still essential to know that most vehicles nowadays that accept 3157 will likely also take 3156. However, you would be throwing away a bit of the brightness boost that 3157 offers.

How Many Lumens is a 3157 bulb?

It depends on the manufacturer and chipset used in the bulb. Other parts, such as the condenser and concentrator, may also change the overall brightness of a 3157 bulb. And sure enough, the overall size may also have a bit of an impact.

But overall, the minimum amount of lumens a 3157 bulb should offer is 420 lumens. Some models will offer less than that, but they’re probably designed to work as backup lights instead of primary options.

Some 3157 LED bulbs will offer over 1,000 lumens, as we explained before. Those are the ones we recommend.

How do you Make LED tail Lights Brighter?

There’s no way to make LED tail lights brighter physically. But you can always make sure that you’re using the most brilliant lights possible.

That’s why lumens are so important when picking the ideal lights for your car. Especially when it comes to taillights, we strongly recommend going for no less than 800 lumens if you want a decent enough experience.

For the best results, you should just replace your LED lights for something more powerful. If you have anything smaller than 3157 LED lights, then any of the options above will be ideal for brightening them up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It can be a bit difficult to find the answers to all your questions with reviews, a brief buying guide, and general info about LED bulbs. That’s why we decided to bring an extra section with common questions that we haven’t answered before. Here’s what you should know:

  • What is a 3157 LED bulb?

The 3157 bulb is a dual-filament bulb on the LED family. The purpose of this bulb is to provide a decently bright capacity with low power consumption that fits most vehicle sockets (going from the lowest 3156 socket that fits one-filament bulbs, to the highest-power 5057 sockets).

Like any other LED bulb, the 3157 model is long-lasting, efficient, and offers excellent brightness for the cost.

  • Are 3157 and 3457 LED bulbs equivalent?

Yes, they’re equivalent when it comes to brightness. However, there’s a bit different when it comes to the amount of heat they can handle.

The 3457 bulb, for example, has only one filament. But this filament can handle higher heat (it is made to be always on). However, this lowers its durability to about 500 or 1,000 hours.

The 3157 bulb can’t withstand the same heat capacity as the 3457 because it has two filaments but can last over 10,000 hours with ease.

  • Should I replace incandescent or halogen lights with LED bulbs?

There are many benefits you get from using LED bulbs over halogen or incandescent bulbs.

One of the advantages is that LED lights are way more efficient, meaning they consume a lot less power (average of 4 watts per bulb when compared to the 50 watts of halogens/incandescent).

At the same time, LED bulbs may be brighter. They offer the same or even higher brightness because they don’t heat up as much.

Another advantage is durability. While halogen can last about 5,000 hours and incandescent about 2,000 hours, a LED light can reach 50,000 hours of use effortlessly.

And lastly, the construction of LEDs is usually of higher quality. So they’re not only lasting more but will also withstand higher strain.

In short, you should totally change those bulbs for LEDs. You won’t regret it.

  • Can I install LED bulbs on halogen sockets?

In most cases, they fit. A halogen socket is not too different from the socket that LED lights use. This was the purpose of inventing LEDs in the first place, for replacing halogen altogether, so most LED bulbs do offer similar sockets.

  • Are there any disadvantages to LED lights?

While LED bulbs are fantastic, especially the 3157 bulb kind, you may still find a few disadvantages when compared to other types:

  • They can be a bit expensive
  • They are susceptible to high heat
  • They won’t work in all places

As you can see, these disadvantages are barely intimidating, so you’re getting way more from them than you think.


So, are you ready to get the best 3157 LED bulb home now? We hope so.

The different LED bulbs we talked about in this article will undoubtedly improve your vehicle’s stock lights. So getting one is the obvious way to go.

You just need to follow our buying guide and learn everything you can about them first. Then, picking the ideal 3157 bulbs won’t be a problem.

What are you waiting for, then? Pick one now and get your car lightning on another level!

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