Benefits of a Car Audio Battery [Before you Buy]

Sometimes, we need some additional power to make sure our car audio system works at its best. You have two options the first is to replace your OEM battery with a high capacity battery. The second one is to swap it with a powerful deep cycle battery. Taking care of an extra battery can be a complex job.

However, it will give satisfactory reserve amperage to your car. So, you can read this article to know how to take care of your car audio battery.

By the way, do you want to know what are the benefits of having a car audio battery? Find out here with us, if you are planning to buy a car audio battery for your car.

Do You Need a High-Performance Audio Sound System?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then adding a high-performance battery is your prime task on the queue. Once you add an extra deep cycle battery it enables you to run your audio system for a longer period of time, when the engine is off. You will notice some vivid chnages to the electronics after and before using an extra audio battery while the car is parked.

But, you need a high-performance car audio battery in order to crank the amps and reserve capacity. Because the car battery needs to provide more amperage when it used with heavy loads. This also depends on what you are driving.

The replacement battery needs to be fitted into the space provided and you should make sure its security. Therefore, If you have sufficient space having your OEM battery replaced with a larger one, just go for it. You are ready to go and replace the old one with the new model.

For ensuring ultra power, you also can add another battery and replace your old one with two brand batteries. In this case, the new batteries should be from the same group with the same production date. It will make sure that, none of them ends its life overworking, leading to a short life expectancy.

Alternatively, you can keep your old battery and add a deep cycle one. You will use the original battery for driving, and the new (read powerful) one when parked. This allows you to restart the car smoothly, as there is enough power available.

Problems with Adding an Extra Battery

You only can notice the difference made by an extra battery when the engine remains off. The extra battery gives more capacity for you to enjoy listening to the sound system when the car is parked. It has a notable downside, the added battery can cause an overload on the alternator, which eventually can be underpowered.

How Do You Know You Need a Car Audio Battery?

-Do you want to listen to music when the vehicle is not running?

-Are you having a camping trip and need to power different devices from your car?

These are two different scenarios and both of them will not require the same battery power supply. So how do you determine this? The procedure is quite easy “10 x RC & Load = Operating Time.” The RC is the reserve capacity and displays the number of amp-hours. It also shows you how much power is available in the battery when charged.

The load fraction refers to the continuous load capacity (calculated in watts) drawn by the electronic devices or the car audio system. For example, If the audio system has a 300-watt capacity, and the preserved load of the battery is 70, the result will be “10 x 70 divided by 300 = 2.33-hours.”

But, if you have an amplifier with an elevated load, the total required time to run the system (while the engine is off) will be lower Add a second battery to get more time for utility usage. For more clearance watch this video-

Can You Start Your Car with an Audio System Battery?

Many batteries, such as YELLOWTOP battery from Optima, are dual-purpose batteries. This type of battery not only starts the vehicle but also offers a deep cycle application. Although such batteries are designed to use as an additional power source for the car, they can help to jump-start another car if needed. So, for dual purposes, you can replace your factory one with a powerful car audio battery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Car Audio Battery

Are the electronic devices in your car rendering poor services? If yes, then most likely, your starter battery is not providing enough power and you need an extra battery. With a good aftermarket battery, your car will be bestowed with turbo power to make sure the audio system and the car have enough juice to work perfectly. Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of a car audio battery:


  • An aftermarket audio system battery provides a higher power output.
  • Comparatively, they have a longer lifespan and quite maintenance-free.
  • Batteries such as the YELLOWTOP offers you a 120-minute reserve capacity of 1400 watts.
  • These types of batteries recharge faster not damaging the internal components.
  • In case of necessity, You can use it replacing your current starter easily.
  • Maximum of the car audio batteries are insulated from vibration.
  • They are ‘easy-to-mount’ in almost any position and works perfectly in cold weather.
  • You will be able to use your electronics while the vehicle remains parked.


  •  The car audio battery might not be as powerful as the starter one, but you are able to find specific models that serve the purpose well.

Final Thoughts

If you having trouble keeping your vehicle’s battery charged? Then a cool battery for your car audio system can give it boost to stay fully charged. We hope that, this article on the benefits of having a car audio system battery help you decide whether you will have a car audio battery or not.

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